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  1. Nope, still the same, just a few pistols later.
  2. Some combination of flagging sales and production costs.
  3. TEW = early 1990 As a matter of fact, the book says TEP all the way to TFA was April 1990, but there may be a couple of months of overlap or discrepancy. If you want to know the exacy ship date, and where it went, as well as the original configuration of the gun, you can request a letter from Smith and Wesson via their website. It costs $35 and takes a pretty long time since they stay backed-up. A phone call to customer service might get the ship date alone; I'm not sure.
  4. By the book, TETXXX looks like early 1990. Lots of serial ranges appear in 1989-90. Must have been great years for sales (or at least for production.)
  5. Well, with a good holster and belt, they're really not too bad. Mine weighs about 48 oz fully loaded, which is just a few ounces more than a full-size 1911. With the factory grips, they're pretty thin, too. I carry mine in a Kramer Belt Scabbard, usually in the winter months, when it's a little easier to cover up. I always feel very adequately armed. Date-wise, mine is TEUXXXX and shipped in February 1990, so yours should be very close to that.
  6. It's the same, as long as you have a fixed-sight 1006, not adjustable.
  7. There are tables in Supica and Nahas' excellent Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson, but there is some overlap between years, and differences between when the frame was made, and when it shipped. If you have the box, look for the 'Spec Ord' number on the end, which will give you the Ordinal Calendar date that it shipped out. In my case, it's 0055, the 55th day of 1990. The first digit is the last digit of the year, and the other three are the day of that year. When you get your new gun, post the prefix letters, and I'll look it up for you.
  8. It would appear that your gun falls in the 1990 range. I have a close cousin 1006, TEUXXX, that appears to date from February 24th of that year.
  9. Those grips look pretty familiar to me. How do you like them? I don't carry my 1006 all the time (I usually carry a revolver), but I do sometimes carry it in a Kramer Horsehide Belt Scabbard. It seems pretty comfortable for a full size gun. Jason
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