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  1. I also built one in .502 Thunder Sabre. It's a 50AE case with a 7.62x39 rim. This one was built on a Universal. Tony Rumore Tromix
  2. Ron Williams got the spacer block idea from me.....which I got from Mario Palambo at American Firearms Back in 1994. Ron has a Tromix 50AE AR and I believe a 440 Corbon as well....both of which use that spacer block. Your magazine setup is the same as the one Marty and I tried several years ago other than we were using a 28 round mag. We could get some rounds to feed, but never more than about 75% of them. I hope you can get it to work better than we did. Tony
  3. LAR got it to work in their Grizzly pistol, and it used the same slide between 45ACP and 10mm. Tony
  4. I built this 10mm Magnum many years ago using a bare Iver Johnson receiver as a starting point. Tony Rumore Tromix
  5. Marty Ter Weeme at Teppo Jutsu built a 10mm Mag AR many years ago. He could never get it to feed very well. He sent it to me, and I screwed with it for countless hours and couldn't get it to feed either. Good luck.....hope you can pull it off. Tony Rumore Tromix
  6. I just aquired a 29 in a trade and I really don't care for it. The grip is too short, too fat, and the slide is like a friggin brick on top of a cheesy plastic frame. Tony
  7. +1 #9 with the 200's and Power Pistol for the 135's and 150's Tony
  8. I had a 10mm Olympic AR for awhile. It ran perfectly on the supplied UZI 41AE magazine that had a spacer welded to the back of it. Tony
  9. None of the magazines would work in my 10mm witness, so I sent it back and told EAA to either replace all the magazines with good ones, or convert the pistol to 38 super and send it back with 38 super mags. They chose to convert the gun to 38 super and returned it with four new hi-cap super mags. It works great now. If EAA won't give you a refund, you might consider having them swap it to another caliber. Tony
  10. I have plenty of 40 Super load data if you need it. I developed it for Triton when they brought out the cartridge in 1998. It's the same data that Triton had listed on their website when they were in business. HS-7 works OK for lighter bullets, but AA#7 is really the ticket for the 40 Super. It's dirty but it performs the best. Shoot me an e-mail at Rumore@Tromix.com if you want the data. Tony Rumore Tromix Corp
  11. The internal width of the magazine may be too wide for 10mm. I'm thinking they used the tooling for the 45 ACP mag and tightened up the lips a bit. If you load the 10mm mag with 45 ACP, it works perfectly and holds the full 10 round capacity of the .45 ACP mag. Tony
  12. The original magazine for my Witness 10mm would bind up after about 8 rounds, so I purchased 3 additional factory magazines. Thankfully, the EAA Custom shop was courteous enough to include a WARNING NOTICE with each magazine. It reads.......... "This product is sold 'as-is' and 'with all faults.' The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer. The determination of the fitness or the suitability of any product for a specific use is the responsibility of the buyer." That way you know the magazine won't work before you even try it......and sure enough, they all bind up after about 8 rounds. Tony Rumore
  13. How 'bout using a Herter's .401 PowerMag? They don't come up for sale very often, but nobody wants one so they go cheap. Tony
  14. I converted an M1 Carbine to 10mm Magnum a few years ago. Tony Rumore Tromix Corp
  15. I tested both the 400 CorBon and 40 Super round quite extensively back in the late 90's. The 400 has a really short neck and the bottle necked rounds want to nose dive into the feed ramp of the gun. Unless you have a very heavy crimp on the bullet, they can easily get pushed back into the case and create excessive pressure issues. The 40 Super design is far superior. The case is 10mm length instead of 45 ACP length and has a longer neck. Ballistics for the 40 Super from a 5" 1911 barrel are as follows. 135gr 1,750 fps 165gr 1,600 fps 200gr 1,325 fps I have extensive amounts of load data for the round, all compiled for Triton Cartridge when they were first getting started with the 40 Super. If you want a copy of it, shoot me an e-mail at Rumore@Tromix.com Tony Rumore Tromix Corp www.tromix.com
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