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  1. Actually, I kind of do. I will say with the shipping, scope, and transfer fee less than 9 bills.
  2. And if I would rather talk about a BIG 10mm?
  3. I cheated. Not really an AR, but........I bought a TNW Aero Survival rifle in 10mm.
  4. Yeah, but that can happen with ANY auto-loading pistol.
  5. I'm just loving how every gun magazine I pick up now seems to have new model 10mm reviews, or articles about 10mm pistols lately. Wonder what changed?
  6. I just found it kind of strange I just put a scope on a brand new never been shot pistol, took my first six shots with it, and the scope was almost perfect as is, no zeroing needed. Too bad I didn't wait to see if the iron sights were also right on first, but I was impatient.
  7. I need to get to my reloading shed soon and make me a whole bunch of 10mm. I have a somewhat new TNW Aero Survival rifle in 10mm, a new EAA full steel Witness, and a new Ruger 10mm Super Redhawk to load up for. And I burn through them FAST with the carbine.
  8. Finally got my butt to the range today with the new Ruger. Hung up a target at twenty five yards as I just put the scope on and never even shot the gun yet, so I figured I would have to zero in the scope. Wanted to put up a pic of the target but this thing is still saying I cannot use that extension. Pic can be viewed at: https://imgur.com/WxnYpGM Imagine my surprise when my first five shots looked like this. (Flyer was my fault)
  9. So, are we all secure in the knowledge that VLTOR is probably NOT going to bring back the Bren Ten?
  10. Now I just got the new Ruger Super Redhawk in 10mm. Always wanted a revolver in 10mm. Guess I'll have to get used to moon clips though. I just consider them little speed loaders, anyways.
  11. They must have, So far available Ruger 10mm pistols are the SR1911, GP-100, Super Redhawk, and a 10mm Blackhawk. I got me the Super Redhawk.
  12. I am wondering how you got a picture on here but the image I stuck in ImgBB still was saying cannot use that extension. The extension is JPG! Anyway it can be seen at https://ibb.co/nE0vdn
  13. Two total knee replacements kind of put the kabosh on hunting. Would have made a heck of a Wild Hawg gun, though! I tried to post pictures of it but this board says I am not allowed to use that extension.
  14. I just got me one. Bid a minimum on Gunbroker, I was the only bidder. Just waiting for the seller and my FFL guy to get it transferred to me.
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