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  1. GunNut

    Bren Ten

    Now they have a #48 of the first 500 Delta Elite listed for about the same money : http://www.collectorsfirearms.com/admin/pr...hp?itemID=13314 -Nut
  2. GunNut

    Bren Ten

    There is a Bren Ten that just appeared on Collectors Firearms web site :bowdown: . $1895 :eek_yello: http://www.collectorsfirearms.com/admin/pr...hp?itemID=13271 Nut
  3. GunNut

    AMT Javelina

    I had a Norinco Mak 90 that I didn't care for, which I had swapped for the FNP40. I only paid $350 for the Mak 90. The P40 was new when I made the swap, it was the first plastic frame gun I have owned. The P40 is a very accurate gun and never failed to fire (I shot about 1000 rounds through it) but I didn't care much for this gun either. The only plastic guns that remain in the collection are both FNs as well; a FiveSeven and a PS90. The FiveSeven is OK but the PS90 is a hell-o-lot of fun :evil: . I haven't managed to get time to shoot the Javelina yet. I hope to get it worked into a weekend here very soon. -Nut
  4. GunNut

    AMT Javelina

    Just a tad. A close inspection of the frame rail reveled unfinished machine work. I put a small amount of fine grit lapping compound on this area, put the slide on and worked it back and forth about two dozen times. I cleaned the gun throughly, relubed and reassembled. Operation of the slide is much smoother but a little clunky feeling. As FireBreather01 suggested, I'll look at the main spring, barrel and bushing next. In slowly working the slide it feels like the spring is the most suspect now. -Nut
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum. I recently traded a FN-P40 for an AMT 5” Javelina. The AMT appears to have had not more than about 1 box of ammo put through it. I trolled this forum and others and read up on this gun before making the trade. I have a few questions. The action of the slide on the frame seems rather gritty feeling. I field stripped the gun, cleaned and lubed just the same as my other stainless 1911; light oil on the rotating parts and Tetra grease on the sliding parts. However, the action is still rater gritty. Has anyone tried lapping compound on the mating surfaces to smooth things out? The slide to frame (rail) fit is looser than most of my other autos (one exception being a stainless Ruger P89, which despite the loose fit is a rather accurate gun). Is this normal? I do realize any attempt to polish this area with lapping compound could make the fit worse. -Nut