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  1. I have no intention to start a flame war or debate but I disagree completely with those two statements. As my opinion (since I have no factual basis), firing warning shots is very bad due to the belief that an attorney can leverage that against you. "So why did you miss? Are you a bad shot?" "Were you unsure? Why shoot if you didn't know?" It can be construed as doubting your course of action. What about ricochets? All bullets eventually hit something. To me it's a risk I'd rather not take. If I'm not hitting the bad guy, there's a chance I'm hitting someone else who's innocent. Regarding point #5, you're actually contradicting yourself from point #4. Are you shooting as a warning or are you shooting to kill? Neither are correct. You are shooting to stop. If that means death in the process, so be it. Are you suggesting I shoot someone in the head that's laying on the ground that's no longer a threat just so I don't get sued? Personally, I would be shooting to hit the target and continuing to shoot until I'm no longer in danger and then wait in a safe place for the police. In summary, if you end up shooting someone, regardless of circumstance, you WILL be sued, you WILL go to jail and your gun WILL be taken away. You just shot someone and you better believe your ass you're going to have to prove your innocence and justification. Edit: I agree with everything else you said. Just not those two points.
  2. You'll usually get two responses when it comes to EAA & the Witness guns. A. They suck, don't waste your time/money B. They rock, worth the time/money I'm kind of an in-betweener. I have both a 10mm compact steel & a DW bobtail commander. My slide cracked when I first bought it. I called EAA, shipped it back, they replaced the slide, shipped it back to me. After that, I learned that that springs are extremely light from factory. An 18-22 lb spring from wolff is HIGHLY recommended, as well as the 5/10% magazine springs. Since having the slide replaced, the witness has been functional and reliable. Sure it had problems, needed upgrades, etc. But it also cost 3x times LESS than my DW (~$340). You get what you pay for and the witness is a sub-$400 gun. It's my 'beater' gun and my trail/camping gun. I don't care how it looks or if it gets scratch (doesn't though with the wonderfinish), gets dropped, etc. In summary, I feel it's like a 'work truck'. It's not pretty but it'll get the job done and you may need to work on the engine from time to time.
  3. I have a Witness steel compact but no full size. I have been very pleased with the value and reliability of my compact. I did have issues when I first got it (cracked slide) but EAA replaced the slide and was decent to work with in my experience. Since the new slide, it's been smooth sailing. I also have a Dan Wesson Commander Bobtail. Feel and comfort wise, I have to give the medal to the DW but the witness will eat anything I feed through it. The DW is more picky on the rounds as certain hollow points won't feed reliable enough. The Wonder finish on the compact is nice too. I don't have to worry about scuffs, etc. The bonus of being able to spend around $200 bucks and get a new slide and, in essence, get a new gun is quite fun. I have a 9mm and also a .22LR slide which have all been reliable too. They have their quirks (9mm doesn't lock back on empty, .22LR mags only come in full size?) but they shoot and cycle consistently. You'll hear horror stories about them and EAA's service but I'd say you're more likely to hear about someone's BAD experience than those who've had good. A lot of people on this forum have witnesses and a lot can attest to their reliability. Just don't take for gospel one or two experiences.
  4. Sorry for the bad image (at work with my camera phone) but here's how a round sits in the barrel of my gun. There is a part that's not fully supported (which matches with your bulges) but like I said, I shoot double tap and some fairly hot reloads and haven't seen anything like what you have.
  5. I can't comment on if it's good or not (doesn't look good to me though) but I have a Dan Wesson 10mm CBOB and I shoot Double Tap quite consistently. I've never seen anything like what you have in your pictures. Also, reload a little and I don't think that it's possible to reuse it. It would get hung up in my Lee turret press. I've never tried but it just doesn't look like it would fit.
  6. I won't say it's common but it sounds almost identical to what happend to my Compact Witness (the slide cracking, not the mags) http://www.10mmtalk.com/index.php?showtopi...mp;hl=castle9mm
  7. So my next question then, is it a bad thing? I replaced the recoil spring with the 22lb I had and still did the same thing. The gun was thoroughly cleaned as it's even been and it did it on the first round fired. Is it something I should send back to EAA for fixing?
  8. I forgot to mention that since the first slide cracked, I did upgrade the recoil springs on this new slide assembly. I'm using an 18lb recoil spring right now. I was using a 22lb but was having feeding issues and was told on the forum that 22lb was too heavy for the compact. The Wolff recoil springs also came with their own firing pin spring so I replaced that at the same time. Thanks all for the advice. I'll try putting the 22lb recoil spring back in and then if that doesn't work I'll try the stock firing pin spring again.
  9. Hey all, a while back I had a cracked slide on my 10mm Compact Steel Witness. I sent it back to EAA and got back a new replacement slide. Ever since then I've been really critical of the gun and am paying much more attention to detail. I noticed my primers on my 10mm have a weird indentation. Here's a picture: **9mm on the left for comparison** Notice the nick at the 11 o'clock position? Is this a bad thing? Anyone know what the cause is? I'm shooting HSM ammo I buy at the range. I was thinking a bent firing pin but it's the slide I just got back from EAA as a replacement. I took out the firing pin and could see any damage with my naked eye. Any help would be appreciated since I'm a newb =) Thanks, castle9mm
  10. I purchased a 10mm Compact Wonder Witness back in April. Mine had the dual (two) recoils springs. I don't know the official weight but a lot of posts said it's under sprung for 10mm. I shot about 500 rounds through it and found my slide cracked (you can read about it on this forum). Anyway, I sent it back, got a new slide and immediately ordered a 22 & 20lb Wolff spring and replaced the stock springs. I'm not shooting Double Taps right now so I like the feel of the single 20 pound spring right now. ***also get the stiffer mag springs*** I'm not sure why they say it won't work. It fits and functions just fine and it noticeably stiffer.
  11. Hey all. I'm thinking about getting an IWB holster for my EAA Witness Steel Compact 10mm. I've never concealed before so please excuse the newbish question... Which way should the holster face for a small of back, inside waistband holster? (i.e. which way should the butt of the gun point if I'm right handed?) The pictures I've seen always have the butt pointing to left. This would mean that I would un/holster the weapon with my right hand, palm into body. I always assumed it was palm away from body. Make sense? Here's the holster I'm looking at and an example of the position I'm talking about. In my mind it should be flipped. Does it really matter or are the reasons to wear it a certain way? http://www.desantisholster.com/n91.html Thanks for the help/suggestions/comments/belittling =)
  12. I just purchased extra recoil springs for my 10mm compact steel Witness @ http://www.gunsprings.com/SemiAuto/EAANF.html#RecoilCompact It says "Note: Will not fit models with dual recoil spring systems" but others have said they will so I ordered a #22 for a $10 test. If it worked great, if not, I was only out a few bucks. When I got it replaced the dual spring that comes stock with the single Wolff spring and everything seemed to work fine. They also send you a stiffer firing pin spring which I replaced as well. I've fired around 300 rounds through it so far and haven't had troubles except for some failures to feed. I'm thinking the #22 is too strong for the ammo I'm shooting and would only use it if you're consistantly shooting Double Tap level stuff. I have since placed another order for both the #18 & #20 to see which one works for the ammo I'm shooting currently. Highly recommended upgrade.
  13. Hey all. Well I finally got my Witness back from EAA after sending it for a cracked slide. I was meant to upgrade the recoil spring last time but this time I did it for sure. I purchased a 22lb Wolff recoil spring, installed it then took it to the range. I also purchased and installed Wolff +5% magazine springs. The range ammo I use for practice is HSM 180gr JHP(http://www.thehuntingshack.com/catalog/retail/index.html) and I was jamming almost every round. I'll try my best to explain...the jams where failure to feed with the bullet end sticking up out of the ejection port and the slide closed, pinching the case. A couple of times the slide make a gash so big in the case I didn't want to fire the cartridge. Is the recoil spring to heavy for this type of ammo? I didn't have any DoubleTap to try beefier rounds. Any thoughts on what would be causing the feeding issues?
  14. Well, that's the thing. A little of everything. I carry for SD, but I like to practice as much as possible and do venture into the wild (bears, cougars, etc) I've just gotten into reloading and while looking at components I was wondering why I would choose a 135gr JHP vs. a 200gr JHP Are lighter better for certain situations? Are heavy better for certain purposes? Or is it all just preference? (note: i've been shooting/reloading 180gr. just because it seemed in the middle)
  15. Hey all. Sorry for the newbish question. I tried searching but it didn't seem to like me and google came up short. What's the general consensus on the different bullet weights? The 10mm has a wide range of bullet grains and, to be honest, I don't know why I would shoot a 135gr over a 200gr. I don't mean to stoke a fire over which is 'best'. I'm just looking for clarification. I've seen some people post that they switch weights depending on the season due to clothing penetration. Why wouldn't a faster/lighter bullet penetrate just as well? Sorry for the 20 questions & thanks for the help
  16. Hey all. I just wanted to get your opinions on Chuck Hawks and his web articles? (http://www.chuckhawks.com/index2.guns.htm) I was reading his articles and came upon this quote: :why: I'm confused... doesn't the 10mm & .40 usually use the same bullets in cartridges? I've just started to reload but all the bullet boxes I've seen are labeled '.400" 40/10mm'. All things equal, how is the .40 lighter & faster? Isn't the 10mm able to withstand higher pressures (i.e. greater velocites) because of it's larger case? Any clarification would be helpful and appreciated since I don't want to sound like an idiot when I talk with someone. Is what he says generally trustworthy?
  17. Thanks for the support guys. I'm hoping it'll all get worked out. I did a lot of research before buying so I knew I was taking a chance, both with the gun and the service. Mainly, I posted the pictures because so often on forums people 'know a guy who had a friend that had this happen to'. Just wanted to add somme first hand proof for those that are researching themselves. This is my first semi-auto and the versatility of the witness and the conversions caught my eye. I figured it was relativly cheap and I could play around with other calibers in case I didn't like the 10mm (HAH!). Besides, if I end up not liking it, it's always an excuse to get another gun =). On another note, are there any other 'compact' 10mm handguns? All that I could find are full size. The G20 is wasy to big and my ring/pinky hang off the G29. Thanks for the Welcome, too =) I've been a lurker for awhile, though.
  18. Pictures of my EAA Witness steel compact 10mm. I got this gun as an early birthday present last month. I'd say I've shot less than 1000 rounds for sure, more likely 700 total. This is my first handgun and people have told me there's a 'break-in' period so I have only shot HSM ammo I purchase at the range. They're factory new rounds in an orange-black box. As far as I know, they're not overly powerful rounds. Any thoughts? Who would I contact about warranty work and is this even covered? I purchased through Reeds Ammo. Would I work through him or contact EAA directly? Below is the link to my flickr photo set. Some of the pictures are blurry, I appologize. http://www.flickr.com/photos/88097167@N00/...4283151/detail/ I'm not sure what happened to cause this. I was at the range shooting the other day then every round started having issues feeding. The slide was really hard to cycle so I thought it might be gummed up and needed cleaning. When I got home and after cleaning it was still having trouble with the slide. It is difficult to pull back and then on the return it stops about half closed. If you nudge the slide or tap the gun on your hand, it will finish closing. It really feels like it's catching on something but I can't find what. Upon further investigating, I noticed the crack. Exlcuding this trouble, the guns has been a blast to shoot and handle. It brings a smile to my face every time =)
  19. You can try www.reedsammo.com. I just bought a Witness Compact Steel from him.
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