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  1. I did a full build on a Colt CCO a few years ago which is a Commander frame over an Officers slide. To me it is the perfect carry 45, 4.25 barrel for decent ballistics and penetration and very easy to conceal. Colt no longer makes them, mine was a project gun but Smith & Wesson and Dan Wesson just introduced this model into their lineups.
  2. Anyone know if a stripped or bare Colt upper receiver, no serial #, markings, etc can be sent legally to the Phillipines? Can't seem to find much info and technically it's just a piece of metal. Any help or ideas as to who I could contact would be appreciated.
  3. I have a small drawer full of those, mainly from the past few years SHOT shows.
  4. Regarding lube on the bolt, I always put a very light coat of machine gunners or snake oil on my entire bolt and heavy coat on the interior/exterior of the lugs. Never had a carbon issue and I have been doing that for years.
  5. Anyone here worked up a good load for 55grn FMJ boattails from Montana Gold or similar using TAC for powder? I have quite a bit of TAC but there isn't much data for the lighter bullets. Any help appreciated.
  6. Grafs called me today which I was pretty suprised about since most outfits e-mail and let me know my 10k of CCI #41 Mil-Spec primers were in and would be shipped Monday. Thats what I call customer service!! $151 for 5k and I'm sure they got in quite a few. Might be worth a call if anyone is looking for some.
  7. I just sit mine on my work bench or secure it between my legs. Has worked fine for me for many, many years so no reason to change!
  8. I have both a Govt model and a Commander bobtailed and I am very happy with them. It does help with "printing" especially if wearing an IWB rig. Weight loss is neglible and I have found most like the look. Bottom line is whether or not you like it as it's your $$. It doesn't affect the grip in any way of that's a concern and as pointed out many styles of grips are available plus it's easy to modify your own.
  9. Have a chance to buy a new Aimpoint Comp M/ML XD for $200. It's two years old but unused and as new in box. I have been using an Eotach but this sounds like an excellent buy. Comments? How about mounting on a flattop and what would a decent mount cost? Thanks!!
  10. OK, just looked at the web site. Not too bad looking but no specs are provided. For $249, I'd take a chance on one to use as a beater or a range gun, don't thinl I'd bet my life on one and I'd worry that it's not built to spec making replacement parts or even upgrades a nightmare!
  11. Have a link? Are these fully assembled or a kit? Either way I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I know that Rock Island, Armscor and the STI Spartan are all made in the P.I. and some are good, some not so good. I'd need to see one before making any type of decision.
  12. I have one S&W 1911 with the Briley and two S&W 4566s with Briley match barrels and the spherical bushing. Honestly, they can be a pain as they have a tendency to come loose and getting the barrel back in after a cleaning can be a real chore as it has to line up perfectly. Accuracy wise they are no better than a well fit standard bushing which is why most of my guns have EGW bushings cut to fit by EGW. The Brileys also seem to attract a lot of dirt and other crud as it's in two pieces, the actual bushing and the spherical insert. I won't bother again and for the price I can buy two EGW match bushings!
  13. I pretty much wear jeans and T-shirts all year now that I'm retired and buy my shirts one size larger. I can easily conceal a full size 1911 in either an OWB or IWB rig this way. Buy quality gear (holsters) that hug the body and bring the butt right into your side and you should have no problems. Remember most people wouldn't notice you carrying if it was staring them in the face!
  14. I carry an old Model 36 (ex Mass State Police gun) every day as a backup in an Alessi Ankle Rig. It's loaded with 148+P LWSC bullets called "SafeStop" which were developed by Jim Cirrilo when he was on the NYPD stakeout squad. There basically a wadcutter loaded backwards with a deep cut across the bullet face. I shot a few to test and these are very nasty rounds which at short distances would do some severe damage! I scored a few boxes a few years ago and there made by a company in Washington state. If you ever come across any at a gunshow, etc, grab them, I have never seen a better round for the 38!
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