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  1. scotto

    Hey scotto

    Thank everyone UGH
  2. I haven’t logged on for quite sometime and just seen this this morning so sad. I met and have had lunch with Don and his wife Sharon on several occasions, a great guy and a friend. RIP brother
  3. Not on that day but I made the climb to Seth and Martha Bullock’s his grave before.
  4. Normally on Memorial Day I’m at our family’s graveyard on the White Earth Reservation paying my respects but this last Monday I was in Deadwood South Dakota so decided to pay my respects at Mount Moriah Cemetery. I always visit Mount Moriah when in Deadwood but this time was special. There was only a few people wandering around and was a cloudy morning with a dry drizzle and fog, very serene. Here’s a few pictures from that morning.
  5. Are you using the doorbell cam or one of the floodlight/spotlight cams?
  6. I have 2 of the ring cameras at my cabin, a floodlight cam and a spotlight cam. Both work excellent even over the winter in sub zero weather.
  7. I recently renewed my CCW and thought I would retire my trusty Glock 19 to the safe and treat myself to a new carry pistol. Behold the The Springfield XD Mod.2 .45ACP Sub-Compact.
  8. scotto

    Hey scotto

    Thanks guy, looking forward to another trip around the sun.
  9. Lawrence Guimond, 32, has broken the world record for the 100-metre Lip Point on Sunday, after successfully directing his son to get his wallet on the dresser in his bedroom while seated in his truck in his driveway. Lip Pointing, a non-verbal communication used in many Indigenous communities, involves pursing the lips to ‘point’ at something or someone. “Let’s see, get my wallet, boy,” Guimond told his 10-year-old son when he was leaving his house. When his son asked where it was, Guimond pointed with his lips towards his house and simply uttered ‘over there.’ So precise were his lips, witnesses said, that his son knew instantly that he was pointing at his dresser, which was in his bedroom. Guimond’s Lip Pointing breaks a previous record held by Elsie Mukwa, 83. a northern Saskatchewan woman who successfully instructed her granddaughter to get her purse located 100-metres away on a counter. https://walkingeaglenews.com/2018/02/20/first-nations-man-breaks-100-meter-lip-point-record/
  10. your poll is flawed the AMF years were 1969-1981 not 1970-1989 and was made by a company that was more known for bowling balls then tennis rackets . My Harley is a 1981 the last year of AMF ownership and leaks a little from the enclosed rear chain.
  11. 12" bagger bars and new grips.. Almost got the old bowling ball set up the way I want it. I still want to lower it about 2" then paint but that will have to wait till next year right now I want to ride!!
  12. Finally the snow stopped and it warmed up enough (50 degrees) to go for a putt. The seat will take some getting use to as I sit further back then the original and affected the reach to the bars. Now I'm thinking mini apes will get me back in the comfort zone, I don't want to go to tall maybe 10" or so. I'm still considering lowering the back 2" with shorter 10.5" shocks and lowering the front 1" with new fork springs.. Not done with this bike yet but I'm getting there.
  13. scotto

    Hey scotto

    Thanks everyone!!! I'm still around!! UgH!!
  14. WoW!! That car is beautiful! Best of luck
  15. When I worked for an AR manufacture and they had to destroy receivers they would use a chop saw and just cut through the receiver like the idiot in the video did.. Same with suppressers.
  16. “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don't you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.” -Billy Graham RIP
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