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  1. Been away from shooting for a while and I need to feed my G29 and 6" G20 but it looks like DoubleTap has fallen from grace. Who's the new king of the block with hot 10mm self defense ammo? Guessing 165gr/185gr gold dots still rule the roost for bullets?
  2. I recently got a G20sf and put a 6"longslide on it. Compared to my G29, the grip is definitely smaller and feels better but I haven't gotten to the range with it yet .
  3. There is a blackhawk serpa for the glock 20, and my glock 29 is sitting in it right now.
  4. If the shtf there won't be any ammo available in common calibers. You should keep ammo stocked up for that anyway. Besides, I don't depend on common off the shelf stuff for defense, I usually order all my ammo for all my guns because I am particular in what I want for my money which is usually a lot hotter than UMC!
  5. They are actually fairly close ballistically comparing them with equal length barrels. For the size of a 38 revolver, I would rather carry a compact semi-auto. If I cant carry my Glock29 I will carry my keltec 380.
  6. If interested in a glock, you can get a Glock 20 and for around $100 per barrel you can go between 10mm, 40 s&w, 357 sig, and 9x25 dillon. No other changes needed except for maybe lighter strength recoil springs for 40 and 357. If your looking for maximum velocity look at a 9x25. I use mine just for range fun but rely on the heavier 10mm bullets for carry.
  7. If you like the 357 sig, take a look at a 9x25 dillon. I have a 9x25mm barrel for my Glock 29 and it breaths some serious fire! I gotta get a dillon barrel for my 6" glock 20 now.
  8. None of the above/ they are just too big for just 9mm power. I would rather have a ultra compact 380 for concealment or a larger/more powerful round if I'm carrying a larger pistol.
  9. I have a G29 and now a G20sf longslide. I agree, the SF is definitely better, i haven't heard anything about the chambers being any tighter though. If you are going to carry then I say go with a G29sf. You aren't losing much ballistically with the shorter barrel however you can always get a 1/2" longer aftermarket barrel if your that worried about it. Only bad things about the glocks are the triggers but thats nothing a connector and trigger job wont fix.
  10. So can handloading exceed the performance of Doubletap ammo?
  11. I have never shot 357sig but I do shoot 9x25 dillon outta my G29 and it is a fun gun to shoot and I always have people asking me what the hell I was shooting. I just use it for fun at the range to give my wrist a break then switch the barrel back to 10mm. I don't/can't buy local ammo since I shoot 10mm and 9x25 and order from Double Tap instead.
  12. Or split the difference and go G33, but then you would have to stock another caliber ammo.
  13. I carry either a keltec 380 or a Glock29 depending on where Im going and what I'm wearing.
  14. What planet are you from? Kennedy=Limbaugh, Fox=Msnbc ??? Limbaugh and Kennedy are nothing alike. Rush is a political commentator and Kennedy is just like all the other "do as I day not as I do" liberal politicians and Rush calls him out on it. Furthermore, what is an example of good media to you, nbc or cbs who got obama elected, give me a break. Fox news is a right leaning conservative news channel but more balanced than all the other news networks that are liberal and completely one sided garbage.
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