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  1. I believe I've almost finally maybe decided on a Compact Steel Witness as my first 10mm and would like a clarification. I'm a magazine umm...err.... "enthusiast" :biggrin: and this model is noted to use 12 round magazines (12+1). I'm looking for a good source of magazines and I'm confused about the info at the EAA site. In the Parts section under 10mm magazines it lists the following different models: Model Number - EAA Description - Actual Magazine / Confusion #101442 - EA10LM Compact Steel Only - Neutered 10rd Compact Steel? #101440 - EA10M - 12rd Compact Steel?? #109914-10 - 10 Witness 22LR - Special magazine for .22LR Conversion? #101435 - EA10LM 15rd 10mm Compact - Huh?? 15 rds in a compact should be a standard 15rd full size right?? Then when you add this item to the cart they are described as "11rd 10mm Compact" Wait a minute I thought the compact magainzes were either 12 or 10 (neutered) capacity?? Ow my head hurts #101945 - EA10M2005 15rd - Full Size Steel 15rd?? #101950 - EA10LM2005 - 12rd - (Cart says Polymer Frame 12 rd) Huh?? The polymer frame pistol description lists 15rd magazines Can anyone verify to which magazines these numbers actually belong? Anyone have experience (good or bad) from ordering from EAA? Thanks, Ken
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