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  1. Abney Park The Cog is Dead. Steam Powered Giraffe. Pink Floyd. Led Zepplin. Classical Guitar. Beats Antique. The Chieftains. Daft Punk. The Glitch Mob. Dr. Steel. Hillbilly Hellcats. Ministry. Seraphim Shock. Skirillex. Yngwie Malmsteen.
  2. Meh... I loved the gas chamber. Everyone reduced to gagging, snot rocket, choking one-ness... Doesn't matter how many stripes, doesn't matter the color of the tin on your collar... Works better on some than on others. Irritated my eyes more than my lungs. Could breath just fine but I couldn't see sh*t... As for the OP, your life changes forever once your feet hit those yellow foot prints. If you survive to graduation day, everything else you decide to do in your life will seem like cake. Semper Fi.
  3. I hope to never find out. We can "what if" until the cows come home. I've never been on a two-way shooting range. From what I've heard from those who have, you really don't know how you are going to react until you are... Practice. Carry. Hope for the best...
  4. Guns, cars (78 Camaro is current project, looking for 70 Delta 88 w/455), weight lifting, camping, computers, archery, music, reading, blacksmithing, and I'd love to get my private pilots license. I keep telling my wife that I hope they come up with some serious life extension technology because I will need the extra time to get around to doing everything I enjoy doing...
  5. From what I understand, part of the range is leased by local LEO departments. The other part of it on that end is the Cannon Valley Blackpowder shoot club. They open up those ranges to the public for the Shooters Roundup, SHTF, and Outbreak: Omega shoots. I haven't been don there to shoot the public ranges in a year or two. I hear they have added more shooting ranges along the "store front" row in including a range with some steel on it. Haven't verified that for myself yet....
  6. I still haven't tried 800x yet. Still using AA#7. 180gr XTP's over 11.5 AA#7. Loaded a bunch of Barry's 180gr HP over 12.5gr AA#7. Going to see how they do on falling plate and gongs...
  7. Why wait four days to pop the BAC info? Why wasn't he charged with Public Intoxication along with the Scaring the Sheep charge? I'm smelling a "pile on" to try and make something stick... Then again, I used to go run the 6 miles around base after a hard weekend just to burn the alcohol out of my system before heading to the shop on Monday morning... Dunno... More info. We needs it...
  8. Pretty much this. There is no "individual welfare" duty given to the FedGov in Art 1 Sec 8. If your State want to enact some kind of socialist welfare, that is up to the voters of that State, although I would argue strenuously against it. Subsidizing being poor only creates a market for poor people to stay on the dole.
  9. I'll drink your share of the beer too if that's ok... ;-) From what I hear, they may be running the SHTF shoot this fall again as well. http://www.shtfshoot.com/
  10. This Friday. Registered VIZ when they first opened it up for this year. My 4th in a row. 55 firearms to be given away. Over $100,000 in prizes. My Brother in law and I will be camping out on sight Friday night for the industry dinner. http://www.brdnews.com/forums/style_emotic...efault/flea.gif Hells yeah...
  11. Kids will play... Malik has no balls to carry through on any of his little threats.
  12. Update: This was a VERY good time. It turns out the Ahlman's campus is actually two different shooting clubs. One public, one private. The first is Ahlman's and the second the Morristown Gun club. The whole thing was opened up and converted into a zombie hunters playground this past weekend. Vendor area was a bit thin compared to years past. But they made up for it later... Check in was eay, but a bit confusing. VIP folks got a wrist band, t-shirt, meal ticket, and some swag including a Twinkie (hat tip Zombieland). Pre-registered folks got tickets. The tickets were a bit odd as they were your typical raffle two-part tickets, but it wasn't adequately explained that the drawing would not be based on the tickets and that you could shoot one stage per ticket and did not need to retain the duplicate. Minor hitch... The stages were fun and challenging. Everything from straight rifle/pistol/shotgun... To combinations of all of the above. A couple of the stages had the typical long lines of the past, but with 20-30 different stages to shoot from, you could afford to wait a bit. Prizes came in two parts, general swag and firearms. The vendors really came through. Over 120 different prizes from full UTG rigs to hard and soft lockable weapons cases. Gear and range bags with additional "goodies" including a John Wayne signed copy of the Blue Book of Gun Values. Not sure if The Duke signed it officially or not, but it was kinda cool none the less. Even K-Bar pitched in 20 neon-green handled Zombie Hunter knives. 15 different firearms were given away. Coonan, Remington, Nordic, Bushmaster, and DPMS. DPMS even produced a One-off/One of a kind serial # 1 of 1 specifically for this event. Custom engraved and chambered in .308. I didn't win anything this year, but my Brother-in-law scored a full UTG tac vest with all the associated pouches. He's hooked... ;-) See ya' next year guys. It was a blast...
  13. Very good time. Made it out to Ahlman's last weekend with both of my Brothers-in-law. Shot the 3 "ranges" under the Winchester sign. A, unique, experience. The rest of Ahlman's looks like a shooters play land. Still trying to suss out what all is open for members to shoot on and when. If they set up the stages the way I think they are going to, it oughta be fantastic. Updates on the Outbreakomega.com website including narrowing down a "guess-timate" on the round count.
  14. Google- Dodge RAM PCM programmer Again, depends on year/make/model vehicle. The older your vehicle the less likely it is to have advanced ecm/pcm OBDC systems onboard.
  15. Depends on the year. As for turning it off, you'd need an ECU programmer to try to enable or disable that feature.
  16. I've actually been designing an automobile control system in my head. Kind of a "wish list" of how to interface the various systems. Onboard controller that not only manages performance parameters, but also taps into wireless networking and entertainment systems for onboard communications and music/movies/games. A home link with your wireless AP would allow you to download data to show where your daughter drove it to, modify your cars performance settings for weekend cruising, and put the latest episodes of True Blood on the local hard drive for that trip out to Wyoming. Yeah, there's the whole Big Brother thing... Encrypt the data and the connection and tell the government to piss off...
  17. One more time... (48/2)/12. 48/(2x ) where the value of x is 9+3. IOW... 2.
  18. 48*1/2*1/12= 2 48/(18+6) = 2 End of story.
  19. Yep. I was shooting for flippant sarcasm. Maybe I should have used the proper conversion for irony instead?
  20. Oh sh*t... It's spreading... http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2703676/posts
  21. 12/2*6 is still 1 and not 36. Always reduce your terms before dividing. If you are writing the division out long hand... It'd look like this: The 2*6, or 2*12 in the original problem, is indeed to the LEFT. This is why one of those Mars probes did a lawn dart instead of a soft landing...
  22. My dos centavos right here. If you don't reduce the term of the denominator before dividing, you are doing it wrong... Correct answer is 2.
  23. I may have been hard to see, I was wearing camouflage. ;-) I had a Browning Light Auto-5 that was running pretty good on the pepper poppers.
  24. Hosted at Alhman's this year. Last year was a two day shoot, this year is just a one day, but I'm told Ahlman's is a larger shooting facility than Del-Tone/Luth. This will be my 3rd year going.
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