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  1. This mold the Lyman 10mm Devastator is obsolete, it was a rare find. There are hollow point molds that are being made by; NOE Molds http://www.noebulletmoulds.com/NV/ HollowPoint molds by Erik http://www.hollowpointmold.com/ MP Molds https://www.mp-molds.com/
  2. One of the older members here (Taos Glock) used to have the Kimber chambered in 10mm and it seemed to do quite well with some of the upper end 10mm loadings. Recent 10mm 1911 offerings from Remington and Ruger have added to the numbers with good reviews.
  3. If it were me I'd shape a wooden form to work the inside the tube and see if it would push that section open. Good luck.
  4. It looks like our pushing and asking these companies has prompted them to make some 10's...
  5. Those G-40's are very nice...I may have to get one of those to complement my other shooters...
  6. Western Powders Recall Notice HUNTER Powder
  7. Many, Many, Thanks guys for all the Birthday wishes!!!
  8. Both Hodgdon and Alliant have new powders for 2017... Hodgdon Alliant sample data https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ELNOy2dsRIcYXooLztTMQT0ZmzVsq-AkUWejZgDugfA/edit
  9. Nice looking firearms, but Damn you guys have me wanting yet another 10mm......
  10. PRODUCT SAFETY AND RECALL NOTICE FOR 6.5 GRENDEL AMMUNITION Prvi Partizan (“PPU”), the manufacturer, is recalling all 6.5 Grendel ammunition. This recall applies to ALL 6.5 Grendel ammunition. DO NOT USE OR SELL THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS http://www.ppu-usa.com/news/
  11. PRODUCT SAFETY AND RECALL NOTICE FOR 6.5 GRENDEL AMMUNITION Prvi Partizan (“PPU”), the manufacturer, is recalling all 6.5 Grendel ammunition. This recall applies to ALL 6.5 Grendel ammunition. DO NOT USE OR SELL THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS http://www.ppu-usa.com/news/
  12. I would like to see how much case support the R1 10mm pistol has and if it is a ramped barrel design? I have to wonder if Remington will also produce some new 10mm ammo to complement the R1 10mm pistol??????? We will see...
  13. One other thing to consider is using a magnum primer can dislodge the bullet and start it moving before complete ignition of the powder. This can be effected by several factors. The semi auto relies a lot on the case to bullet tension in the effort to secure the bullet. Proper taper crimp can add to the hold and improper crimp can be detrimental to the point of being loose. As the case lengths can differ, it will change the crimp strength and effectiveness. Faster burning powders can snap the case expansion faster which can cause case splits. Slower burning powders usually yield better velocity with lower pressure. Finding a balance of burn rate and performance is key! Alliant BE-86 is showing good results in addition to 800X, LongShot, Blue Dot, Power Pistol, AA#7, AA#9.
  14. I have run the full gambit of bullet weights in 10mm and i like the 165 - 210 grain weights, they tend to be the most accurate for me. If you are running on the Dillon be sure to work at the mid level loadings giving you some room for powder drop variations. When working at the upper limits you will do better to hand weigh your powder charges for precise measure. if you get a chance drop by the 10mmFirearms forum. http://10mm-firearms.com/index.php Get to know each and every step with you press as you work through you learning curve... Good luck
  15. I let them have an eye full on almost every Facebook post reminding them about the Bren Ten...they show an AR, I post about the lack of the Bren Ten. In their face!
  16. What investigators look for are residue on the person or at the scene, this is mostly nitrates and unburnt powder particulate, Powder that was consumed in the burning process was chemically changed anyway. Yes they do use gas chromatography mass spectrometry for analysis of the chemical makeup and Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) (is a newer in the field use but detects the products before hand). The chemical signature may classify a particular smokeless powder that was used... If interested you can visit this website for some interesting facts...http://www.ilrc.ucf.edu/powders/
  17. Very Nice Pacecars! It should serve you quite well, thanks for sharing your picture.
  18. The Rock Island Armory 10's have been pretty good from those I have communicated with that bought them. Some had magazines that showed ftf or locked open issue. However those could have been ammo impulse related. Decent priced 1911 style pistols with fairly good chamber support...
  19. This is what I run because they are only 5 cents a piece for me to cast and load...156 Gr Cast HP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhADWIC8Et0&feature=youtu.be&list=PL4bt-Jy7IRR4dx_o-uHFTa2XC3fNwFOch
  20. Well the data shown in most handloading books really doesn't show the true potential of the cartridge. Best powers for the 10mm true potential is Longshot and IMR 800X. 800x can bring some great numbers in short barreled guns but its flakes are not the best to just drop-n-load, hand weighing brings about the best loading with all when working in the upper limits for the 10mm cartridge. The guns with fully supported chambers and the way they are setup are needed to get the most from the cartridge. In addition to LongShot , IMR800X (newer canisters may show Hodgdon 800X, same stuff), Blue Dot, Power Pistol, BE-86, AA#7, AA#9, CFE Pistol, will all work well for the higher velocities. Target rounds can be made with many of these and other powders as well. My most accurate has been with healthy doses of Blue Dot. You can brouse what was found in the commercial ammo here; http://10mm-firearms.com/factory-10mm-ammo-pull-downs/ Best regards and Welcome to the forum!
  21. Thanks for the update GL Shooter, Looks like the BHW is doing a good job!
  22. No disrespect to the DW Silver Back is probably a great pistol and fine craftsmanship, prices have been going up on all of them lately.
  23. Nice looking pistol, but for a 1911 Clone it is overly priced in my humble opinion...RIA is making 1911 10mm's at half that price so is it worth twice as much for the DW Silver back name.
  24. Sig Sauer V-Crown Bullets Who makes them? In a discussion on Facebook with Sierra Bullets they claim the are making the V-Crown bullets for Sig Sauer. I am currently waiting on an answer if they will someday provide these as components for handloaders... 1:53PM August 10 2015 response; Sierra Bullets Sorry Wade at this time they are not available in component form. Unlike · 1 · 3 mins Wade Landèche Thanks for the response and That's cool and I understand the proprietary nature!
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