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  1. Morriganson

    New 10MM pistoles

    update. after the first flush of seduction, a closer look reveals: small tooling marks in one place on the slide, and one place on the frame near the mag well. the grips are not as well executed as i would like. i put 15 rounds of win ST through it, no FTF. ah, and i vised the front site on the mill and drilled a pocket which i filled with good old white out. that problem solved. ill check on those holsters.
  2. Morriganson

    Plus 2 for G29

    g20 mags will fit a 29. you can get an a&g extender to fill the gap.
  3. Morriganson

    Razorback feed problem

    i had the same problems when trying to run cor=bon 135gr ammo through mine. i polished the feed ramp and lapped the locking lugs, but it still wouldn;t feed. i tried winchester silvertip and no problem. double tap 165 gs; no problem. morr
  4. i owned a g20c and a rz10 and bought a couple more. new g29 with night sights, desantis belt slide holster. new witness "stock" i tried to get the witness match (the two tone jobbie, but none of the distributors had them. shame, cause one would have set me back about 450 or so. buuuuut accu-sport had 2 witness stock models. gun comes with checkered wood grips, checkered back and front strap, and a very nice brushed stainless finish (on the side of the slide and receiver) the rest of the slide etc seems to be WF. the sights weren't what i expected, and since this set me back 700$ i would hope they might start putting a white dot on the front. the rear is not the bo-mar target type pictured in the cat and the webpage, but are LPA compact style. still adjustable though. it's a pretty gun. i just ran 10 rds of 165 gr GS from DT and had FTF on the last round. i need to get more ammo later and play. i've been reading on this platform, here, for a bit and i will add the requisite mag spring and recoil spring and do a ramp polish job (which seems to be necessary for most steel frame guns i've owned. i was pleased to see that they rounded the top of the slide. ok history. i had two witness's in 45 a while ago. the first one i bought about 7 years ago and was in what i would call the original configuration. the slide was much more narrow than the frame, and had a more rounded top. then i bought another (hoping for a matched pair) and eaa had come up with a more slabsided heavier slide almost square on top. the aesthetics (for me) sucked compared to the older gun. when i tried to buy spare mags, i found they weren't interchangeable, and the new ones i bought only locked the slide open in the new gun. new followers did not fit the old mag. so i had to make some ugly but functional mods to get everyone happy and working. this new gun is more like the first 45 i had. it is a very attractive piece. now i have to find a holster. other than a fobus. most sites i have visited, galco bianchi etc, say a CZ holster will work. any thoughts? oh. the g29? it shoots period. anyone surprised? one other thing. 10mm must be extremely consistant. all mine have shot 135 cor-bon, 175 gr ST, and 165 gr DT to the same POA every time. out of all 4 guns. i had to jigger the sights on the previous eAA's (45's) to get them both in the same game, and change bullet weight? shudder. morr
  5. Morriganson

    Marlin 1895 XLR .45-70

    i have a 444 that i sent back to the factory for rebarrelling. it was very reasonable, like under 200 bucks. i'm sure you could get the guide gun barrel. call the factory. morr
  6. Morriganson


    one other thing to add. the late jeff cooper pretty much invented the 10mm concept. he stated in one of his columns that the reason for the 10mm was not just stopping power (which it has) but to extend the practical range of combat shooting to 50 yards. my own experience with my glocks and my DW RZB, is that the 10 is dead on from 7-30 yards. a 45 acp will drop some at the longer ranges. as for power. DTap ammunition pushes the envelope of the 10mm up into "low" power 41-44 magnum loading. for a woods-walking gun, i'd take the 10 over the 45.
  7. Morriganson

    CCW G20

    i do. i carry a g20c in a kramer paddle holster. i'm 6' weigh around 215 now, and have a middle age gut. i wear x-large hawaiian shirts most of the time with jeans. in cooler months i throw a leather blazer over all this. no problems concealing this gun or the model 29-2 4inch i also carry at times. (same brand holster)
  8. Morriganson

    CCF Raceframes

    i've been looking at these for a while. i like the looks of the things. wouldn't a g21 frame fit on a g20 slide? morr
  9. Morriganson


    how many of you are doing light machine work, or gunsmithing and are getting paid for it? because i am having some serious issues with the company i work for, i am considering taking off on my own. i just ordered a gunsmith's lathe a few weeks ago, got an awesome buffer two days ago, and have a small mill and other stuff, plus all my hand tools from work (i was a mold builder who ran/programmed CNC mills and because of contractual clauses, i got sent back to the factory to work production which i am getting too old to do) soooo any advice, or personal stories if you have them? morr
  10. Morriganson

    converting 10 round mags

    you can't convert a glock mag. they have rails stamped into the sides which restrict capacity. i bought a mag conversion kit which included a tube from scher and a new spring i think, for my 21, and it doesn't seem to work as well as i would expect a standard glock mag to work. it hangs up and it is VERY difficult to get that last round in even with a loader. morr
  11. the ones on my 20c seem to be pretty good. i do all my sighting in on carry guns from offhand and these seem to be right on. i was going to replace them, but i figured, if it aint broke, why fix it. those on my 21 seem to be a bit off, not noticeable until i used it to shoot practical pistol. i had a 27 that i carried in a fobus yaqui style holster, and i lost the front sight. morr
  12. Morriganson

    Folded steel

    I have not found really any difference in the Atheistic mentality either (other then a very mean culture withing the hard-core Atheists VS a very sinister culture in religions equivalent. Both are very arrogant, both base their views on a mixture of faith and evidence and both have a wide variety of views regarding the use of force to infringe their views on everyone else. Frankly, it's human nature. i agree with most of this, but the arrogance of a true-believing legalistic xian can surpass just about anything. most true atheists that i know, are relatively unassuming. One of the largest issues with creationism is which version do you want to take a shot at. Assuming for a minute that their is a God who DID create the universe. Well, what is Gods form, how much is he alive, how much in control is he, what was his method of creating the universe? How did the creator himself come in to existence. Is something other then a single God responsible for creation? I have come to believe, based on facts and evidence that just about anything in existence can be proven to exist Ahh, i see where you are coming from. ok, no problem. yeah, i have less problem with the Brahmanic (or is it Vishnu?) (shrugs) Egg than i do with separating the firmaments. Another big issue for Atheists is that they generally compare themselves ONLY to Christianity and word of God is. yeah, this drives me ba-zonkers too. not all atheists do this however. to define one's beliefs as the antithesis of another, specific belief, is to indirectly embrace the tenants of that system. The word of the prophets, and it's made clear that the validity of the prophets is found in the accuracy of their for tellings. Their for tellings must be 100% accurate. but they aren't. (creationism can't be proved and that is not personal opinion) Interesting. How do you know this (honest question) because no one can prove the existance of any god, objectively. conversely no one can prove the non-existence of any god. one can prove, perhaps that there is no evidence of supernatural power in the world but that is about it. Didn't I already say that when I mentioned S-7? i missed that. no offense, but you seem to be orienting yourself around judeo-xian mythology. perhaps this is your intention in an effort to make your point. (shrugs) i'll look up some steels and see if i can find more info for my own edification. i guess what i'm saying re: the subject of blades and steels, is that through history, certain artisans intuitively discovered processes which yielded the best steels of their time. there could have been a number of technolgical factors which influenced and supported these developments, but in comparison to modern steels, there is no way that someone smelting ore with double bellows, over charcoal, could have produced steels whose composition would be better than what we have today. i would also suggest that it is in the best interests of some modern bladesmiths to perpetuate the mystique of the ancient craftsman so that the secrets of same could be "rediscovered". it's easier to get 10G's for a magic sword than to get the same amount from a sword made of 5160 or 1095. (shrugs) as i said, i'm not a bladesmith, this is my opinion only. good luck with your project. morr
  13. Morriganson

    Folded steel

    is this angel sword? hardness is not an indicator of steel quality. any steel can be hardened and tempered to just about any desired hardness. i have a sword that was hand made for me in turkey and the tip is so hard it can barely be cut with a file. barrel hardness isn't a good index for steel comparison. barrels have to be relatively soft to deal with the stresses involved with high pressures and heat. as for quantum physics proving creationism, well, QP is one of the most missunderstood concepts that lay people get their hands on. any reality may seem to be possible under this theory, but in reality it just doesn't prove out. creationism can't be proved and that is not personal opinion. you cannot research an article of faith other than to reinforce it with anecdotal evidence, historical texts, and heresay. athiesm is not something to be "proved" either as it is an ideology.
  14. Morriganson

    glock trigger job

    i stand corrected. i made it out with $60 worth of parts. last i saw i was charged the going rates for the stuff. maybe i could have got it cheaper, but these guys are good to me in general. morr
  15. Morriganson

    Folded steel

    interesting post. i'm no bladesmith, but i'm familiar with steels and processes, and i've heard many of the stories of "lost" techniques and formulas as well as so-called magic steel (@@) etc. honestly i fail to see how those "old timers" could ever match modern steels in any way, other than aesthetics. as i see it, some old guy in a tent didn't have any way to make 5160 or any of the modern moly tungsten tool steels so he had to improvise with what he had. my opinion of course, YMMV. as for the list, i'll play: * Super Mario Bros. was communist propaganda. No * What a bullet will do to a human skull: make you dead? * Can a small arm bullet knock a man down (the above calibers tested against accurate dummies and punching bags. yes, no, maybe? * Can Libertarianism actually work in modern America. no * Is the Bible THE sacred word of God according to the Bible. according to the bible, yes. according to me, No. * Creationism VS Atheism - in which direction does scientific evidence point. atheism is inappropriate in this comparison, as true atheists define their universe in terms of some form of the scientific method. creationism (a 6000 year old earth blah blah)is not scientific at all but rather is an article of faith. if you mean creationism vs evolution, then you are a step closer, as evolutionary theory is developed through application of the scientific method however, since there can be no scientific evidence that can prove an article of faith, that point is moot. intelligent design-ers claim to have scientific evidence, however that has pretty well been discounted as creationism all dressed up but with no where to go. * Prophecies: A look in to prophecies that failed and prophecies that came true. all prophecies of disasters eventually come "true" given enough time. and there will be no seven headed sea monster emerge from the ocean. * Custom swords VS factory swords: What's the functional difference? custom swords cost more. depends on the sword. jody samson and albion blades state that some of their swords are not designed for combat, yet these are custom. cold steel states that their blades are designed to chop flesh and bone. * Is there any evidence that a giant meteor is headed for Earth. yes (its an asteroid), but it should miss by about 500.000 miles of more (which is only a minute of asteroid in cosmic terms) * Was the invasion of Iraq all about oil, did Bush lie and was it an act of tyranny. bush lied, people died. no WMD's. it's always about oil * What is the motive of the terrorists and why are we at war with them. terrorists are fundamentalist nutbags, they don't need motive. we are at war with them because they took down the trade center, and it gives us an excuse to battle-harden our military. * Is there any evidence that lethal injection or the gas chamber are painful. probably, but no one has killed me with either yet so i can't honestly comment. * Is there any evidence that Bigfoot and the Yettie actually exist? there is no evidence of a breeding population, so therefore they do not. * Area 51 uncovered. What people who worked there have to say. Includes public stories about things that went on there. all disinformation for entertainment purposes. violating a top secret, codeword, SI, need to know clearance brings heavy penalties. * Are the whole of the Russians and Ukrainians migrating to the US trying to bring communism to this country? communism is already IN this country. it just doesn't work in a market economy, and the candidates never get publicity let alone get elected. the russians and ukrainians do not have communist governments, the USSR is history; however the communist party is still politically active. * Did Princess Anastasia really survive her families execution? no. i think this was pretty well proven recently. * The real Santa Clause revealed i am santa claus, and i reveal nothing. my memoirs are kept in a locked vault in area 51, gaurded by t-72 commie tanks imported by the UN. and i prophesy that some of you will think i am nuts. morr