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  1. Ha! I finally found a 25lb main spring on Brownells. I don't know if I wasn't looking in the right spot before or if they were out of stock. Anyways, I also got a 23lb to have the option, and some new +10% mag springs. That means I have everything... finally... a year later. Now I will just have to dump it all on my local Gunsmith's bench and say "Fix it!"
  2. Great. Can't wait to hear/see the results. (Photos?) SQLBullet: So, I've ordered the barrel, through a Canadian company that imports StormLake. An EGW FPS and 22 & 24 lb recoil springs from Brownells. ..But, I can't seem to find a 25lb main spring, or anything close. Where did you get yours?
  3. Oh, sorry. You did post that photo. I didn't realize that was the one converted. Looks great in two-tone. And... about the firing pin stop... EGW has "Drop-In 45", "Series 70", and "Series 80" on their site, but no mention of being "Flat Bottomed". ??
  4. Hmm. That seems to contradict other things I've read online. Does that mean that Para uses Bull barrels? I went on the EGW site and they offer three different types of firing pin stops. None are described as flat bottom. Which one did you go with? Also, you never posted an "after" photo of your conversion, with the new coating etc. How did it turn out? -Max.
  5. Storm Lake offers the choice of bull barrel or regular. The Bull is cheaper, but I would like the option of converting the pistol back to .40, so perhaps the regular barrel would be a better choice for that. Ideas?
  6. How did it turn out? I finally found a P16-40 for conversion. I will probably go with a Storm Lake barrel (It's seems to be the best option I can find in Canada), and do the same parts upgrades as "sqlbullet" detailed earlier in this thread. (I will have a few questions for him as I start gathering the parts.) -Max.
  7. Spend some time reading past posts about converting LDA Paras. I believe there are issues around the cutouts in the slide rails on the DA P16s, when using full powered 10mm rounds. I have a P18-9 LDA, and its great. I have been looking for a good P16-40 SA to do a conversion to 10mm for a few years now. (they're harder to find in Canada)
  8. Sounds like you have a great build going there. I've been looking for a 16-40 for awhile. Haven't been able to find a SA 16-40 yet. Great to hear it worked so well for you. Maybe I'll have to have another poke around some gun stores and see if there are any good used 16-40s for sale.
  9. kwesi: Nice. Sounds like you had a god day at the range. My cousin just showed me his reloading set-up this week. It was a Dillon 550 as well. I plan to get one soon. This will finally make it worthwhile to get a 10mm pistol(no full load 10mm available in Canada).
  10. Sweet. Post pics when you can. Welcome. :thumb:
  11. I just put in an order for a Galco shoulder rig. One part is backordered so I have to wait until december before it will be shipped. Oh well just in time for Christmas, I guess.
  12. Did you get anywhere with the conversion? I want to do the same. But I'm waiting until DT ammo is available in Canada. -Max.
  13. I've seen the Federal 10mm in a lot of stores and some Rem UMC online in a few places. All light load. I've looked into going to the US to buy ammo, but it sounds like the red tape makes it next to impossible to bring back. I'm hoping Double Tap will get a supplier in Canada, but I guess it's complicated. Maybe if you add a note to the thread in the DT forum saying that you are interested in DT in Canada it will keep the bug in their ear. Welcome to the site. LeftCoast = WestCoast.... Vancouver Island to be more specific.
  14. OK thanks. That is what I suspected. By "FBI load" I am referring to the lighter powder load that is used in a lot of 10mm. Essentially turning it into .40S&W 10mm of any kind is rare in Canada and so far I have only found them as the light loads. So, my plan is to buy 1000 rounds or so and then start reloading them to proper specs.
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