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  1. The Faxon barrel I ordered comes with a skinny 3 port brake that is part of the barrel. I'm a reloader and I will be shooting 55gr FMJs at a little over 3000 fps out of this barrel, as well as 77gr SMKs for the longer range shots. I have a Vortex Strike Eagle waiting on a lightweight mount. I'm trying to keep this as light as possible while still being able to double-tap close range targets and keeping my transition times down.
  2. I'm building a lightweight rifle for 3-gun, as opposed to the 10 pound rifle I'm currently using. I have on order a Faxon 14.5" pencil barrel with adjustable gas block and matched bolt. I will be getting a lightweight bolt carrier group from Faxon (8.32 oz) when they come back in stock. I will be using a flat top receiver with dustcover and FA, which I already have, and a 13" lightweight keymod hand guard. I'm getting this stock/tube combo http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/sabertube-tm-qd-end-plate-bad-lbs-lightweight-stock-combo. The question now is, who has a matching lightweight buffer and which spring should I get with it? Trying to keep the reciprocating mass down.
  3. I know it's been a few months, but Bar-Sto makes conversion barrels http://www.barsto.com/category_main.cfm?ID=P16&cco=61 BTW, who are you getting to ream the barrel?
  4. With that particular bullet, probably. But run a Nosler 110gr Accubond at 2800fps and it goes trans-sonic just short of 1000. BTW, their published BC on that bullet is off. Jim
  5. Midway has Olympic Arms 10mm uppers in stock now. Which buffer should I get to run this properly? Jim
  6. I see Winchester still offers their 180gr .40s. I'm thinking if I could get a couple hundred and pull the bullets, I could reload them into 10mm cases with an appropriate charge of Power Pistol and do some testing. Jim
  7. I weighed about 20 of them, all were in the 220gr area. The bullets also showed signs of cool bullet molds (they had surface wrinkles) and spotty lubing. I was not as happy with the Blue Dot loads as I was with the Power Pistol loads, so I'll be doing more work with them in the future. I will, at some point, snag some of the heavy plated bullets, too. There's a company that sells 200 and 220gr plated bullets, they're my next order. I still have 50 of the 220gr bullets, I might load them up for bowling pin shooting in the next week. Jim
  8. Sorry this took so long. The 230gr bullets are actually 220gr bullets, even though they are marked 230. That said, here's some data from a chronograph. Mixed brass, (Rem, Win, Fed, Starline). All loaded to 1.245" OAL. Primers were not flattened, although some showed a little flattening. Pistols used are 6.5" S&W 610 and 5" Kimber STII Load 1 200gr LFP 7.5gr Power Pistol 610 averaged 1185 fps Kimber averaged 1131 fps Load 2 200gr LFP 8.1gr Blue Dot 610 averaged 1036 fps Kimber averaged 970 fps Load 3 220gr LFP 6.9gr Power Pistol 610 averaged 1120 fps Kimber averaged 1065 fps Load 5 220gr LFP 8.0gr Blue Dot 610 averaged 1020 fps Kimber averaged 960fps Load 6 220gr LFP 8.5gr Blue Dot 610 averaged 1080 fps Kimber stuck the first round so no data Note: Blue Dot loads were up and down 50 fps in the Kimber, 10 fps in the 610. I'm thinking Power Pistol is going to be my go to powder until I get a better powder measure. Jim
  9. I really wish I had picked up a box of both loaded rounds before starting. I have 50 of the 200s loaded out to 1.245 with 8.5gr of Blue dot. I'm lighting those off in the in 610 first. I'm going to bring a chronograph with me when I do. Jim
  10. Thanks, NMScout and The Shadow! I'll start out with 8.0 grains and work my way up. Part of why I'm going with the heavier bullet is for deer, the other is to get a slow, heavy load for bowling pin matches! The bullets won't be in my hands until Friday of this week (UPS and SLC is on the other side of the country). Why they don't ship USPS bulk express is beyond me. Jim
  11. Wow, two year old thread! I have not shot a Witness, but I do love the looks since it's based on the CZ-75, which is what the Browning Hipower should have been. My Kimber STII is now my fav since I got rid of the rubber grips and it's now sporting a set of skinny titanium grips. Jim
  12. Went to a bowling pin match Sunday. Took my 610 and Kimber STII in 10mm out. First run was with the 610. 39 seconds trying double action. Second run, single action, 9.6 seconds. The Kimber was next. First run was 9.4 seconds, second was in the teens. Fun, fast shooting! I did hit the registrar 20' behind me with brass on that first run, though There are other pin matches in the area, but most use pin silhouettes and not real bowling pins. Anyone else do this with a 10mm? Jim
  13. Yes, they are gas checked. I thought Mike posted here, too? I currently have Blue Dot, AA #7 and #9. I can pick up other powders, so if anyone has a suggestion I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Jim
  14. Those empties they collect are all sitting in barrels doing nothing. It's waste, fraud, and abuse, and no one calls them on it. Not ONE case they collected has solved a crime. Jim
  15. This is a straight up competition gun. I suspect with full power loads and a compensator this would make double-taps fairly easy and it would definitely make major. I'd get one if I were going Open Class in USPSA. Jim
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