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  1. Bought it to sell? little price gouging going on??....oh well, too each their own....
  2. I bought a M/N 91/30 once and ended up giving the damn thing away at my gun club, piece of crap... I do own a M44 which like other posters have stated it kicks a lot but bearable. It mostly sits in my safe, not even worth shooting but keep it just in case of a rainy day and all hell breaks loose...
  3. I wonder what she did for old Bill Clinton to get him to pardon her old hubby then, I only guess that she did more that just contribute money to the Democratic party. I wonder what some of her dresses looked like.... lol Amusing that the IRS gets after people who owe a couple of thousands in back taxes and old Billy boy pardoned a guy that owed millions... what a crock...
  4. $450 plus a case of ammo for handguns... wow............around $750 .... no thanks..
  5. There is a lot of talk going on right now about that subject, hope one of these days it will happen. But, as you know we live in the State of Minnesota and with some of the people in office, you never know what will happen especially with the goofy Governor we have and his veto..
  6. Minnesota law is that if you enter a place with the no gun signs and you are carrying they have to ask you to leave and if you leave immediately, there is no problem. Also, if you don't leave and they call the cops, it is only a misdemeanor and a fine of $25 and they don't take your gun either.. I carry to all movie theaters and malls and have yet to be asked to leave..
  7. I don't think that militia would like to come after me if I was that person. I have enough ammo for all of them..
  8. Being originally from Texas, I will wear a rebel hat one of these days, just have to pick one up sometime. I could care less what blacks think about it or some liberal white...
  9. If it wasn't for the NRA, Minnesota would not have permits to carry, range law protection, and if it was not for the NRA, we would not have all the states in the U.S. with permits to carry at all. Right now, the National right to carry bill is making its way through congress and I can guarantee the NRA is there in force lobbying all those law makers for it to pass.
  10. If it wasn't for the NRA, we would all be shooting single shot black powder rifles if that was even available. It is the only pro-gun organization with any clout at all.. We would be like England is now. If you can do any better, get out and do it and quit complaining about the NRA...
  11. Oakdale Gun Club is where I shoot, been a member since 1996 and shot there before that even...
  12. Very nice, I only have 2 right now, just sold 1. DPMS Nato Oracle with an EO Tech 512 on it Sabre Defense upper and Spikes lower with open sights... and of course my mini-14 with barrel stabilizer and scope, I think that will take care of my needs..
  13. The upper will work just fine, I just traded for one and it is one of the best deals I have made lately....
  14. jem375

    Worst winter ever

    Same here in Minnesota, it's been a long time since no snow on the ground this time of the year, all the snowmobilers are really mad but I think it will come especially in February and March. All those Southern boys have no idea about how great it is to snowmobile or go ice fishing on the lakes and rivers...
  15. Hey, good price will be coming out there no doubt....
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