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  1. I have given up on this forum. Those of you who are friends who wish to stay in touch should IM me and let me know. I'll check IM a couple times in the near future and then I'll be deleting all records of this forum from my computer. Obviously, there'll be no more .44 Magnum updates on this forum.
  2. You're right. It's Nwatson99s site, not yours and I seam to recall PROTECTING such things as one of this sights missions. None the less, I am taking your advice, at least until he cleans house, should he choose to. Can't say I'll miss this place.
  3. I thought that sort of thing is protected in this forum, not prohibited. In any case, if it's a banable offense, then it should have been listed, and it isn't. So what you're saying is that you banned one of our long-term and productive members because he did something you guys didn't like. Where does it end? if it's an unwritten rule then it's not a rule. You guys are turning this forum in to everything it's founders built it to get away from.
  4. What rule did he break to get banned?
  5. A song I wrote more then a decade ago. Finally got around to putting it online.
  6. I guess it's easier and more socially acceptable to be a complete slime ball rather then a decent human being nowadays. What has happened to this forum? What has happened to this country?
  7. brigadier

    My wife

    Now that's just plain sad man. Vic, you no let that happen!
  8. You may be right about that. I guess it COULD be a matter of "squeakiest wheel gets the grease". I myself have been hassled by a number local cops for minding my own business. In fact, pretty much all of them happened in rout to or from the store. Not sure what the deal is, but this is apparently common. In fact, I don't know anyone over the age of 18, who hasn't been harassed by local police. Even all the elderly people I know have a story or 2. I'm not talking about punks and crack heads. I'm talking about average American family people. But I HAVE met some good cops locally. One took a police report when some druggie took a dump on my friend's car. Very professional. There was also an older fellow who was very friendly. One of the friendliest folks I've met around here. But the only reason I even know he exists is because someone crashed in to his car and nearly killed him in front of me while I was investigating a power outage. I don't go around looking for trouble, and I guess that means that cops without an axe to grind don't bother me. Same for pretty much all my friends. So maybe that's what it is. This is not the first topic I've started about good cops in California. Trust me, I know they exist. I've met them and been friends with a few.
  9. brigadier

    My wife

    I'm really loving this thread. It's nice to see some "happily ever afters" actually happening now and then. Of course, I am not the least bit surprised at who I'm hearing it from. You guys have always been among the most level headed members here. I hope your happily ever after follows you to the end of your days my friends. And squeeze all the air out of her every chance you get. LOL.
  10. I hope everything works out for both of your sakes.
  11. I totally understand her "all or nothing" attitude. Sad story however you look at it.
  12. If my understanding of Japanese name spelling in English is correct, his name is pronounced: "foo-koo-dO-meh" Psywarrior speaks Japanese, so maybe he can set the record straight.
  13. Given the nature of recent threads, I was expecting this to be about the military confiscating an RPG from a soldier's personal possession. Well, I guess that's what it is in a way. LOL. It's amazing what people can and can't live through. Those surgeons had some guts.
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