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  1. I have given up on this forum. Those of you who are friends who wish to stay in touch should IM me and let me know. I'll check IM a couple times in the near future and then I'll be deleting all records of this forum from my computer. Obviously, there'll be no more .44 Magnum updates on this forum.
  2. You're right. It's Nwatson99s site, not yours and I seam to recall PROTECTING such things as one of this sights missions. None the less, I am taking your advice, at least until he cleans house, should he choose to. Can't say I'll miss this place.
  3. I thought that sort of thing is protected in this forum, not prohibited. In any case, if it's a banable offense, then it should have been listed, and it isn't. So what you're saying is that you banned one of our long-term and productive members because he did something you guys didn't like. Where does it end? if it's an unwritten rule then it's not a rule. You guys are turning this forum in to everything it's founders built it to get away from.
  4. What rule did he break to get banned?
  5. A song I wrote more then a decade ago. Finally got around to putting it online.
  6. I guess it's easier and more socially acceptable to be a complete slime ball rather then a decent human being nowadays. What has happened to this forum? What has happened to this country?
  7. brigadier

    My wife

    Now that's just plain sad man. Vic, you no let that happen!
  8. You may be right about that. I guess it COULD be a matter of "squeakiest wheel gets the grease". I myself have been hassled by a number local cops for minding my own business. In fact, pretty much all of them happened in rout to or from the store. Not sure what the deal is, but this is apparently common. In fact, I don't know anyone over the age of 18, who hasn't been harassed by local police. Even all the elderly people I know have a story or 2. I'm not talking about punks and crack heads. I'm talking about average American family people. But I HAVE met some good cops locally. One took a police report when some druggie took a dump on my friend's car. Very professional. There was also an older fellow who was very friendly. One of the friendliest folks I've met around here. But the only reason I even know he exists is because someone crashed in to his car and nearly killed him in front of me while I was investigating a power outage. I don't go around looking for trouble, and I guess that means that cops without an axe to grind don't bother me. Same for pretty much all my friends. So maybe that's what it is. This is not the first topic I've started about good cops in California. Trust me, I know they exist. I've met them and been friends with a few.
  9. brigadier

    My wife

    I'm really loving this thread. It's nice to see some "happily ever afters" actually happening now and then. Of course, I am not the least bit surprised at who I'm hearing it from. You guys have always been among the most level headed members here. I hope your happily ever after follows you to the end of your days my friends. And squeeze all the air out of her every chance you get. LOL.
  10. I hope everything works out for both of your sakes.
  11. I totally understand her "all or nothing" attitude. Sad story however you look at it.
  12. If my understanding of Japanese name spelling in English is correct, his name is pronounced: "foo-koo-dO-meh" Psywarrior speaks Japanese, so maybe he can set the record straight.
  13. Given the nature of recent threads, I was expecting this to be about the military confiscating an RPG from a soldier's personal possession. Well, I guess that's what it is in a way. LOL. It's amazing what people can and can't live through. Those surgeons had some guts.
  14. At the beginning of this movement, some of these open carriers had a legitimate cause for being firm with police and not giving IDs. They did have a genuine point to make and the government got it. But as you would guess, a bunch of nuckleheads jumped on the bandwagon and are continuing to fight a war with police that was over; probably before they even knew OC was legal in California. There is one more thing I can say in Jeremy's defense though. If I was in that exact situation with Officer Lyons and didn't know who he was, I would have been creeped out. I don't know what things are like in Oceanside, but here in Sacramento, you just mention the word "gun" around cops and they go bonkers. Even when watching that video, I was waiting for that punchline where the cop instantly quits acting nice and gives him hell. That's just not the kind of police conduct you usually see around here (though there are exceptions). I can't say I would have handled it the same way as Jeremy, but I DEFINITELY would have had my guard up. Two states east of here and beyond that sort of behavior in cops seams to be normal.
  15. brigadier

    Puter geeks

    I see where you're coming from, but I don't think you're grasping my point. Cultural thinking follows certain patterns. For instance. You may be walking down the road and greaqt someone by saying, "How's it goen." If he replies, "fine, how are you?" then that would be perfectly in line with your and the rest of the world's thinking. If he were to reply, "It appears to me as though things are in good order" then that might wig you out even though you understand what he's saying because it's out of sinc with normal social thinking patterns. Very few people seam to notice, but technology it's self seams to follow a social thinking pattern. Technology outside of it is understandable, but tends to wig people out just the same. Well, I've seen allot of that technology go by the wayside for that very reason, and much of it answers many of today's problems. Regarding computer tech, the opposite issue of what you describe is more common. Take the automobile and steam locomotive for instance. I bet 100% of the people on this thread (aside from myself) believes both were first invented by different people in the 1800s. You'd be wrong. They were actually invented by the same person during Jesus' lifetime! In fact, that one man single-handedly invented the entire industrial revolution. So, why did it all die in it's infancy? In a nutshell, because the Alexandrian government wasn't willing to undertake the headache of gradually replacing slavery with this new technology. In fact, they didn't think they could do it even if they wanted to. So it all got canned. As in, the inventor (Heron) was downright ordered to cease further development when he applied for funding. In hindsight, it appears as though, by taking the trouble to undergo that social change, the modern era could have been born nearly 2000 years ago, the collapse of western civilization might have never happened and we may have had a colony built on Mars by the time of the crusades. I myself have figured out how to completely eliminate the electric company and make energy nearly free. If I explained how it works to you, the first thing you'll tell me is there's no way we'll do that and give me multiple reasons why (and you'll be right. Some of the same issues exist in the computer world. We're too caught up in to a flawed system and no one wants to take the trouble to find out way out of it. It's a transition we can comfortably make over time, but for some reason, no one wants to try.
  16. New picture taken today. Though still very rough, bloated and only partly operational, the mag catch and trigger are finally seated in the gun. Hopefully they'll be operational tomorrow. You guys have no idea how close this gun is. BTW. The trigger has a totally unique feel, and it's unique in a good way. The handling portion still has some tuning to go, but that's mostly aesthetic. What you'll feel in the finished product is more or less done and it's a uniquely good feeling trigger.
  17. Just a quicky. Been working on the trigger and mag catch for the last few days. I've been working mostly on the mag catch flitted bit here and there over the last month, just as a side project while waiting on other things. Admittedly, much, possibly most of this work has been on the drawing board. Both are unconventional designs and tricky to build even by themselves, and the two hold eachother together, which makes it all that much more tricky to pull off. The mag catch in particular has had to be started over more then once. The two are finally together though. Now it's just a matter of making them stay in place, fit and work with everything else. That may not sound like it, but considering how they work and how they were made, that basically just means they need to be tuned up. So, HOPEFULLY by the end of the day, they'll be fully operational. On a side note, the rear sight, which; like the mag catch before, has become a side project, may also get all of it's mechanics done today. I doubt the gun will be done by Friday, but there's a possibility that it will LOOK done by then, or in other words, have everything externally completed, apart from the final tune-up (making it look and feel like a brand new gun) and finish. We're getting VERY close to the live fire test. Wish me luck.
  18. brigadier

    Puter geeks

    Really? That's not what I'm seeing at all. For one, while I DO use CDs, I've been an opponent of them from the beginning. Just too finicky. Secondly, these new hard data devices are nothing new at all. In fact, they predate CDs. What do you think old Nintendo and Atari cartridges were? I am happy to see us going back to that. In hindsight, I can today say that CDs DO have their place in today's world and that their past inception proved necessary, but this has only shifted my view of them from being totally unnecessary to a stepping stone. Now, as far as these boy genius ideas, I am actually not familiar with what you're talking about. My experience is that progression is vastly being slowed down by the oppression of new ideas. I've seen a number of great ideas get thrown away in their infancy simply because of politics or social/cultural barriers. Perhaps that's what you're getting at. Most of the new developments we are seeing isn't anything new or innovative at all. Just swallowing the horse to catch the fly. Imagine for instance if someone were to produce a new computer system that were 100% immune to viruses and pirating and didn't care what sort of programs it ran. I have reason to believe that such a machine is well within our means. Problem is, there's no energy for something like that, so we just keep building up on the flawed technology. It seams to me that our whole society follows a pattern. We construct according to it, entertain ourselves according to it and even think and develop our values according to it. Anything made from thinking and/or doing things outside the box seams to be met with strong disapproval, even though it often answers many of the problems within. We'll eventually get our act together, but you and I will probably die of old age before that happens. I tend to think human nature it's self is going to have to change a little before the world TRULY improves. I guess the good thing about the path we're on is that it will eventually cause that to happen, provided our current path doesn't send us over a cliff first.
  19. Sorry, I didn't laugh. Everything there was either logic I use for real or made me disgusted with my gender. "I could show my girlfriend where I live." That isn't funny. It's very low.
  20. brigadier

    Puter geeks

    The man makes some very good points, and his way of thinking is not isolated. In fact, it seams to be mainstream (my mom's boyfriend owns a computer company and we talk occasionally about the happenings) The problem that I at least am seeing is that the current technology is not as standardized/component based as it needs to be to make a very healthy leap away from CDs, though allot of that has to do, not so much with the availability of technology as much as building technology that protects it's self against copyright infringement according to the laws. The industry DOES seam to be well aware of all this as they appear to be dealing with it. Regarding Star Treak VS Geeks, Star Trek is a bit unique because it implicates ideas that have their real-world values. Speaking as an inventor, you tend to get some of your ideas from the minds who can think up uses but not ways to accomplish and that's precisely the relationship between Star Trek writers and these geeks. Whether or not Star Trek is the actual birthplace of all these ideas is a different story. That all said, believe you me when I say it's ALLOT easier to come up with a cool idea then it is to actually make it work for real. Star Trek seams to be a brilliant work of science fiction, but the ones who REALLY hold my utmost regard are those who are transforming science fiction in to reality. BTW. I got the ideas of two of my gun related inventions from video games.
  21. The world is preparing for a bright future that most of us will never see.
  22. Hay Vic. You're a smart guy. Read between the lines and the above will tell you everything. BTW. How is everything in Japan right now. How are the locals doing? Weather? Local happenings? etc.? Also, anything interesting happening on your ship or in personal life?
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