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  1. Strange thing felt recoil is!! Thanks for the info I guess less recoil can be a good thing.
  2. Does anybody know the velocity of PMC's 170g JHP? Is this any good. I bought a box of 50 and shot a few of them and was rather dissapointed. It felt like it was wattered down the 200g blaser ammo felt like it was a hotter load. I was looking for a full powerhouse load and I bought these. I am sure they will work but I am glad I hung on to the 180g Buffalo bore Gold dots that I had loaded into it. Thanks
  3. Just wanted to let everybody know it is very possiable to get a double charge with a progressive press and share my experence for new reloaders and veterins that this has not happend to. I am using a Hornady Progressive which has served me well. Here is what I did while reloading 10mm ammo I raised the ram all the way into the up position lowered it maby an inch something distracted me and I dont know why i did it but I pressed the lever all the way down raising the ram back to the top. This effectivly caused a double charge. Fortunately for me I was using Blue Dot and 9.6g of powder so i had spillage and the mistake was quickly noticed. Had I been using a powder that takes up less volume I could have very easily injured myself or somebody else at the range. Paying Attention is the most important thing in reloading. I ended my reloading session and called it a night.
  4. Two reasons one My gunshop that carries reloading supplies pretty much only carries CCII could get different ones if I ordered them off the internet or drove 2 hours to get them. Second I have never had a problem with them. I have thought of trying others to see how well the work maby I will take that 4 hour round trip :(
  5. Ok I have been using the following load: 10mm 180g XTP with 9.6g of blue dot and CCI 300 primers and what ever brass. I have 1100 180g XTP's and no primers. My local supplier does not have the CCI300's instock and all thay have in larg pistol primers at this time are CCI 350's. I would definately have to reduice the load and work up again. Are CCI 350's too hot for Blue Dot?
  6. So have any of you actually hunted with a 10mm? I am going on a hog hunt in mid march. I am planning on bringing my G20. If i get the chance I am planning on stoneing one with it. I know with a head or neck shot it is going to flop what about a shoulder shot on a big hog? Stupid Idea? Or do able? I am trying to decide if I would be better off with 200g XTP's or Something like 200g BTB or FMJ with a wide meplant? Any recomendations would be much appriciated from those with experence Thanks!!
  7. Do you have a plan of action to defend your home or self during a home invasion? My basic plan because it is just me and my better half. We both have handguns in our nightstands and cellphones on top. If we are together we grab handguns first the cell phones quickly get into closet where shotgun is mounted on wall with push button access code. one of us mostlikely her calls 911 while the other retreves the shotgun. My closet is big we position ourselves out of direct view in the closet if the door opens the asailant meats Mr Shottie. IF she shoots than she shoots. From there we secure our room and takeing concealment in a position that gives us a clear view of the bedroom door. The idea protect the bedroom. I dont care if they clean out my house and never come into my bedroom. I will wate madder than hell that they are cleaning me out but to me it is not worth my life to attack. This is ofcourse a wake up in the middle of the night type senario and I dont have kids. If i had kids I would attack while she hopefully call the police and wated in the closet, but I think she would follow me right out the door or push me out of the way.
  8. Remington, Mossberg, Winchester. I use to use a Mossberg I now use remingtons. The action bar release and the saftey are in different locations my department uses remingtons. It is true you react to your training. During a qualification I screwed up and could not quickly locate the safety on the remington because I was so use to the Mossberg. I almost had to requal.
  9. I got tired of the musshy click and feal of the trigger Swithced it to a Ghost Rocket now the trigger is nice It took a while to get it right but I got it. It took me a while to get it fitted right. I did the so called .25 trigger job and the trigger is just like I want it.
  10. how would you rate the quality of the loan wolf slides? I think I might buy a G21 slide and use it on my G20 fraim so i can shoot .45acp. I was thinking about purchasing a G21 but it would be a cheaper to purchase the slide insted of the whole gun right? or is the savings not worth it?
  11. Before you read this this is not ment to generate a pissing contest I just want peoples opinions. Why would you want a 10mm in a revolver rather than a 41 magnum? It seams to me that the .41 magnum would be much more versital. I totaly understand if some one is a 10mm fan and just wants one but from a practical stand point wouldent the .41 mag if in a revolver platform make more sence? Also what is the largest game you would hunt with a .41 magnum? thanks
  12. I have a G20 that I use as a multipurpose gun. It has found its way into becomming my GoTo gun. It goes to the woods with me as a back up. It sleeps in the nightstand and gets carried often if dress will allow it. If everything works out right i am going to use it for some close range piggy shooting. I still dont trust myself with it beyond 20-25 yards or so heck I sould say more like 15yds. Any way my dealer changed out the factory connector to a 3.5.b ghost connector. It is the same as the one in my 26. When I got home I compared the two triggers the one in the 26 felt way smoother and lighter. Second thing I noticed on the trigger reset with the 26 there was a quite audiable sharp clicking sound upon reset. Which it has always sounded that way. The origional connector for the G20 and the 26 both make the quite audiable sharp click. The G20 with the after market one kinda makes a dull soft click. it is also noticeable with my trigger finger. Just to make sure I was not going crazy I reinstalled the origional connector in the 20 and it makd the sharp click. Next thing I noticed The 3.5lb connector in the 26 has a minus sign on it the 3.5lb connector in the 20 does not it looks like a factory one other than the finish is a little nicer and it is stampped ghostinc. I am hopeing this is the right peace. The trigger pull is noticeable lighter with the unmarked ghost connector. I got out the stones and the metel polish and smoothed things up a little bit and the trigger feals better now but i am concerned about the trigger reset. Also If this is the right part I think I want to lighten the trigger up a little more but just a tad. If I change the trigger spring out to a lighter one how low can I go safely? Thanks
  13. The sights are factory night sights they are tight. How do i check the barrel fit? the barrel is pretty much flush with the opening of the slide. I removed the upper and I placed my finger over the muzzel and tried to wiggle the barrel. The barrel moved but the movement was so minute that i think it is irrelivent. Should it not move at all? Next week I think I am going to shoot it from a rest and see what happens.
  14. So I have been looking into getting another upper for my AR in something other than .223. have been looking into a Alexander Arms 50 beawolf it seams like it would be real fun but the ammo is way limited and i think only starline makes the brass. I think It would make a great hog thumper. However i noticed that Oly arms makes a 10mm upper that I can get cheaper. Does anybody have one of these? I want to know how well it works. Also are any of the parts interchangeable or are they all specific to that upper?
  15. I need a recipie for a real light 10mm load, but not light enough where I will be afraid of a squib. I dont care what bullet weight I am having an accuracy problem with my 10mm. The gun is a G20 The only modification to it is the guide rod and spring however I am experenceing the same problems with the factory guide rod. At 7 yards i get a 3 inch hole at 25 yards i am luckey to get 2 out of 5 on the paper of a silhouette that sucks!! I have been shooting mostly medium hot to hot loads. Buffalo bore and my reloads 9.6gr of Blue dot with a 180g pill. My hope is to correct my problem by working my way up through the power level. Also to prove to myself that it is me and not the gun. Which I know it is. Also i want to start realy focusing on training my left hand. I use to be realy good with my week hand but not now. I am in the process of getting an aftermarket barrel so led pills are OK. Help!
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