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  1. Desertrat

    Will the 10mm ever become pratical?

    I have had a 10mm gun since they first came out....I was always surprised at the "up and down" supply of ammo, and the popularity.....go to a gun shop and the word is "ohhhhh....this caliber will never really catch on.....ohhhh...the ammo is always tough for us to get....blah....blah.....blahh......" I reload for it....and have always enjoyed it as much as my other revolvers and pistols.....more people need to be aware of its capabilities, the mfr's need to put a few more toys on the market and stand behind them.
  2. Desertrat

    10mm Virgin

    they are surely the big boy on the block as semi-autos go.....I have not shot mine in awhile but the G20 is always in the night stand.
  3. Desertrat

    .22LR Pistols

    Ruger Single Six is an excellent and rugged shooter....I have the .22mag cylinder with mine and it is a 9.5 inch barrel....I always take it out to the desert shooting spot with me....have taken several coyotes with it.
  4. Desertrat

    glock lovers

    I have two, G19 and G20......use and carry them both regularly.
  5. Desertrat

    Defense ammo

    I use Cor Bon in my G19, Hydra Shock in my G20 and Speer Gold dot in the revolvers.
  6. Desertrat

    SHTF Handgun Ammo

    I am good on .22 LR and .22 Mag.....but need to stock a lot more 9, 10mm and more .38 and .357mag. Shotgun ammo I got coming out my ears.
  7. Desertrat

    Texan With 12 guage

    Good for him......the bastiages get what they deserve!!!
  8. I have no complaints with the factory night sights on my G19 and I have Heinie on some of my other pistols.
  9. Desertrat

    Went over to the Dark Side

    Welcome to the Dark Side....you will warm up to it more and more....I have been "plastic" for quite awhile.
  10. Just my Glock 20, but I will be adding to that soon.