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  1. I've lost 3 from cancer caused by chemical exposure or radiation exposure from the days before the mid 80's. Having been at 0 life signs and wake up from it w/o medical I have had my faith God reinforced.
  2. Well sorry to hear your in a pickle too, so good luck to you. Doctor told me last week that I still can't shoot rifles including 22 or large caliber handguns due to CHEMO port that could be there 5 years or even more so I'm stuck with my S&W Victory 22 till I can get down the two steps to back deck. I sent Keith and email at DW this morning and told him that if I am allowed by cancer doctor next year sometime I'm ordering a 38 Super pliinker in duty coat, HV sights, beavertail, bobtail, no seriations, not sure even if I would do checkering on grips, standard hammer and trigger I guess unless required for tuning for internals. Well I wanted to get out on front porch to plink with S&W 22 Victory with suppressor, only door I can use walker to get out of house, but it was in the mid 90's by time sun was off front porch. Also I keep having the little notification on tray keep notifying me of new postings here? Even though I have no info stored but I know that nothing is ever deleted if enter on a computer, I just can't stand the idea some local guy reading my files if he likes.
  3. Well sorry to hear your in a pickle too, so good luck to you. Doctor told me last week that I still can't shoot rifles including 22 or large caliber handguns due to CHEMO port that could be there 5 years or even more so I'm stuck with my S&W Victory 22 till I can get down the two steps to back deck.
  4. Thanks JM, I'm sure I will. Positive attitude is a must. Do you shoot that beautiful rig??? I'd be scared to take it out of gun safe.
  5. I can't believe I just tried to post some info here and it disappeared do to my sorry old laptop that was updated eventually by Win 10, IIRC it's about 8 years old I guess and it may be used for target practice when I'm up and around after last CHEMO in a week or two and by a new Apple. I will post same picture here I sent bambihunter and hope it works. Well crap not it won't upload picture but only to my files.
  6. Keith at DW says the 38 Super is still 1 of 1 even though it is second of the two in the series. That surprised me and the gun would be minimum of $1875 for basic RZ, not counting all custom parts and things like slots for slide pull back or checkering that mine has. He doesn't remember how my gun was optioned and neither do I. Sorry thing is if he buys gun he probably won't want the ammo for cost of the new Starline brass as most is unfired, but he would get 10 to 12 new magazines and at least 2 or DW others are Colt and MagCar and were used in KImber, Colt, RIA I had. What was real funny was I tried
  7. Selling it has nothing to do with Cancer as I've considered it long before cancer, thanks to arthritis getting worse and now 74 and not the tough 6'5" 250lb man I was. The 10mm hasn't been shot in at least 3 or 4 years, but kept in rug and oiled instead of plastic box it came in. Also each have 3 sets of grips, factory, VZ for shooting and African Buffalo Horn. I no longer have used a picture site for several years, so any pic's would have to come by email or text when in cell range going into town. I have about 1000 rounds of ammo for 10mm +/- 500 or so and a few are factory rounds I think, most are target type but all are in containers marked as to bullet brand, type, and weight, powder and weight, case brand name and times fired if any. Mostly new unfired Starline brass. Some of the loads are real hot for S&W 1006 which IMHO are much stronger then a 1911, other then weird Springfield 1911 built years ago similar to BHP but were 6" target and hunting guns and larger frame then 1911 best I remember. Wish I hadn't sold that Springfield.
  8. Well I figured out PM I think, but can't tell if it went through. Maybe a CHEMO brain thing...one more treatment on 17 Oct to maybe have it beat (70% chance) even though tumor is gone.
  9. Just figured out it was slow internet or computer. You will have PM in a few minutes.
  10. I have two custom RZ Bobtails' hand built by Keith at DW, one before the plant fire and one finished after RZBT0001 & 2, but 2 is a 38Super. Safe queens 01 has 50 to 75 rounds fired and 02 25 or 30 rounds and thinking about selling. Bet it would take about $3000 to buy new if they were allowed by CZ.....their custom work for individuals no longer allowed by CZ except for CZ/DW teams. I had a friend that's shot in competition that had all 9 rounds connected in the black and tried to buy it twice in next couple of months. Loved the 38 Super due almost no recoil and flat shooter. Even my CCW is a DW Guardian 38 Super.
  11. Well I guess that shows quality of Remington brass I was using, they were perfect fit for the factory TC target ammo. Normally I only use Starline brass, but have bought some of the Rem at a sale because they were NP and almost as cheap as I could reload. I hand prime and always know when I have high primers because they either drag coming out of the primer tool or just won't come out, and I hate having that happening cause it worry's me that I'll pop one in my face. Also have some loaded in 44 magnum that hasn't been shot yet and they be perfect once fired by me reloaded Remington brass and no high primers. Now we are only talking a few thousandths so maybe reaming pocket was cause, got me wondering now.
  12. Yes Vee-Kay is quite right, #9 is best with magnum primer, but so are several other powders. I have used both LP magnum and large rifle primers in 10mm quite a bit with excellent results, only real problem with LR primers is the harder hit required for detonation but I never had that problem with any of the magnum or LR primers including the 50 I loaded with LR Magnum primers. But none of these loads were hot PD loads just target/plinking loads so they were not loaded hot. Found most of this out due to the shortage we were in at the time. I have been using SR magnum primers in 357 and SR primers in my 38 Super loads that I shoot more the 357 or 10mm combined.
  13. Well I would be using that Norma stuff for plinking or range training and keep their excellent brass for reloading. And for sure I would stiff some sucker for the Winchester BT since I load a better round myself.
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