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  1. I bough this barrel last year and do not use it enough to justify keeping it. This is a 16" semi-auto barrel chambered in 10mm. There is no rust or pitting anywhere on it and the only marks are from installing and removing the barrel. I am asking $185/ shipped for this item and I will accept either money orders or PayPal as a "gift" for payment and will ship it via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. As usual, the first person to post "I'll take it" is considered the buyer. This item is cross posted on other boards so do not wait too long if you want it.
  2. I just saw a M1 Carbine on Gunbroker that had been converted to 45 Winchester Magnum, so how much harder can it be to convert one to 10mm Magnum.
  3. I can not use this anymore at our local range, so I am looking to find it a new home. This is a Pact professional Chronograph that comes with the built-in ballistic computer and has undamaged sky-screens.This item will ship in a long box ( to fit the rails) and I will ship it via UPS. My asking price for this item is $125/shipped, Payment methods accepted will be money orders,personal checks( must wait three business days for it to clear) or PayPal as a "gift". If anyone has any questions,please ask andI will do my best to answer them in a timely fashion. As usual. the first person to post "I'll take it" gets this item.
  4. I feel that with no new M1 carbines being made, it would be a waste to convert a valuable carbine into a 10mm rifle, After all AR-15 receivers are a dime-a dozen.
  5. That is the best thing I have seen all week! I may have to think about that as another use for my RCBS rock chucker press. I think this warrants more research.
  6. Are you saying that Underwood will use your once-fired brass to make ammunition for you? I went to their website and could not find any mention of such a service. But, that sounds like a winning combination to me! I easily have 500+ pieces of 10mm brass just sitting here waiting to be loaded up.
  7. Promag is now making 20 round 45 ACP magazines for the Uzi! I am going to order a few and see how well they work. This is good news for all those who want to utilize those magazines for conversions, and of course for Uzi owners. http://www.promagindustries.com/ProductDet...ductCode=UZI-A1
  8. Sounds like a keeper to me! Now you need to load up about a 1000 for your backup stash and about 1000 more for your primary!
  9. I was wondering that with all this talk of 10mm AR-15 rifles, is there a way of modifying the magazines used in the 10mm MP5 to work in the Ar-15 lowers made to use the grease gun magazines? They should already have the proper bullet angle and feed lip design, so f it were possible, it should work flawlessly.
  10. Is not the good old 44/40 cartridge in it's original loading a ballistic twin of the 10mm with a 200 grain bullet? Why reinvent the wheel? What you want is already out there.
  11. If you like those numbers you would love the ones I got out of my sixteen inch 10mm Uzi! I also plan on adding a ten inch 10mm barrel to my collection as well. A 135 grain bullet loaded over Power Pistol gave me almost 1700 FPS!
  12. I have and the ones I have hold and feed 10mm rounds, just not as securely as I would prefer. Sometimes it helps to pinch in the feed lips a little to improve retention. I had that done to some of my Grease gun magazines and they work just fine.
  13. I wish I could have called for one! I would have preferred it if he had lost his left kidney , spleen and six feet of intestine instead of me. and he could have kept the scars as well. The upside is, two weeks in a chemically induced coma does wonders for a weight loss regimen and gets you on the evening news as well!
  14. Believe it or not, the worst time for me was when I was not even working in or for a club. I had a friend whose family had opened up a grocery store in a bad neighborhood, and needed my help. Foolish me said yes, without asking what happened to the last guy ( he had gotten stabbed). I worked therre for about three years until one sunday About 9:30 A.M, I noticed a suspicious looking man standing real close to a scared-looking senior citizen trying to cash a check.I asked her if she needed help, because i thought something was wrong, andI noticed that this scumbag had the outline of a gun in his pocket! This P.O.S then tried totell me to "back off and mind my own business". This lead to me trapping his gun hand inside his jacket, supposedly limiting his ability to use his weapon.However the "gun in his pocket was a fake and the real gun was in his other pocket! He then pulled his other hand free and fired three quick shots at point-blank range. Hitting me twice in the stomach with the third shot hitting the store manger in the leg. This really pissed me off, but despie the burning pain of the two gunshots,I wrestled him down to the ground, and we fought over the gun,I remember thinking "this arse has a Glock like mine!" I then reached up after we put for holes in the ceiling and hit the mag release to deprive him of extra ammunition.I finished the disarm and proceeded to pistol-whip him with his own gun. He managed to get up and make a break for the door.Believe it or not,an employee head me say" take this with you." and this part is on video. I sat up and fired the last round in the pistol at him, striking him in his leg . ThenI stood up and drew my cold steel folding knife and tried to go after him. That is when another employee tackeled me and held me down.I also need to point out that somebody came along and kicked the gun out of my hand and took it with them B(probably an accomplice). But all that is nothing compared to what the hospital did to me to save my life. (TO BE CONTINUED AT A LATER DATE.")
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