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  1. A 10mm on Slim-Fast!
  2. davek


    Would you consider adopting me? I'm only 716 months old!
  3. davek


    Hmm, no box, no papers, no original grips, no original sights, right? I'd guess you'd get $2500, but the only way to no for sure is to auction it off. I wish I could find one for $625.
  4. Here's just a link: https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/t31.0-8/10582869_762368550505152_4057657310810737603_o.jpg
  5. I may have to finally break down and buy a Glock!
  6. Factory Glock barrels aren't rifled either, they use a polygonal bore - no sharp cutting edges like lands and grooves. I've never heard of anything like this either, does sound like CYA.
  7. Maybe ExtremeShock ammo? http://www.theboxotruth.com/the-box-o-truth-23-extremeshock-ammo-and-the-box-o-truth/
  8. They'll be stainless steel instead of aluminum alloy.
  9. I see the Para Elite LS 10mm listings in Gunbroker - has anyone bought one?
  10. http://www.cylinder-slide.com/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=catshow&ref=SWAUTOPARTS9&sid=9b75qlk6iddr3g3p660vchy7d8dx98vk
  11. Replacing the mag springs with ones from Wolff has always fixed this type of problem for me.
  12. Yup, I found that out and put some Ahrend's on it instead. I recommend them.
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