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  1. Just to close the loop on this one I rented a reamer and increased the head space until the bolt closed on the GO gage. The short chamber was the cause for difficult bolt opening after the failure to fire. I think this was also the reason for short stroking. If you ever need to do this make sure you have the correct head space gages for your caliber because there is a difference between .223 and 5.56 in this respect. Thanks to all who offered suggestions. PTF
  2. Got the head space gages today. The bolt does not close on the no-go. This gage is extracted and ejected by pulling the charging handle back. The bolt will not quite close on the go gage either and it does not feel like the extractor is catching the gage rim. This gage does not extract or eject when the bolt is cycled. The bolt closes on fired cases and sized cases. Can I expect this barrel to wear in to an acceptable head space or should I be looking for a new bolt? PTF
  3. All parts are milspec and no anti rotation pins. The retaining pin on the safety selector was not contacting the selector barrel which allowed the selector to rotate freely. I just fixed this by drilling the hole a little deeper. Could selector rotation under recoil cause the hammer/trigger not to reset properly? PTF
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I have a couple of issues to correct with this reciever while I have it apart so it will be a week or so before I get everything back together. I got the buffer retaining pin hole in the correct location last night and I will get head space gages today. It is a standard A2 butt stock and I am using a rifle buffer spring. The only time the charging handle sticks is after a FTF. Otherwise it works fine. Nothing but CLP used on this gun so far. More to come. PTF
  5. This has probably been discussed but I don't have enough posts to use the search function yet. My first AR build and I have a reliability issue. After the first shot the hammer falls on a new round but no BOOM. The charging handle is sometimes difficult to pull back and the primer shows a light hit. I know the bolt is going home since I removed the buffer retaining pin and the FA does not move the bolt. Rechamber the same round and it usually goes off but not always. The most rounds I have been able to fire without a failure to fire is 5. Any suggestions will be greatly apprciated. PTF
  6. Sorry it took so long to get back but the issue is resolved. To answer your question I use a short (2") steel square. Holding the square against the barrel shoulder( where the GB rests ) I scribed a line through the centerline of the gas port on the barrel. The hole in the GB was correct so I was able to determine how much the hole in the GB needed to be opened up to be over the gas port in the barrel. It turned out to be a little more than half the hole diameter. Since I opened the GB hole I have had no issues with short stroking. Thanks to everyone for the help on this problem and please stay tuned for my next issue, light primer strikes. PTF
  7. Took the barrel nut off and there is no play between the receiver and barrel extension alignment pin. I decided not to work the slot thinking this might create problems with bolt/barrel locking lug alignment. I checked the hole alignment in the GB with a couple of machinist squares. These holes are all on the same axis and perpendicular to the rail flat. It looks to me that the gas port hole is off location so I will open the inlet hole on the GB and see how it works. I will let you know when I get it back together. Thanks again for all the help. PTF
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I had a little time to work on this over the weekend. I took the GB off and confirmed the two holes are in correct position. On to the barrel/reciever. Looking from the muzzle to the receiver the gas port hole is at 11:59 rather than 12:00. The barrel extension receiver fit was tight when I put them together so I don't think the barrel is canted. It would seem that overtorqueing the barrel nut would position the gas port past 12:00 so I don't think this it the problem. I only got to 42# torque anyway. So this leaves me with the gas port hole actually being off location or the slot in the receiver being off location. I will take the barrel nut off tonight to confirm this. I see two possible solutions, opening the gas port hole in the GB or opening the slot in the receiver to allow the barrel to rotate into the 12:00 position. The latter seems like the better fix. If I am missing something please let me know so I don't ruin any of this hard to get hardware. PTF
  9. Is it possible for the barrel to be canted if the alignment pin on the barrel extension is tight in the upper alignment slot? I took it on faith that those features were in the correct position when I assembled the upper. I will double check this weekend. I also had not considered the rail might be off location with the gas block hole. I will check this also and get back. Thanks for the help! PTF
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and have just completed my first AR in .223. I have a YHM gas block with the short rail on top. I lined up the hole in the GB with the hole on the barrel (scibed line) and the rail is a little off horizontal. The gun seems to function OK with the few round I have put through. My question is can I enlarge the opening of the hole in the GB so the GB can be rotated to horizontal or am I looking for trouble. Any other ideas on how to handle this would be appreciated. PTF
  11. Hi everyone, New to this forum and just put together my first AR. Assembled the GB as above and had short stroke problem. Removed the GB and scribed a line on the barrel through the gas port and reinstalled the GB on the line. This fixed the short stroke problem but the rail on top of the GB is off horizontal a little. I was thinking of opening the gas port hole in the GB enough to rotate the GB back to horizontal. Can I get enough gas flow for reliable function if I do this? any suggetions will be appreciated. PTF
  12. Hi everyone, The rear stud on the ejector in my Delta Elite is a little loose. The front stud is tight. Would this be contributing to my erratic ejection? I was thinking of trying to peen the stud for a tighter fit. Any suggestions? PTF
  13. Hi everyone, I am new to this group and have enjoyed the wealth of information here. A question on the Caspian frame configuraton for this build. What ramp angle did you start with and did it need to be modified? I have two officer frames, both with .45 ramps. I would like to use one for a CCO 10mm if possible. PTF
  14. Hi Everyone, I found this group last week and just joined today. I have had a Colt Delta Elite for several years but only recently started reloading for it. I have the Redding turret press and I agree with Razor that it is a great machine. I have had the Lee turret and there is no comparison. Lyman makes a drop though expander die that will allow any powder measure to be mounted. With this and the priming system I can load 100 rounds in about 1/2 hour including the priming operation. I would also recomment the Lee factory crimp die. PTF
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