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  1. Roger

    G 20 Experience

    10mm is the intelligent shooters cartridge. Everything else is for .....well.....less intelligent people. :vba0829:
  2. Roger

    Need Professional Opinions!

    I haven't see any beat up Glocks. I've had them since the 17 first came out. Every caliber but 45 GAP. My first G20 had somewhere around 6000 rounds through it before I traded it in a moment of weakness. I always used the stock spring. Damn fine pistols, all of them.
  3. Roger

    I finally got one!!!

    Don't know about the guide rod, but you are going to love your G20. It will do anything the 21 can do, and a lot more.
  4. Roger

    Need Professional Opinions!

    sorry, double post
  5. Roger

    Need Professional Opinions!

    The stock spring works just fine.
  6. Roger

    Need Professional Opinions!

    I don't know why anyone would use a heavier spring. The G20 was designed as a 10mm. Heavier springs make the slide slam back faster, and therefore any "bashing" is actually accelerated.
  7. Roger


    I love my Glocks, but they'll never win any beauty contests. Here is how you make them real ugly. Could that rail look any goofier? p.s. I have no idea why my pics get all squished.......
  8. Roger

    Glock 20 Mod

    It still does it. :why:
  9. Roger

    Glock 20 Mod

    I don't know why my pic is "squished". Its only 500 pixels wide. Any ideas? I'll try a smaller pic...
  10. Roger

    CCW G20

    I've carried mine IWB for many years. All I need is an untucked shirt over it. Preferably dark or mixed colors. I can conceal it just as easily as a 1911. You will find that a certain holster will work best for you. It may take some experimentation. The key for me, is keeping the butt tight to my side. That keeps the profile nice and close to my body. Its not so much the thickness as it is the butt sticking out and waving around.
  11. Roger

    IWB Holsters

    Any IWB that does not add thickness, is what I recommend. The G20 is a fat pistol, so if the snaps or loops are away from the pistol, it will not increase the thickness. The VersaMax two is like that. So is the Watch Six, and many copies of them by other manufacturers.
  12. Roger

    Ammo Shortage

    It's just like gas. They take ANY reason that ops up, EXAGGERATE IT, and then boost prices. I believe it is mostly profiteering.
  13. Roger

    CCW G20

    I carry mine in a cheap IWB made by Orca. I carry it daily and never have any trouble with being "made" or with comfort. I'm 6 feet, 185 pounds.
  14. Here is my G20 after removing the finger grooves and giving it a 360 degree stippling of the grip. Amazing difference in the handling characteristics.