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  1. seagiant

    WTB RCBS Green Machine Reloader

    Hi, Still looking,also interested in any CH Auto Champs!
  2. Hi, Looking for one of these in 9MM or 45 acp Thanks
  3. Hi, Well if they did not have a spent case I wonder if they were also looking for HK USP 40 S&W ??? Go figure!
  4. Hi, Well I'm just guessing because I don't know but I seriously doubt the ATF was even involved. The police just probably called every gun dealer and just asked!
  5. Hi, Well I stand corrected! I have always assumed that the form went to a state run agency at the capitol and was kept there. Thanks
  6. Hi, Where do you think that yellow form,with your and the guns info goes to when it leaves the gun shop!!!
  7. Hi, In the state of Florida when you buy a weapon you have to clear in Tallahassee the capitol, on the purchase. This is not regestration but leaves a purchase trail between FFL dealers and the state!
  8. Hi, WOW! Tough audiance around here! The detective didn't tell me and I didn't ask,I just thought it was interesting that they would try to track down 10mm glocks that were sold in the county. As to how they knew it was a model 20 instead of a 22(40 S&W) is a good question. I was sort of hoping maybe a retired LEO on the forum here could tell us? Sorry for not having all the answers but there are certain things in this world that I will lnot bother them if they don't bother me,like hurricanes,the IRS and police detectives! Ha! This has nothing to do with me as I was in Hawaii and my pistol was in my gun safe,as to my barrels they are in my possession also as when I carry my Glock 20 the factory barrel is put back in. I was just curios how they could tell the difference! Sorry about my story telling_go rent a movie!!!
  9. Hi, Thought I would tell everyone about an incident I had. I am a Merchant Marine and at the time was working around the Hawaiian Islands. My wife told me that a Detective had called me at home and left his number for me to call him which I did of course. He wanted to know if I still owned a Glock mod. 20 that I had bought new from the local gun shop. I told him that I still owned it and it was a very nice pistol. He replied that it was a very unique pistol! It seems someone was caught on the wrong end of one I guess! I did not mention that I keep a LW barrel in mine. I don't know how the LEO's deal with after market barrels in evidence?
  10. Hi, I'm looking at getting the Safariland ALS kevlar holster for my Glock 20 and cannot decide on which type. The paddle type will easily mount onto any type of pants you are wearing belt or not. I also would like to shoot some IDPA with this rig as my pistol is set up with a LW barrel and I reload. Any suggestions or experience with this is appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hi, After trying to use the OEM barrel on my Glock 20.I finally decided after sizing my first fired brass that although I noticed no heavy leading,that the "over blown out" brass was going to be a major problem. Wanting to reload and utilize my 10mm brass as much as possible,I would be pound wise and penny foolish not to buy an after-market barrel. After looking at some different options,I was lucky that LWD had just got in a fresh shipment of new barrels,I ordered and 3 days later,I have it. This is a great looking barrel! I have heard that these barrels are from China,but after looking this over, I don't believe it! The workmanship looks top-notch and the barrel drops right in no problem. While the chamber is without a doubt a lot tighter than the OEM barrel,I would not say it is to tight. All of this is just observation and hand cycling some ammo through the pistol. I hope to shoot it soon. I noticed that there is no rounding at the edges of the chamber like there is on the Glock barrel and most of you're 1911 barrels. That is something that can be taken care if need be, but I want to try it just dropped into the gun to see how it functions with my taper crimped reloads! If any one else is using this barrel I would like to hear you're thoughts!
  12. Hi, I would like to see if anyone has a 10mm conversion kit for the Dillion 550 they don't need. This should come in a blue plastic holder and contain 3 buttons a shellholder plate and a insert for the powder measure. Thanks!
  13. seagiant

    MP 5 10mm Federal Brass

    Hi Shadow, Thanks for the info. I have so far only found one split case in 2000 rds. I did have a few small primer cases also. I do not think I will load these quite as hot as my Starline brass,ie max load by the book,but will tone them down a little for range plinking loads. I measured a raw case diamater and then again after resizing and there was a .010 difference. My LWD barrel is in the mail on it's way so I'm hoping with that barrel in my Glock,I can get a few loadings out of this brass!