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  1. Hey I took it like I read it and it appears others read it the same way.
  2. Did they charge your credit card? The facts are, S&W had a huge response to their free mag rebate. They ran out of mags and were filling orders that came in before yours. That's just life. Why is your order of higher priority than some one elses? Unless your expecting them to provide you free mags because of your complaint, not gonna happen, I'd either place another order, (if you still need the mags) or move on.
  3. S&W engineering changes are reflected as -#'s such as 610-1, 610-2, etc. The S&W Model 610 was introduced in 1989 with either a 5" or 6.5" full lug barrel and fluted cylnder. Production lasted until 1992. In 1998 S&W reintroduced the Model 610 as the 610-1 with 6.5"bbl, unfluted cylinder, new rear sight leaf and a frame drilled and tapped for scope mounting. Also in 1998 they introduced the 610-2 which had a new frame that eliminated the cylinder stop and serrated tang as well as new lockwork and MIM hammer and trigger. In 2002 they went to the 610-3 which reflected the additon of the internal lock. As an example my 610-2 was one of 300 made in 1999 for Lew Horton Distributors and has a 3"bbl. The barrel length is due to the special order placed by Lew Horton (S&W product code 148120) and not the -2 engineering designation. The 610 Classic Hunter and 610 10mm Classic are also -2 guns though they are entirely different with regards to bbl length, triggers and front and rear sights. HTH
  4. No, it's unlined, just the rough out side of the leather. When I ordered I called and told them what I was looking for as far as a 3", full lug, N frame. I'd have liked to had it made without the flutes for the cylinder however that would probably not allow my 2.5" 25-14 to fit it as well. Give O'Rourke a call. He's wonderful to deal with and considering the quality and the fact that shipping is included in the price you just about can't go wrong.
  5. Here's a nice little holster I ordered for my 3" 610-2 J.W O'Rourke for $65 delivered. http://www.gun-holsters.com/ J.W. is a great guy to deal with and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
  6. CDNN Investments has G29 mags for $9.99ea. Their latest catalog calls them "flat bottom" mags??? http://cdnninvestments.com/glock.html Also G20 mags, LE marked for $14.99 http://cdnninvestments.com/lemaforciuse.html
  7. Yes and no. Graf & Sons .40 cal, 180gr Berry bullets. Delivered to my zip code. 100pcs = $18.39 500pcs = $70.48 1000pcs = $129.51 Midway USA .40 cal, 180gr Rainer bullets. Delivered to my zip code. 100pcs = $27.88 500pcs = $72.36 1000pcs = $126.60 (out of stock) For my zip code I would $2.91 only on the 1000pcs order from Midway which is out of stock at the moment. The nice thing about Graf & Sons is if I added more stuff to the order it doesn't increase the shipping which it does at Midway
  8. Oh, OK. Thank you. Didn't realize there were plated. I've heard something similar just didn't didn't realize that's what these were. For the price, (IIRC Graf & Sons includes S/H in ther price) I might give them a try
  9. Thank you. What happens if you pass 1200fps?
  10. Pretty good price on these. Anyone have any experience with them? Would be looking to work up some practive loads for my G29 and 3", S&W 610. http://www.grafs.com/product/184713
  11. Read the description. "factory restored" "recoil reducing orange grips" "tasco aimpoint 50mm reddot" "aluminum scope mount" I guess they just decided not to post pics of everything they are including but what does "factory restored" mean with regards to a custom gun? Was it restored by S&W? If so why? Do they mean S&W reamed the cylinder? Where are the orange grips? As far as the ammo goes without specific knowledge of who loaded it and how it was loaded I'd consider it as components only.
  12. Thanks. This one is actually marked at $895.00 not $850 as I originally was told. Figure $935 with tax. Too high for a used gun I'd say.
  13. Thanks. A friend of mine called to tell me he saw this one in a local shop for $850 IIRC. Might come down, might not. Any opinion on this particualr Kimber as far as performance, etc?
  14. What's the going rate for a Kimber Stainles Target II, 10mm, excellent conditioin with two mags, no box? TIA
  15. I ordered the guide rod/spring combo, 21# spring http://www.doubletapammo.com/php/catalog/p...;products_id=90
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