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  1. KKM 10mm Ramped barrel, Wilson/Nowlin, Bushing barrel
  2. Bushing barrel. I also have an EGW angle bore bushing.
  3. I have a KKM .40 barrel that has been converted to 10mm. Pics available. Was fit to a .40 2011 that I built, fired less than 200, then converted to 10mm. Fit was very tight. $75 want2race@hotmail.com
  4. The 10mm uses the same slide as the .40. STI .40 converted (or built) to 10mm would be twice the gun that a Para would be. I'm not fond of Para's QC, finishes or PXT extractors. I building two STI's right now and it would take $20 and 20 minutes to make them 10mm instead of .40.
  5. I think 22 is overkill in most circumstances. If you go that route (28), make sure you use a strong hammer. By going to a 28 pounder, your trigger pull weight will sky rocket. To fit the FP stop properly you may need to file it to fit. EGW stuff is usually oversized for fitting. It has to be fit properly also for proper extractor function. You can articles online on how to do it. I'd say it's easy, but that's because that's what I do. You will be using the hammer itself to delay the slide unlocking. Like most everything else, there is a trade off.
  6. A temporary collar? Don't think it would last very long. It could only be as thick as the brass case at the mouth. Gas pressure will get behind it and distort it. If you could get it in, and have it stay, it would most likely be perm. Second barrel is the best way to go. For Glocks, it's $80. For 1911's it's $175. Keep the spare (one you're not using) in the B.O.B.
  7. Not weird at all. If you need a .40 I can get one of those too.
  8. I'd say have it built in .40SW, then have a 10mm barrel fitted for the times you want to shoot the bigger brother. (See classifieds)
  9. If you have a 1911 in .45 or .40 and want to convert it to 10mm I can do it for you as well.
  10. You can see pics here: http://www.gunbroker.com/auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=82448187
  11. New, but test fired, KKM barrel for 1911's or 2011's. This barrel was hand fit, by me, for an STI. Test fired with 200 rounds in .40S&W before being converted to 10mm. Wilson/Nowlin Ramp. Does not come with link, link pin or bushing. I used a #3 link and EGW bushing (recomended) for test fire. If you need them I can get new ones for you. All fitting was done, but your gun may differ an may need minor fitting. If you don't like it, or if it doesn't drop in and you don't want to fit it send it back with return postage. $185 shipped. Pics available via email. S
  12. .992" for 10mm Case length. .850" for .40SW. .142 difference in case length, as per the Go Gage measurements. A better statement would be, "the .40SW max load will never equal the 10mm max load." I'm not trying to push .40 on a 10mm forum, 10mm is a magnum cartrige and is capable of higher velocity and energy. But that's not to say that the .40 is useless.
  13. (With a non Glock barrel:) I pulled up the numbers for Universal Clays (which I use) for both .40 and 10mm, from my reference manual. .40SW: 180gr .40 Sierra Bullet, 5.6gr = 1050fps (6.0 is max load) 10mm: 180gr .40 Sierra Bullet, 6.0gr = 1000fps (6.3 is max load) For AA no.7: Same bullets: .40SW: 9.2gr = 1050fps (this is max load) 10mm: 10.5gr = 1050fps (11.1gr is max) No .40 cannot be loaded to the same power, but you can still get some decent loads if you're looking for power. there are some loads that yield over 1200fps in 10mm but that seems to be the limit for the 180gr bullets, and those are the max loads as well. Most 10mm loads ranged in the 900-1100fps range. Of course the numbers are just "guide lines" but I've found the info to be very close to my own loads (grain of powder vs. velocity) out of a 5" barrel.
  14. Winchester primers might help that too. I've seen light strikes with CCI more than any other. This was with an aftermarket "light" firing pin spring though. A swap back to stock fixed it as well. Since most like to run the lighter, I usually recomend switching to Win primers first.
  15. .142" difference. Ask me how I know..... I have a .40 barrel that is only .122 away from being 10mm.
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