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  1. houlster

    10mm Carry

    Summers and most other times I carry a G26. When it is cooler and I can have more clothing on I'll carry my Witness Elite Match with a compact slide on it. This is also my "outdoor" gun. Walking dogs, hiking, backpacking, etc. --Dan
  2. houlster

    witness match

    Just an update on this. I've gone through another couple hundred rounds since radiusing the upper edge of the chamber opening on the compact barrel and it has run flawlessly since... --Dan
  3. houlster

    witness match

    I've got a 10mm match and compact, both bought new within the last year. I've been using the compact barrel/slide on the match frame for most of my shooting. Probably only 300 - 350 rounds so far, but no issues with fitment. I do/did have stoppages with the compact upper though. The chamber opening on the compact barrel had no radius on it at all. It was a very sharp edge and I would get stoppages where the mouth of the case would hit and snag on this edge at the top of the chamber as the round was being chambered. The match barrel has this edge radiused and has never had a FTF of any sort. I've done the same to the compact. I'm quite sure this will alleviate the issue, but have not been out yet to shoot it and verify. --Dan
  4. My first 10mm (in fact, my first handgun) was a stainless Delta Elite I got nearly 20 years ago. I ended up trading it about 5 years later on a Glock 26 for carry. :why: I just couldn't afford both at the time. I've been eyeballing a friends Witness Match in .40 S&W for a while and just loved the look and feel of the gun in my hand. I ended up buying one in 10mm and should have it next week. I *love* the single action trigger on the Match. He also just got a compact model as well & I was able to shoot both last weekend. Did some mix & match too. I think the full-size Match frame with the compact slide/barrel in 10mm is gonna make an excellent woods gun for hiking / backpacking. Anyways, just wanted to say 'Hey' and it's good to be back :biggrin: --Dan
  5. I'm interested... Got a pic of this? Wonder or blued? I'd like to see which slide it has. --Dan