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  1. Zangetsu

    I do not know much...care to help?

    Yeah, choices are fun, but I like the ones that are out there, so no worries. Thanks for the info guys! I suppose I should head over to glocktalk or something and figure out just what I could do to that to push the accuracy without hurting the reliability...
  2. Zangetsu

    I do not know much...care to help?

    Now that's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks much! The links you posted on the bottom aren't working though...
  3. Zangetsu

    I do not know much...care to help?

    I'll have to look into that EAA a bit more...I didn't know something like that was out there, thanks! And as a side note, what type of groups can I expect from a glock 20/29?
  4. Zangetsu

    I do not know much...care to help?

    Absolutely, thanks a ton. So more about #4, just because you definitely seem to know what you're talking about. I'd be looking to pick up a very reliable piece with, if possible, near match accuracy; I heard that this basically describes the glock 20, but the people who I've heard this from are convinced that Jesus himself founded Glock. Is there any truth to this? As much as I love 1911's, I'm kinda tired of them a little bit, and I very much enjoy the capacity that you get out of a double stack. With that in mind, are there any other makers out there that can match (or at least approach) the glock in terms of reliability, durability, and capacity, while beating it in accuracy? Its not that I'm not a fan of glocks, I just want to make sure I know all my options, you know? I also don't happen to know much about glocks..can they be accurized? Do they need to be accurized? Of the few I have fired, I didn't like the trigger on any of them...can this be fixed? Money really isn't an object...I'd rather save and get something I will enjoy for the rest of my life than something that I'm not satisfied with. Also, I was looking all over the double tap website, found all the ballistics data I was looking for, but didn't see any gel tests for the 10mm...where am I supposed to be looking?
  5. So I've done some peeking around here and other forums as well as wikipedia, but can't find the answers to these questions, at least not in a concise and easy to follow way... First, just how pricey is the stuff that you can find in stores? I understand that it's probably always going to be much, much easier to reload this round, but would I have to expect to pay more than $.50 a round? Also, is the stuff in stores a watered down version of what it originally was, is it still healthy and untouched from the old days? Second, just how does this round compare to a +P .45? Is there a comprehensive chart or program somewhere that has all that fun load data and includes information such as velocity and energy (in both metric and standard units preferably)? From what I can tell, you can get a 180gr 10mm going at about 1200 fps for something like 800J, while I think a 200gr +P .45 would just manage to crack the 1000fps mark, but I have no idea how it stands in terms of energy (foot-pounds for those who think metric is sacrilegious ) Third, in terms of terminal ballistics, I don't really have a good idea of how 10mm performs in gel tests...help? I would think that it would be at risk for over-penetrating, but I really don't have any idea, and that might depend on the bullet used (heavier vs. lighter and all that). Fourth, who makes a good 10mm pistol? I know there's the Glock 20 and 20C, but I'm not much of a fan of ported barrels, but then again, I've never shot 10mm before, so I might be on that piece. But besides Glock, who makes a quality pistol for this round? And yeah, I'd be looking for an autoloader; if I wanted a revolver I'd just get a .44 mag and save myself the ammo hassle Fifth, anything else I should know while I debate spending my money on something like this? Any and all information will be much appreciated...thanks for your time!