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  1. Should have bombed and strafed without warning. Kill the drivers and other workers. Irreguardless of the reason, they are supporting ISIS
  2. Written almost 80 years ago and more true today than then. ​ Written almost
  3. It (militant Islam) is, as a fact, the most formidable and persistent enemy which our civilization has had, and may at any moment become as large a menace in the future as it has been in the past. The Great Heresies, 1936 Hilaire Belloc Probably more true today than when written 80 years ago. ​My condolences to those who lost loved ones in the senseless attack.​ ​
  4. I built two with Adams Arms piston units, one a 24" bench gun , very heavy with full length rail, and the Magpul stock with adjustable cheekpiece and lop adjustments, one of the big Leupold 6-18 AR scopes, and folding open sights for backup( Troy Battlesights) the other a mid length , with an Aimpoint M4 red dot, one of the Magpul carbine stocks, and the same Troy iron sights as the big rifle. Both are very accurate, of course the scope is better than an Aimpoint. I also have a "matching" midlenght in 5.56 for my wife. If you are wanting benchrest shooting, the bigger heavier gun is best, but I would not care to carry it any distance at nearly 11 lbs. I do like the piston unit, It's probably not the best for gilt edge accuracy, but at my age and eyes is better than I can do anyway. The gun stays much cleaner than a DI system and that was what I was after.
  5. Like you I like the idea of the cleaniness of the piston system. I built 4 uppers using the Adams Arms system and have been very pleased. No they have not been shot a lot, in fact hardly broken in if that much. I also converted one Colt with the Osprey unit, which also works fine. I purchased an Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel upper, standard DI system and had fits getting it to run. I really had a lot of frustration with that thing, but finally got it going good. About a year later of of the Adams Arms systems I built was vitrually the same configuration, 24" barrel, and I ran perfectly from the first shot. Why? I don't know a 1 on 1 comparision is not a good statistical sample, I could have gotten a factory unit that was too tight, and then built one that was perfect, who knows. If you want a piston upper get it, it's your business and money. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks.
  6. Looking at your data the Grendel looks good. Less drop and a bit more velocity. Energy a tossup. One thing no one seems to bring to the table is that the .308 is simply a bigger hole. Now I do not have a .308(7.62 Nato) having stayed with my 30-06 in a Garand, bolt actiions and single shots, but must say one thing. The Grendel is not designed to compete with the 7.62 Nato, but to bring a more powerful longer range caliber to the AR 15 platform, the one that uses a 5.56 Nato, not an AR-10 type, or M-14. I have heard some yak about the machine gun belt issue, but do not know if that has really been addressed or is just talk.
  7. I honestly cannot compare the Grendel to the 7.62x39 because I have never fired a 7.62. Now the felt recoil of the Grendel seems to me to be much less than that of a 30-30 Win. carbine of similar weight. In all honesty, considering you son is only five years old, I would consider waiting a couple of years before making this kind of jump. If you want him to shoot a centerfire consider the 22 Hornet or one of the .223 ( 5.56) rifles and keep the recoil level much lower. That way you will stand a lesser chance of turning him off too shooting due to being hurt by recoil ad a young age.
  8. I have 3, the first was an Overwatch upper with Shilen barrel from Alexander Arms. The others are a 16" mid Length and a 24 " rifle both using Adams Arms piston systems. All three use Rock River lowers and Magpul stocks, Prs and I cannot remember model oth the other. The Overwatch is the most accurate, probably because of a better quality barrel. nOther two barrels are fro Alexander Arms also, but do not know maker. The mid length has an Aimpoint red dot sight, so is not as good as the other two in precision accuracy, but fine for everyday use. The cartridge is fantastic, it took a bit of relearning how to reload to make it work right, espically with the Overwatch upper. I had more problems with resizing and bullet seating lengths than I have ever had with the .223 ( 5.56 nato) but when I got it right everything works fine. I'm not worried about what comes out in the final wash as to what is most popular, or might be adopted by military. I picked up 2000 rounds of IMI 7.62x39 brass and have resized in a 6.5 Grendel die.. Just load it with slightly reduced load and shoot to fireform to a proper 6.5 Grendel case. Fireforming loads are fine for most shooting, not real precise accuracy but fine for fun shooting, varmit hunting ect.
  9. I thought they would be a good idea and put a set on one of my Colt's about 15 years ago. Narrow front post and two tiny dots on rear apeature. I think the brand was Meprolite, but anyway they were so tiny as to be dim in all but the darkest conditions, really hard to pick up quickly. If you were in a very dim lighting situation where you could literally be sniping or planning your shots, I would say forget it and go with a strong weaponlite, or a red dot type, or both.
  10. The one's I had, on a M 70 Win featherweight 30-06 and a S & W K-22 revolver only had two screws and held fine for years. Never used locktite, never had one come loose. They are top quality parts.
  11. I have had a couple of his, dating back to the early to mid 1960's. The one I had were extremely well made and fit the trigger of the gun model they were made from perfectly, in my case a Winchester Mod 70 rifle and a S&W K-38 target revolver.
  12. Water, the general rule is 3 days. Food is another matter, it depends on the nutritional status of the person. A really fat or even obese person would probably last longer than a skinney one. Activity level would also be involved.
  13. I have two things to say about Osprey 1 the system works as claimed. 2 They are good folks and will do everything to make sure it works for you. Last Dec I ordered two systems, one for a Colt H Bar and naturally it did not fit. I e mailed, and got a call back, and was connected with Corey. He said he had drawings for a unit that would be going into production, but he was making a prototype and would send it to me. It was years end, Christmas & New years holiday, so I suggested that he did not have to hurry. We had a mix up in communications, I was supposed to send the old one back & he would then send the new one, but he sent the new one first. It fit fine and works great, probably the first unit out their door for one of the H bar rifles.
  14. I have just finished my fourth upper using the Adams Arms kit, three are mid lenght versions, the last which Ihave not had a chance to try yet, is a full rifle. Easy to install, easy to adjust(must space gas block for just a few thousands clearance for the operating rod) and they function great.
  15. Best thing is to vent it somehow, keep fresh air flowing through. You might try one of those little dual sit in the window fans, where one pulls air in the other exhausts, also another small fan inside to circulate air around. Methinks a summer of Texas heat will bake the formaldehyde out quickly.
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