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  1. http://www.gunsandammo.com/2014/01/04/revealed-glock-41-42-pistols/ Any one seen this. A practical/ tactical .45! Hopefully it is like the SF design was and released shortly after in 10mm! I mean they even skipped a spot for the GLOCK 40 (like GLOCK 20 and 21). Yes I know odds are they skipped the number not to confuse the masses with model 40 and .40 S&W. but come on a lighter slightly thinner and most important longer slide 10mm. It's my vision of just this side of Perfection. Here's another link: http://www.gundigest.com/guns/handgun-reviews-articles/sneak-peak-glock-41-42 Please, please, please, GLOCK make it 10mm I don't care what model you call it!
  2. Always use my G20 in SSP and it converted to .40 in ESP
  3. Nice but expensive. I wonder how it will hold up to true 10mm loads too?
  4. Sorry to momentarily high jack the thread but never heard of this before, and it is not listed on their sites home page. How much are caspian's LEO discounts? My interest in 1911s may have been further peaked :oh yea: Now to continue I might add a Rock 10mm to my stable just to fully ran the platform through the paces before swearing off GLOCKS.
  5. Sig Mauser M2 in .40 S&W is the only one I knew that was readily convertable. But not exactly the same as you are talking about.
  6. Here is another thread on this Rock 10mm http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php...0242&page=5
  7. I've been a G20 fan for going on ten years now. I thought my G20SF RTF2 would be my end all be all for 10mm. But this 1911 at that price point.. I just might have to give the ol' Browning design a try.
  8. NICE! Just wish they had them in stock. I have not seen that model until now.
  9. it is my daily CCW rig until the weather gets above 55 degrees and I have to wear a lighter over shirt then the fist IWB holster fills in. Over half the Cops in my department use the Blackhawks for plain clothes or CCW use. Given I am the only carrier of a true full size for off duty (most sport G19, or SIG 229) but still it works just match the wardrobe my friend.
  10. I still prefer the Swampfox load for hunting with the 200 gr. XTP (10.0 grains longshot bunch of threads talk about it) It clocks just north of 1350 fps from my G20 with a Storm lake 5.2" barrel and 22# spring set up. Nothing I've seen is safely that hot. I have squirreled away 250 rounds of the factory stuff and handload my woods defense as needed. It verged on being my all in one carry load for awhile till they closed shop ........ moment of silence.......... but I had feed issues with the combination. One in every 50-75 rounds would fail go completely into battery and require a slap to the back of the slide. Might have been the barrel tolerances being too tight or me limp wristing it, not sure, but if a combo is not near 100% I don't carry it for defense. Also it wrapped my middle finger something terrible. The velocity with the 200 gr. XTP was sheer awesome to behold in all my ammo testing. With over 800 fpe and a Taylor KOF of 15.5 it sits at home with mild .44 mag loads. I bust it out at testing or shoots when nay sayers state that a 10mm has nothing over a .40 or .45.
  11. Yeah but GLOCK strictly worns against it because it may or may not cause less lead fouling. But the polygonal rifling definetly forms a tighter "seal" on the bullet allowing less gas to make it's way around the bullet. (This is why Polygonal barrels tend to have a slightly higher velocity over similiar length regular rifled barrels). This tighter seal, when fouled, can lead to a drastic rise in pressure sometimes with little to no warning. Hence the GLOCK KaBooms and the warnings about it all over their manuals. As far as the velocity questions goes. I am with you for training ammo. I load my 10mm with a Ranier plated 165gr HP over 9.3 grains of Blue Dot loaded to a short OAL so I don't need to crimp the bullet in place. I shoot ragged holes with it at 25 yards and brass lasts forever. I do use hotter stuff for defense and field but I only shoot about 50-100 rounds of that every 3 months.
  12. Nice Post. I really was expecting more with the blue dot too. I would of expected Longshot then blue dot then AA9 in that order for velocity figures.
  13. So far in all my searching the only rounds that seem to hold up well past designed velocity windows are the 155 and 165 gr Gold Dot, and the Hornady XTP line. Other than that comparing the 10mm anemic loads to new factory designed wonder rounds is unfare at best. I hope manufacturers get on board and start producing projectiles that can be pushed to 10mm specs. A 200 grain (insert Gold Dot, Bonded Ranger T, HST, or even critical defense) bullet designed for and pushed to 1200-1300 fps would be a crusher.
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