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  1. velvetant

    Longshot & PowerPistol

    I thought everyone did, Just kidding. According to the manuals I'm halfway between starting and max loads with both powders
  2. velvetant

    40S&W OAL@1.250

    The weather has actually cooperated last week and I did some load testing. I played with 180gr Montana Gold's seated out to 1.200- 1.250 and made no difference in accuracy. So I settled on 1.200 for no reason. Functioning was 100% with any OAL I was getting pressure signs at the top end 40 data with faster powders(no surprise) and settled on PowerPistol(6.8gr@1000fps) and Longshot(7.4gr@1125fps) powders. These two loads are very accurate in my gun and good loads for play. Still going to try some other loads with various 180's Think I'll try 180's and Longshot for the 10mm Thanks for the help Merry Xmas
  3. Found two very accurate loads with these two powders with 180gr bullets. Does anyone know how temperature sensitive they are. It was 34 degrees when I shot these and am thinking of loading a bunch during the winter but I'm hesitant just in case. Thanks velvetant
  4. velvetant

    40S&W OAL@1.250

    I'm using a 40 conversion barrel so carbon build up should not be a problem. Are you willing to share your load data?
  5. velvetant

    40S&W OAL@1.250

    loading long is very common in IPSC sports for the 40 and they do not have the problems you report. I'm not looking for 10mm performance as it's not possible with 40 brass. My barrel is a KKM. My bullets are Montana Golds 180gr and I have .220" in the case, Which is the same as if I seated a 155 gr to 1.135. neck tension is not a problem. I put the nose of the bullet on my bench, put my weight against it and it won't set back.
  6. I have a G20(10mm) with a 40S&W conversion barrel so I can load them out to 10mm length(1.250) I've made some dummy rounds and they drop into my barrel(long throat) Is it safe to use 10mm starting loads for load development. I know 40 brass is weaker so I can't get 10mm performance, but for practice are the listed starting loads safe. I've shot standard length 40S&W ammo and it functions fine but accuracy is a little lacking so I hope long loading will help
  7. velvetant

    Lone Wolf brand barrels?

    Do you have any leading problem with your LWD barrel?
  8. How many people use Lone Wolf barrels and shoot lead? Do you have a leading problem? All but one of my Glock barrels are KKM, the other is a Storm Lake. My KKM's do not lead at all, the Storm Lake leads a little. I'm getting a G20 40 cal conversion barrel and I'm leaning toward KKM because I have had such good luck with them. Any info will be greatly appreciated. I should add that all my cast bullet shooting are with BearCreek cast moly coated bullets. thanks Velvetant