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    10mm auto, hunting, paintball, motorcycles(japanese),ATV's, dirtbikes, reloading, ballistic terminal performance.

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  1. [Pepper I think you are wrong, I just bought a pistol to replace a stolen one and the dealer said there is nothing he can do to make sure the one I was buying (used) from another state was not stolen. Apparently the Law Enforcment won't commonly run checks on it for FFL dealers. This is a sad state of affairs and I thought some kind system would be in place so dealer could prevent the marketing of stolen property.
  2. Thanks guys, unfortunately I needed to use this.
  3. Why is my keyboard wet and my screen Blurry?
  4. Not to question your knowledge or reloading technique but are you using a taper crimp die or a roll crimp die or are you seating and crimping in different operation steps. In my experience you can only get away with a roll crimp in a semi auto caliber if you are firing them in a revolver with star clips like the Smith 610. Sargeyork
  5. This guy always seems to have them but they may be white or yellow follower no choice used or look like new, David MCwhorter Sales (269)962-0214 clipgrip@aol.com :biggrin:
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