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  1. DaBird

    Shotgun picture thread

    Top to Bottom; Stoeger Uplander 12ga. single trigger Custom 1897 SASS/Cowboy 12ga Mossberg 500 20ga Mossberg 835 12ga Rem. 1100 12ga Saiga S-12 12ga Another pic of my S-12 just cause I LOVE it !!! My latest --- Mossberg 500 12ga. And a stock photo of my USAS-12 ----- had to sell because the Govt. said so !!!!!!!
  2. DaBird

    AK picture thread

    Thanks !!! I will have to get a better photo of that wall ---- I posted some photos of a few other edged weapons in the " show your blade " thread.
  3. DaBird

    Lever Guns

    A couple of my Marlins; One of my Uberti's; And my Marlin 1897 .22
  4. DaBird

    M1A/M-14 picture thread

    My M1A stainless loaded and my SOCOM 1 in a BM59 Nigerian wood stock
  5. DaBird

    AK picture thread

    I thought I posted some of my AKs awhile back but didn't see them here so ; AMD-65; Draco pistol;
  6. DaBird

    Knife picture thread

    Photo of two of my auto knivies;
  7. DaBird

    Knife picture thread

    Pic of my Paragon Larry Harley Battle Bowie;
  8. DaBird

    WTT -- Delta Elite parts

    Hello, I have some like new stainless parts from a Delte Elite 10mm that I would like to trade for AK or AR mags --- have hammer , sear , brl. bushing , recoil guide etc. Let me know if interested --- Thanks,DaBird
  9. Well , I have two M1As --- a SOCOM and a Natl. Match , I also have a tricked out Colt H-Bar AR15 ----- BUT if I had to just pick one , it would be one of my AK47s ----- my AMD-65 Second choice would be my SA SOCOM and last but not least , would be the Colt AR15. My thinking is = .308 is a bit hard to have FAST follow up shots and the .223 does't hit hard enough for me --- the 7.62X39 is a Hell of a round :bowdown:
  10. DaBird

    WTB --- EAA 10MM

    10mmisu --------- not really what I am looking for. Welcome to the Forum ----- feel free to go ahead and post a For Sale ad here. Good luck with your sale ------- DaBird
  11. DaBird

    Lee Pro 1000

    Hello, I have 1 Dillon 550 and 7 Lee 1000s --------- once you get used to the "quirks" they are fine. My oldest Lee I got around 1987 and it has loaded AT LEAST 50,000 rds. of .45acp. The Dillons are better but for those on a tight budget , a Lee 1000 or LoadMaster will work for many years.
  12. DaBird

    WTB --- EAA 10MM

    iia1awh ----------- I got your PM and am thinking over your offer. Thanks -- DaBird
  13. DaBird

    Anyone flipping out and buying mags??

    Sorta freaking Last week , I got the 6 -10MM and 6 - 38Super mags from EAA.{$75/3} . I also got another 3 -18rd. 38Super used for $30/1 -- still need MORE AR/AK/Saiga S-12 mags.
  14. DaBird

    WTB --- EAA 10MM

    Hello, I am looking for a EAA Witness Elite or full size in 10mm ---- have MANY guns to trade or cash . FTF or ship to my FFL. Thanks -- DaBird
  15. DaBird

    SOLD-WTS/Witness 10mm

    Marsh, Is your gun single action only or DA/SA ?? Do you have the factory box/case ?? Thanks -- Gf123