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  1. Hey I'm with you. I love the Hornady Projector AKA LNL Lock and Load Progressive. Auto Index of shell plate sold me on them. I have 8 of them and have Upgraded them all to Dillon Case actuated powder measures. Man if they only offered a Primer swage like the Dillon RL1000 + RL1050. Id be in Reloader Heaven. Best of luck to you.
  2. GunWhoreDer

    Vltor reintroduces the Bren Ten!!!

    I have been looking for a moderate priced Bren Ten for a while. Yesterday I finally had one offered to me in a trade. It's a New in Box Secial Forces 10MM with Stainless Frame + Hard Chrome Slide. In your opinion with the Vltor reintroduction, would this SF Bren Ten's value now be Lower / Higher / UnChanged? For the following reasons or? Better Bren Ten coming out? Not for a while if ever though? Some interchangeable spare parts? Originals are Originals? Thanks GunWhoreDer
  3. Hey That's not half bad for a home Bubba Refinish Job, being as bad as it was before hand. How many can you do with the $30 can? GunWhoreDer
  4. GunWhoreDer

    AMT Accelerator in .400 Corbon

    Well I picked up the new addition to the hoard and it's in 99% condition, WOW NICE. Anyone have an AMT 7" .45ACP Barrel they want to sell? Thanks again SHOOT1SAM, GunWhoreDer
  5. Dillon RL550B is both a Single Stage and Progressive Press. The rotation of the shell plate is manually done so: Single Stage if you do not rotate the shell plate. Progressive if you do rotate the shell plate. This way you only have to buy one press not 2 right away. Extra presses are handy though. Take it from a guy that has owned over 100 presses and had as many as 14 presses setup to load different calibers and for swaging all at one time. Best press brands in order are AmmoLoad, Dillon, Hornady, RCBS. For 50 BMG the best deal by far is the Cast Iron Lee 50BMG Kit w/ Dies. Lee makes very nice dies, and the Great Carbide Crimp Dies and Factory Rifle Crimp Dies. Good Luck, GunWhoreDer
  6. GunWhoreDer

    A differnt type of tumbler

    Man is it that I'm just OLD? I remember Midway brand tumblers where advertised a s having a LifeTime Warranty. Contact them, you may be Happily surprised. They are a Great company. God Bless, GunWhoreDer
  7. GunWhoreDer

    AMT Accelerator in .400 Corbon

    Thanks Sam. I made an offer, they countered, I accepted. Gun is mine. I got a AMT Accelerator in .400 CorBon in 95% + condition w/ 140 rounds of Corbon ammo, box and 1 mag for $600. I take it I could convert it to .45ACP w/ just a barrel and recoil spring swap? How did I do? Thanks, GunWhoreDer
  8. GunWhoreDer

    AMT Accelerator in .400 Corbon

    Thanks for the heads up, shoot me over the info. Thanks, GunWhoreDer
  9. GunWhoreDer

    WTB 6" slide for G20

    I also would like a more subdued marking scheme on the Wolf Slide. I feel it cheapens the gun in my opinion and I have enough goudy items. Reliability is the most important thing to me in my carry firearms, I own Glocks for that reason. I also have some firearms that cost over $5,000. as I also appriciate fine quality and workmanship. No offense, GunWhoreDer
  10. GunWhoreDer

    WTB 6" slide for G20

    Are they made by Glock or some other manufacturer? Still being made or discountinued? I have been toying with the idea of buying a Glock 20C and doing the Grip conversion to Glock 29 mags. This would make it a Glock 29LC Longslide Compensated and accessory rail too. Good Luck, GunWhoreDer
  11. GunWhoreDer

    WTB- Automag IV in 10mm mag

    Does this gun use the standard grip shape of the 1911? I've seen the Parker 10mm and just does not feel good in the hand.
  12. GunWhoreDer

    WTS/WTT: LN S&W 1076 **Pics** new price "SOLD"

    Cost for Refinish and Tune Up?
  13. What S&W 10mm's hold up best to lots of shooting? Which models are LinkLess if any? Thanks, GunWhoreDer
  14. 3 calibers in one Gun. Not mine but thought you all might be interested in seeing it. Here is the link: http://www.gunsamerica.com/976990892/Guns/...r_45acp_set.htm
  15. GunWhoreDer

    Glock 29 Modifications?

    I always switch the factory sights out for Night Sights, HiViz are nice too. All my Glocks get thier grips and side of trigger guard where I rest my trigger finger Stippled. Makes for a non slip grip and makes for added accuracy due to a locked in place grip. The Stippling costs a soldering iron and about 45 minutes of careful melting small dots. If you want it for Target or Competition try an Optima 2000 mini Holo Red Dot only 1/2 oz. Where about $350 w/ Glock mount, now you can get them for $150. Same as the Trijicon but less. Good Luck, GunWhoreDer