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  1. Not my cup of tea as far as looks either and I could do without the cuts in it, they did it as a showcase to show what was possible, but it really is a hoot to shoot, hope I can again.....it really was a treat.
  2. Ok I posted this at another popular 10MM forum, and thought you all might enjoy. This is a very custom 10MM 1911 Longslide...the guy made 3 he owns on. Let me shoot it, and it was sweet. They are working on one for the G20. I know the pics aren't great but it's what I have.
  3. And 2 to me ...if they accepted Glock mags maybe 3
  4. That is awesome....now that I back living in Florida I plan to knock some hogs with the 10 as I have one needing to get sullied...been north for a real long time where the deer are not plentiful.
  5. I bought 8 boxes of the 550 bulk to use in some of my AA conversions and this ammo is garbage, tons and I mean tons of split cases and duds. I didn't remember it being such garbage as a kid but look what I got for being cheap...garbage. Glad I have less than 1200 rounds left....and yes I will shoot it as I am cheap. But never will I buy it again. CCI and Fed for me.
  6. I have searched for the all elusive does it all Rifle/Pistol combo....but until I own them all my research continues.
  7. I just learned this info yesterday, sad to hear. He seemed to be a well liked man who sold some great ammo.
  8. lucky owner of a 610....I'm jealous
  9. Sold plenty....only regretted one. If I find I don't or won't use it it's gone period. I try to judge them on would I stake my life on them too.....some don't make the cut.
  10. Hate to admit this, but many years ago I found .45 ammo in the dirt on the side of the road (hunting area) and shot it...it ran fine but looked like garbage...oh to be young and more stupid than I currently am lol
  11. Nice score....I have had the other S&W's in 10 and didn't really care for them...But dang I still want a 610, I know that's one I would cherish. Congrats
  12. Great now I want a long slide even more. I can't afford my addictions as it is
  13. Were the lights dimmed when you met this sweet heart deal? congrats
  14. Last 5 shows I have been to offered no 10mm in any config nor empty brass...and almost no ammo. In fact in last 10 shows I have only bought a couple of things....I have felt them to be lacking the last few years. YMMV
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