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  1. 2nd Gen Glock 20 in 10mm needs a new home. Has a stainless steel captured guide rod with ISMI 20# spring, grip plug, and has the new style ejector installed. Original factory front night site (dim) and steel white "U" rear. Also included is a new spare factory recoil spring assembly and a spare mag catch. This glock has seen mostly mild to medium loads and shows some holster wear from carrying. Round count unknown. Comes with 2 standard capacity (15rd) LEO mags in the factory tupperware box. FTF available in central florida (orlando --> daytona beach). Asking $480. Shipping is $35 to your FFL. Also available: SOLD 6 additional 15rd mags: 1 LEO, 5 unmarked. $17ea or all for $90 + shipping Galco Matrix 7x OWB belt holster for G20/21/30/29. $23 shipped SOLD Comp Tac C-tac IWB holster for G20/G21 (used once): $55 shipped 2 comp tac mag pouches for G20/21/29/30: $45 shipped SOLD Georgia Arms 10mm 165gn FMJ (1150fps): 290rds for $92 (made with virgin starline brass) + Shipping SOLD Reeds Ammo Research 10mm 175gn win silvertip JHP(1350fps): 78rds for $35 + shipping SOLD Also available is a quantity of once fired starline 10mm brass. I haven't counted yet but would imagine I have around 500 cases if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking, Ryan Michon michonrafw@hotmail.com
  2. This is starting to remind me of bob munden on tv shooting handguns at balloons at 200yds. The 1911 wasn't a problem but it took awhile to hit the balloon with the derringer. Looked like fun nonetheless.
  3. Go ahead and buy the hunter, you wont regret it. In fact, after you've had a chance to reflect you will wonder what took you so long to get one. Simply amazing performance for the price.
  4. Shoulder rig is fine for driving but even then, you don't wear a jacket all day- it's gonna come off eventually. IWB or OWB for me. YMMV Ryan
  5. 200yd handgun accuracy??? I like the challenge! Haven't shot a handgun past 100yds before but even at 100 it wasn't easy. Quite a steal on a delta elite! Nice find. Ryan
  6. It's good to see it revived but I think I'll end up with kel-tek's PMR-30. Nothin quite like 31rds of 22mag in the hand (except for 31 rds of 10mm that is )
  7. My G20 used to do that to brass when it would eject 15-20ft. A stronger recoil spring fixed it for me. Ryan
  8. Nice Gun! Always wanted an MP5 clone in 10mm. How difficult is it to find mags? Are there any currently manufactured? Ryan
  9. I got my carry loads from Reed's Ammo Research. 175 STHP at 1350fps. I think they ran into supply problems with the projectiles but if you can find them they were definitely not FBI loads. One just needs to search around for the normal 10mm loads (why do we even refer to them as full power loads? aren't they just normal loads and everything else FBI lite loads???)
  10. Congrats on the purchase. I recently purchased one in 40 and love the thing. You may consider a fiber-optic front sight- I love the one from henning. I found the stock front site too wide- the thin one makes a huge difference. Also, I found the stock over-travel adjustment screw far too short to take up the bulk of the slack. You could order the longer one from henning, or you could go to your local ACE hardware store and get a button-head allen screw. Metric M3 or M5 I believe. Cost was a quarter or so. Don't forget lock-tite on the FO sight or over-travel screw if you try these simple mods. Ryan
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