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  1. Bucky69

    why isnt the 10mm a top seller?

    Nothing a little scratch under the table or palm greasing wouldn't be able to rectify. IYKWIM.
  2. I'd really like one of those too. I love my 21SF's and would love a 10mm Glock in SF. :biggrin: Every gun they make.
  3. More info: "Tucson, AZ - Feb 01, 2008 - Vltor Weapon Systems today announced the launch of the Fortis Pistol Project, a modern version of the famous Bren Ten style pistol. Originally released in 1982, the Bren Ten pistol was designed to advance the state of the art in handgun technology. Designed to fill the need for a full size, full power, double action pistol, the Bren Ten created immense interest as a potent choice for law enforcement and military use. Developed as a pistol and cartridge combination, the Bren Ten was the first production pistol to chamber the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge. In its original loading, the 10mm Auto was capable of launching a 170gr buller at 1,300 fps - generating over 600ft/lb of muzzle energy. Unfortunately, the original Bren Ten and its successor fell victim to business management and financial problems - but the demand for a high quality American made, full size, double action pistol has still not been filled. According to Eric Kincel, the General Manager for Vltor, the Bren Ten may have truly been a design that was ahead of its time; "Now is the time to make this pistol. With today's precision manufacturing techniques and the superior materials available, the Fortis will be a pistol line that is everything people hoped previous attempts would be." Eric pointed out that the Fortis is nearly identical to the original Bren Ten in exterior appearance and ergonomics, but that some changes have been made to improve reliability, safety and strength. "The Fortis, while based on a twenty-five year old idea, is very unique. It offers a high tech, high quality pistol that more than fills the demands for a full size, magnum power auto loader." The first released Fortis will be a "duty gun", a full size, all steel, high capacity 10mm Auto that will reliably answer the call of professionals and sportsmen that rely on a good pistol. However, Eric is quick to point out that the Fortis Project is a line of pistols based on one common design. "There will be other versions of the Fortis...different calibers, sizes and options specific to certain applications." When asked if they intend on releasing a faithful reproduction of the original Bren Ten, Eric's answer was simply "We sure want to". Fortis Pistol Proposed Specifications (subject to change in final production) * Manufacturer - Vltor Weapon Systems * Model - Fortis (original release) * Type - autoloading pistol * Operation - Semi-automatic, Double/single action * Caliber - 10mm Auto (others to follow) * Barrel length - 5.00" * Overall length - 8.75" * Height - 5.75" * Width - 1.30" * Weight - 38 ounces * Safety - reversible thumb and firing pin block * Sight radius - 6.88" * Sights - Adjustable, 3-Dot combat style * Rifling - 5 Groove, radiused, RH twist * Stocks - Engraved polymer panels * Capacity - 12 rounds * Finish - Black Steel Slide and Subdued Finish Stainless Frame"
  4. Bucky69

    The Power of the 10MM

    Actually, it is a quite detailed, yet simple drawing. Note the subtleties of the recoil for each platform. :biggrin:
  5. Bucky69

    S&W 1911 IN 10MM

    It would be nice to see someone like S&W, or anyone for that matter, buy the rights to the Bren10 design, improve upon it, and produce a new line of Bren10's. Then again, I've been wandering off on tangents like this for awhile, so never mind. S&W should produce a 10MM 1911, that would be nice.
  6. Bucky69

    610 4" availability?

    I hear ya bro! I think that there is somebody somewhere that somehow knows what you are looking for when you go to the fun shop, and makes sure that it isn't there - which explains why every time I go to the fun shop, I leave with something other than what I went for, because what I went for wasn't there, but something else "better" was mysteriously there. :biglaugh:
  7. 10mm is like the Whopper, it never really went away.
  8. Bucky69

    610 4" availability?

    My wife paid way less ($90 each) than that ($750) for my two 610's and she bought them at a gun shop. While I can see S&W trying to keep the price up by limiting supply in the face of demand, I'm not sure that the prices on gunbroker would be an indication of S&W doing so. I think the more likely scenario, if in fact there is a shortage, and of that I am not convinced, is that S&W may have underestimated the demand for the 610 despite realizing the need to reintroduce the model. What do you think?
  9. Bucky69

    10mm Picture thread

    My 610's 4" and 6"
  10. Bucky69

    610 4" availability?

    If I was you, I'd go for it. Buy all four while you are at it. I love my new ones. :biggrin:
  11. Bucky69

    Drooling at Cabella's

    We could use a Cabella's here in Central Florida, too. :why: not?
  12. I'll have one for the 10 tonight after I have one for the Ohio State victory in the BCS Championship.
  13. Bucky69

    610 4" availability?

    My wife had to order both my 4" and 6" and that was about three weeks before Christmas. Demand must be high or S&W didn't expect such a high demand. Who knows. Can you get your dealer to order one for you?
  14. Bucky69


    A G20SF and a G29SF would be nice, but don't expect those for a couple of years. The 21SF came out last year ('07) and all of the gun magazines are calling it "new" for this year ('08)! So, if they are bringing out the G30SF this year, my fuzzy math says it will be awhile until we see the 10mm with the SF frame.
  15. Will do. We are in for a hard freeze tonight which will make the range report all the more interesting!