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  1. For those who may be interested, there are now seven (7) Smith & Wesson 1006's and one (1) 1026 on Gunbroker as of today. Wish I had the money for that 1026. It would go soooooooo well with my 1006 & 1076. Seriously. Some of you guys ought to pounce on one of these. I think the S & W's were the best 10mm's ever made.
  2. I haven't shot any weak ammo, only the ones I mentioned. I did replace the 18lb. factory standard recoil spring with a 20lb. spring. I have not (yet) replaced the magazine springs. That's my next step. I have a dilemma about which recoil spring to use (18lb. or 20lb.). I'm thinking this gun was designed with the original hot Norma loads in mind which leads me to believe that maybe the 18lb. factory spring would be adequate. That said, I don't want these hot Underwoods to beat up the gun--hence the 20lb. spring. Which would you suggest?
  3. Guys, I just bought a 1006 off Gunbroker and it stovepipes with the three loads I shot (DoubleTap 180 gr. HP; Underwood 180 gr. HP & Underwood 165 gr. HP). Any ideas on how to cure this? Also, do any of you know of any gunsmiths who are VERY familiar with the Smith 1000 series 10mm's and would be able to work on this if necessary? Thanks for your help.
  4. Guys, in my 10's with 5" barrels I've been buying for home defense 180gr. bullets (Underwoods). What do you think is the heaviest bullet I should shoot out of a Glock 29 (with Storm Lake barrel)? Thank you for your advice. Hank
  5. This is one of the most useful posts I've read ANYWHERE! Thank you so much for the time & $$$ this involved.
  6. Guys, I need your advice. What weight recoil spring do you recommend be put in the Hunter to safely shoot 180 gr. DoubleTap loads? I now have a 20 lb. spring in the gun. Is that adequate? If not, where can I find a heavier one? I don't see anything heavier on Wolff's website. Remember, this gun has the 6" barrel. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  7. Guys, I need your advice & assistance. In a couple of weeks I'm going to be picking up a Dan Wesson Pointman Seven (10mm, naturally!) that is now on lay away. How many pound(s) recoil spring is in the gun from the factory? Should I install a heavier spring if I plan to shoot DoubleTap & other full power loads? If so, I've noticed that Dan Wesson guns are NOT listed on the Wolff website--but the Colt Delta Elite is. Will heavier Delta Elite springs work in the Dan Wesson? If not, any suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  8. Post #11 pretty much sums it up. I too have a Fusion 'Hunter' longslide. It is, BY FAR, the finest handgun I own. Its accuracy is limited ONLY by the skill of the shooter. The fit, finish and overall look and feel of the gun really can't be described--a work of art is the best I can come up with. And you are dealing with one of the most helpful, customer-friendly companies on the planet.
  9. When I go to the Wolff website you linked they mention the longslide gun in 9mm & .40 S&W but nothing about the Witness 'Hunter' in 10mm. Will the .40 S&W springs work with the 10mm or am I not looking in the right place?
  10. That's the gun I own, the 'Traditional Hunter.' My most accurate gun & a real work of art. Also, Bob Serva is the most customer friendly guy I've ever bought from in the gun business. You can't go wrong with a Fusion.
  11. The missus shoots a 10mm?!? She sounds like a keeper to me. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like the 'Hunter' is going on my short list (which is getting longer by the day).
  12. Guys, I need your help/advice. Are any of you familiar with the Tanfolio Witness 'Hunter'? It's the long slide (6" barrel) model. If so, please give me your impressions of it. My interest in the 'Hunter' was, ironically, aroused by my purchase last year of a Fusion Firearms 'Traditional Hunter,' also a long slide gun. (And by the way, if you're considering a Fusion--go for it! This is easily the finest, most well made and most accurate gun I own, a real work of art.) Thanks for any advice you can give me on the Tanfolio.
  13. Guys, my apologies in advance for posting a topic I'm sure has been hashed out numerous times previously. Here's the story. I am the happy owner of a Fusion Firearms Traditional Hunter and it's a MAGNIFICENT gun! I have been shooting Double Tap ammo exclusively, love it and would prefer to stick with it. What do you recommend as a good Home defense load?
  14. I'm so glad to hear another person talk up Fusion. I just took the plunge & ordered a Fusion TE-10X Traditional Hunter model. BTW, GREAT forum you guys have here!
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