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  1. If it could only be one it would be AA#7. I get excellent performance for all but the heaviest 10MM loads.
  2. arkdweller22

    +1 for Mikeythehitman

    Purchased a 1076 from Mikeythehitman this week. Smooth, easy transaction. He actually delivered more than what he promised. I like it when folks "under promise and over perform". Good experience overall. Buy from him with confidence.
  3. arkdweller22

    10mm 1911 magazine question

    Great advice. These run all my 10mm 1911's including my CBOB (I don't own a Colt however). Tripp also sells a spring/follower kit that makes all my other mags reliable as well. I had issues with my DW mags and Mec-Gars, I installed the kits and they all work now. Good luck.
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    S&W 1076 For Sale $650 Shipped**New lower price**

    I'll take it as per our PM conversation.
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    S&W 1076 For Sale $650 Shipped**New lower price**

    PM Sent.
  6. With AA#7 I'm pushing a 155 Gr. XTP bullet at an average of 1570 FPS. This is out of an EAA Witness Match with a 4.75" barrel. Not 165 Gr. I know, but it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that a 165 Gr can do at least 1450 or so using the same powder.
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    G27 vs G29 vs G29SF

    I have a 27, I will be purchasing a 29 SF on Friday. I'll let you know then
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    Anyone concealed carry a G20?

    I carry one in a C-Tac Minotaur IWB holster typically under a loose shirt, it hides well. It's not as comfortable as a 1911 due to the thickness but it's not too bad. I'm 5'11" 210 with an athletic build. I hope this helps.
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    More chronograph results today!

    Great job! Thanks for posting those numbers. I really like that 165 Gr. practice load. AA#7 is the bees knees when it comes to 10MM, particularly the light bullets. I was able to get the following numbers out of a Tanfoglio Witness Match: Powder - AA#7, 15.0 Grains Bullet - 155 Gr. XTP Max - 1576 Avg - 1564 Min - 1543 SD - 9 ES - 33 That's right at the max load according to the Accurate Arms manual. So work up slowly and carefully. I haven't been able to test 180 Gr. XTP's with AA#7 yet. Although I will be by next month hopefully. Some of the very experienced folks on this forum prefer AA#9 for heavier bullets in the 10MM but my hard head needs to draw it's own conclusions. I have a good bit of testing with Blue Dot on the 180 Gr. XTP's and the best numbers are as follows (from the same pistol): Powder - Blue Dot, 10.6 Grains Bullet - 180 Gr. XTP Max - 1205 Avg - 1184 Min - 1162 SD - 14 ES - 43 Not too shabby but not great either.
  10. It's a darn shame I agree. A lot of folks believed in DT's ammo and would swear by it. I was one of them. It's been very dissapointing seeing all the folks with the issues we're seeing here and on other forums. It seems that the only ammo manufacturer pushing the 10 to it's rightful power levels is Buffalo Bore and it's so pricey! I can't see myself spending that much on ammo. That's why I'm developing good handloads for PD.
  11. I believe elevation has little to do with the performance loss most people are getting with DT ammo. I am at 4600' of elevation, high desert climate just like Cedar City UT. where DT is located and my results are similar to the ZIPDOG's. My older lots of ammo (circa 2007) were at or near the advertised velocities. My newer lots show lesser performance. ENIDPD: How old is the ammo you're testing: Or, how long ago did you test it? I believe you'll find the newer stuff to be lacking.
  12. I recently chorongraphed some 10MM, .45 ACP and .357 Magnum loads from DT. All were 10 shot strings. The tests were conducted in a high desert environment just like Cedar City UT(where DoubleTap is based). Cedar City is at 5800' my tests were done at 4800'. Here are the results: 10MM 165 Gr. Golden Saber from a Glock 20 averaged 1270 FPS. Claim on the box: 1425 FPS. Short 155 FPS. 10MM 165 Gr. Gold Dot from a 5" Kimber stainless averaged 1211 FPS (with a 123 extreme spread to boot!). Claim on the box: 1400 FPS from a 4.6" Glock 20. Now, I understand that polygonal bores like the ones found in a Glock will boost your speed a bit. However, the extra .5" on the Kimber should make up for it though. Still short 189 FPS. .45 ACP 200 Gr. Gold Dot from a 3" Kimber averaged 879 FPS. Claim on box: 1100 FPS from a 5" 1911. Ok, I understand that the barrel loss of 2" is a consideration. So I ran a comparison: Buffalo Bore 185 Gr. +P in the same firearm averaged 1011 FPS from a claimed velocity of 1150 in a 5" barrel. So the BB lost 139 FPS or 69.5 FPS per inch. The DT lost 211 FPS or 105.5 FPS per inch. That's a big loss of speed. I really don't think that the DT would really break 1100 FPS from a 5" barrel. I'm thinking more 990 or 1000 FPS. .357 Magnum Gold Dot from a 2.5" S&W 66 averaged 1324 FPS. Claim on box: 1425 from a 1.825" barrel. Here the additional barrel length should have helped but the load still fell short 100FPS. As you can see, none of the velocity claims are met even in similar enviromental conditions. This is not an indictment of the ammo's performance. I still find these loads to be better than most other ammo companies' loads. I am still happy carrying the ammo DT sells, the performance is there and the price is still good in comparison. However, the false claims are unacceptable. I have a hard time doing business with a company that either is; unaware of the specifications of their product, or is flat out dishonest. One of the two applies here... There have been enough complaints for this to be addressed by DT but nothing has been said or done. It's sad to me that this is occuring as I've been loyally purchasing their ammo for several years now. I will be testing some 9MM and .40 S&W and will post those results here as well. I will say one thing though: This issue has made me keenly aware that if I want certain performance from my ammo, I need to develop the load myself. Handloading is the way to go my friends. I haven't carried handloads for defense due to the legal considerations but that may change. I hope this helps. Regards, Arkdweller
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    Wisdom needed!

    Hi Frank, Welcome to the forum. As others have stated, that load is a tad light and that may be the source of your issues. I have been using Extreme's plated bullets for years (the 180 Gr.) without accuracy or tumbling problems. As far as 10MM loads using AA#9, I have used it to moderate success but you have to load near max. AA#7 or Blue Dot actually works better for me, in my guns. Then again, I'm not looking for barn burner loads. Just something akin to factory or a bit hotter for range use. I recommend starting at 10% below max loads and work up from there. (In my notes I show a starting charge of 12.2 Gr.) As usual be cautious and look for pressure signs etc. as you develop your loads. I hope this helps. Regards, Arkdweller
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    new Member to this forum

    Why rewrite it? This, exactly.
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    Double Tap Video Review

    Well made video/review. Great job! Thanks for posting that. Regards, Arkdweller
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    The Rohrbaugh 9mm pistol

    There's no denying that there are functional pistols out there that are cheaper and function well. However, they will be bigger if you wish to have a 9mm, or larger caliber; conversely they are the same size but of inferior caliber. The Rohrbaugh did have the issue with the slide cracking and that disappointed me at first. But there was a feasible explanation and an immediate, complete resolution to the issue from the manufacturer. How many manufacturers can you say that about? I'll give you two examples: My friend owns a Kel-Tec P11. The extractor broke within 100 rounds. He sent it off to Kel-Tec a month ago and is still waiting. He purchased that gun NIB. Had it been second-hand, he'd be SOL. Another friend owned a P3AT. FTF, FTE on every magazine. He sent it back a number of times, it never functioned correctly. He ended up trading it for an LCP. Does this mean that all Kel-Tecs are cheap pieces of crap? Absolutely not. It just means that as mechanical objects, guns can have function issues occasionally. The key is to iron those out before it's needed in action. Regards, Arkdweller
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    The Rohrbaugh 9mm pistol

    I purchased one of these second hand at a good price. The previous owner had about 300 rounds through it with the original outer recoil spring. Knowing about the outer recoil spring change interval recommendation, I purchased three. They're only 10 bucks or so. After installing the new recoil spring the gun functioned without a hitch. I also replaced the magazine springs for good measure. I put Blazer Brass, Speer Gold Dots, Hornady critical defense and assorted handloads through the pipe; no issues. No +P's though. This is a tiny gun for 9. However, the left rear of the slide began to develop a crack! Ouch! I called Rohrbaugh and received the absolute best service for which I could have hoped. Karl Rohrbaugh himself called me back. I was informed that, although the gun was second-hand, they would make it right. He also explained that this was traced to a bad batch of bar stock that affected about 50 pieces. The gun was shipped on their dime, they replaced the barrel, slide and outer recoil spring. About two weeks turnaround time. I received the gun about 10 months ago. I have put about 30 rounds down range every month (as before) since then without failure. When firing this gun you must pay attention. Recoil is snappy but not uncontrollable. This is a unique piece. The engineering is amazing. This gun is about the same size as my Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP, it even fits the same holster. You're talking 9mm power in a package that small. Expensive? Yes but also powerful all out of proportion to its size and reliable as long as you use the proper ammo. I can say from personal experience that it's worth the price. When you throw in the way that Rohrbaugh stands behind their product, you can't lose. I carry it everyday with confidence and can carry anywhere. It may not be for you, but it is for me and I'm happy with it. Best Regards, Arkdweller
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    Only one 10mm for survival: Autopistol or Revolver?

    Glock 20 with a 40 conversion barrel. For reasons already stated: A simple manual of arms, 15+1 firepower, reliability, etc. For a long gun, a Mossberg 835 with a second, rifled barrel. I'll never go hungry. An AR in 6.8 SPC would be second choice. Good for hunting and defense. Unfortunately, not a popular round yet so you're not likely to find ammo "laying around" if you know what I mean. Regards, Arkdweller
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    Dan Wesson or Kimber

    I own both in 10MM. My Kimber (Stainless Target II) is a good gun, reliable and durable and accurate. My Dan Wesson (CBOB), however, is more accurate and durable and just as reliable. My DW feels "more natural" and robust to me. If I had to choose one I would go with the DW. I just feel like I get "more real gun". YMMV. Best Regards, Arkdweller
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    Top 5 handgun designs of the 20th century

    Sorry panzer but it's actually the HK (P9S) introduced in 1970. 1. 1911 2. Glock 3. Sig P210 4. CZ 75 5. Ruger MK I, II, III Best Regards, Arkdweller
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    Sights for Doublertap or other high end loads

    Originally my G20 hit just right of POA at 25 yards. The loads used were the 165Gr. Golden Sabers and 180Gr. XTP both loaded by DT. I drifted the rear sight a bit left and that was that. Hits were dead center... Fortunately my mid velocity hand loads hit fairly close to the factory loads and group almost as well. I'm currently having a similar issue with a CZ-75B in 9mm. The DT loads actually hit a bit low and right at 10 yards but level and right at 25. I'll probably just drift the sight on that gun as well. Every gun is different and you obviously need to test different loads. Good thing with DT is that they sell 200 rd and 500 rd variety packs in case you're not sure what your pistol will like. Additionally they test 10mm loads on a G20 and G29 so your chances are good. Good luck. I'm sure you'll find a good DT load to suit you. Edited to add: I doubt you'll need adjustables. I wouldn't worry about that unless you just can't find an accurate load. Regards, Arkdweller
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    new man in town

    A hearty welcome from Northern Nevada! Best Regards, Arkdweller
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    Lasermax laser for G20

    Do you mean the guide rod laser or the rail mounted (Uni-Max) laser? The guide rod laser has no way to zero. So I would not recommend that. I can't speak for the rail mounted as I purchased an Insight M6X combo light/laser for my Glock 20 and I'm very happy with it. Hope this helps... Regards, Arkdweller
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    10mm CCW Suggestion

    +1 on the CBOB. It's flatter than the 29 and has a 1/2" more barrel length. I bought some 10rd mags for reloads and like gunfan, carry two spares in pouches. (that's 29 total rounds). I carry in a Mernickle PS6 holster when fashion permits OWB carry and a Milt Sparks Summer Special IWB. Very confidence inspiring setup for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm no 1911 snob. I love Glocks and own 3 but in 10mm they're a bit "fat" for urban carry. In the woods though, my G-20 is on my hip Regards, Arkdweller
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    10mm carry loads

    I carry what you carry... Except I use 165 Gr Golden Sabers instead of the Gold Dots in warm weather. Regards, Arkdweller