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  1. That's the first thing I look for when I enter an area....well, those and cover. :oh yea:
  2. Don't sweat it man....next time I'll just say "SETTLE DOWN DUDE!"
  3. GreenAmmo


    I think he was pretty clear that he wasn't going to reply to you anymore because you are trying to bait him into an argument. Maybe he's having a slow night though and can use some light entertainment.
  4. I feel your pain bro....I think I may have said some naughty words during that mission.
  5. GreenAmmo


    Thanks for the heads up CB....I almost rented this for the 360 the other day but decided on GTA4 instead. I could have taken it back and picked up another game but with gas at $3.80 a gallon, I still would have been pissed.
  6. I'd definitely be up for a game with you all. I have all the games you listed so just say when and what.
  7. Dude you should jump on that. You can barely buy two used games for 75 bones!
  8. I dunno dude....your ass moved pretty damn quick that night we were playing Silent Hill 3 and you opened the cupboard door in the kitchen and my fake plant made a move on you. :D Angela....it's great to have ya here girl! Just wait until we get all three Kings together for a game...now that will be blast.
  9. How you doin? Great to have ya here my sista!
  10. It's good to be reminded that not all gun shop owners/employees are greedy, know-nothing jerks.
  11. swirly time I need to play some more of that game....at least until I get that achievement
  12. Hey! You do that to me allllll the time, think Assassins Creed, RB6V 1&2, GTA4, etc. You'll get no mercy from me bro.
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