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  1. Must be regional because in my area at the show last weekend they had a $1200 MAK90 & a $1600 Yugo m70ab2. Did they SELL for that? Nope, the Yugo actually sold for $1350 I heard, but some people are shooting for the moon. I did just see a converted Saiga 12 SELL for $4050 on G.B. Good grief. As far as mags the steel milsurps have gone up some($35-ish), but the Bulgy Circle 10's have about doubled or more.
  2. I haven't checked Saiga prices lately but if you're up to doing a conversion & the price is right I'd recommend them. 100% factory built rifle, chrome-lined barrel w/ a receiver-mounted optic rail. I got lucky & got mine from Classic when they were selling them for $299 a few years back. The total cost w/ conversion was under $600 but, as we all know, times have changed.
  3. or give me your friend's number, because for $400, if its going to take all AK mags, I'll buy it if you don't.FQ The Mak90's did accept 30 round mags as imported but to use them w/out changing out the correct # of foreign parts for U.S. made would be a 922r violation. I get most of my info from the AK Files which, along w/ the Saiga forums is one of the better ones out there. The AK Forum is another reliable site for info. Here's the Saiga link - http://forum.saiga-12.com/ The Chinese(stamped) rifles will accept standard AKM furniture(not Yugo) but will take some fitting as the Chicom receivers are thicker, making the inside dimension narrower. The rear tang is also longer by a bit.
  4. Yeah, Ironwood's not cheap but they are (imo) the best for an aftermarket U.S. wood set. Either way, you got a great deal on the Mak @ that price. Good luck & have fun w/ it.
  5. I know, it's nuts. If anything they created a whole new U.S. market w/ 922r parts so in a way it's kinda funny. I just changed out the FCG on a Saiga conversion to a Tapco & was really pleased so I'd probably do the same on any new MAK90 I may happen to pick up. If you get a furniture set from Ironwood Designs in addition then you're set. The only other option is to change out the piston but personally I'd not do that as I prefer factory & you're still one part short anyway w/ using U.S. mags. Sounds like from your info using mag parts for compliance would be solid though so if you just change the furniture then you'd be alright...I just like the cheaper(& more proven)milsurp mags. Here's another explanation from a long-time member of another forum but...I had to read it a few times. "An AK in "evil assault rifle" (standard) configuration is banned from import and 922® essentially states it's illegal to assemble one from more than 10 foreign parts on the list. A standard configuration AKM with a muzzle device has 16 parts on the list. To be legal, you have to keep the foreign parts count at or below 10, there is no requirement for a certain number of US made parts at all. Simply removing the part from the MAK90 makes the count drop, we replace the parts with US made ones so the rifle will function. 3 of the parts on the list are in the magazine, so a MAK90 all by itself without a magazine could be compliant with as little as 2 parts removed. So, the parts count applies to what the rifle ends up as, not how it began. It is irrelevant as to whether the original rifle had a muzzle brake or a PG, if the rifle is subject to 922® and has them now they are counted. Pin or thread makes no difference."
  6. I had the same confusion a while back & while I still don't fully understand, the parts count would be 15(even considering these did not come w/ a pistol grip & SHOULDN'T count). The normal parts count on a standard Ak is 16, but if you subtract for the muzzle device(as w/ Mak90's) then you'd THINK you'd have 14 as the Maks's didn't come w/ a p.g. However, I've researched it pretty thoroughly & the overwhelming consensus is 15 parts(w/out a muzzle device). I've also heard that relying on mag parts is a little iffy when dealing w/ 922r, though this link disagrees. - http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildAkVerifyCompliance In my conversions I've changed out the trigger group(3 parts) & also the furniture(3 parts), which gets you well w/in the legal limit of 10 or fewer foreign made parts. Sucks to have to change out the Chinese trigger group because they are known for their smoothness but Tapco's trigger group is surprisingly comparable(in my experience).
  7. Had these on my #1006 for a while. They're in like new condition(never holstered, no visible wear) & the checkering really aids in grip retention. Beautiful wood grain. I've seen them online for around $100 new, will sell these for $55 shipped. Thanks much. (gun not for sale).
  8. Had a strange feeling this would happen. What a shatty way of misleading potential customers.
  9. Actually I believe the Century Yugos were contracted out to another builder(s). I love my m70 u.f., & my m72 was very well made.
  10. For the Glocks you need to get a separate guide rod(steel) & can`t use the Glock spring w/ it. Wolf has the springs singly or in packs, as well as the guide rod. I use a #22 in my G20, which seems to be the norm for warmer loads.
  11. Where abouts are you in n/e Wa. 2086? If you`re close to Spokane I know of a gun shop that(about 2 weeks ago) had a real nice #1006 in original box for $600. IIRC it had adj. sights. If you`re interested I can p.m. you the name & contact info.
  12. So do I, that`s why I recommended the G.T. At $175/1000 it`s the cheapest ammo going & a far better deal than Wolf. Aside from that the Yugo surplus is also great ammo, albeit corrosive but not a big deal w/ proper cleaning. I`d have mentioned Norinco but the price has gotten ridiculous, though I did get lucky & came across 2 cases for $200/1200 a while back. I`m also a fan of the Bear brand ammo, just happen to believe that Wolf is bottom line stuff though yes, it does go bang.
  13. AK`s were designed to chamber fmj, & some will jam up w/ h.p. If you want to buy some h.p. I`d recommend buying a smaller amount first & testing it for function in your particular gun. Golden Tiger is a higher quality make among the current Russian variety available, better than Wolf. There`s been some who`ve said that it has an air pocket that causes the bullet to tumble on impact, though I`ve not cut one open to confirm.
  14. I started out w/ the Lee classic Turret kit. Costs around $200 & I can load around 120 rds/hr. My next step up will be to a Dillon, but the Lee has done me well. Just get a few extra high-wear replacement parts, luckily they`re cheap. AFAIK it`s the only auto-indexing turret press on the market, making it a true semi-progressive.
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