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  1. This site has some good pics of the Vltor Fortis, with little bits of info, from the current SHOT show: http://www.killacomputer.com/Article_Detai...ntent1202127664
  2. http://sigforum.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/430...35/m/1671022511 http://sigforum.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/430...m/324107199/p/1
  3. From what I can gather, the BREN TEN has a trigger/operation like the CZ-75, which is DA/SA, with the DA accessible by dropping the hammer manually on a live round by pulling the trigger and easing the hammer down. Since I've competed with the CZ, I've done this a lot (although it really freaks some people out), and in fact it is required in Production division in USPSA at the start of each stage. That said, I might get a little nervous dropping the hammer on say a Double Tap load inside my house, or garage. Can anybody confirm that my interpretation here is indeed the way the actual BREN TEN trigger works (and thus we can assume this will be the operation of the Vltor Fortis as well)? :smile:
  4. What are BREN TEN triggers like?. I'm a USPSA shooter and 45 reloader with some good 1911s with good triggers, one as low as 3 lb with little travel. I also have a CZ 85, I've competed with and the trigger's stock but pretty good on that. Is the BREN TEN operation/trigger DA/SA like the CZ-75, or is it SA only like a Hi-Power? It appears to be hinged. I'd like a 10 mm and although I own several 1911s I'm actually thinking Glock for this, but the Vltor Fortis is interesting as well. 1st post... I know, I know
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