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  1. In response to the OP, a G20 works just as well as any of the above for lively 10mm loads. Who goes for max with a lead bullet anyway? The ones that need it usually have some clue about bore and bullet size. But whatever, I have and load for all the platforms in 10mm. I normally start with my 1006, but since I have been using my G20 the most, I have found it is best to work up your loadings in the gun you will be shooting. My Delta loves Silvertips so that is what I shoot in it. My lead loads are from my IPSC days so I can shoot them in any of my 10s. I dont worry about shooting any of my loads in any of my 10s. The 180s I have been working up in my Glock will be fine in my Delta as well as my Smith. The whole Kaboom issue is .00001 percent of all the rounds shot anyway (or less, probably, much less) and most of the people that have one are not doing things right. Heck, even the people that have seen a kaboom of any kind is so remote that I cant believe anyone would have a comment on one...thanks youtube...LOL Dont be stupid and you dont have to worry about it. If you want to make some stout 10 loads, they are going to be close enough between all platforms that you find a piece that fits you and you can shoot it well and you can work up a load that works as well as anyones. If you are one of the .01 percent who shoots enough to wear out a gun, then find yourself a Smith.
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    Withdrawn. Thanks for the interest.
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    No longer for sale
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    Pulled the trigger on a Beta Master Chrony this afternoon. Looking at the manual, it has more than I need right now but has a display I can have on the bench (old eyes, ya know). I can work all the functions from the bench and all that can get shot is the photo units. I hope to be measuring some fps in a couple days. Be nice to be able to get on with some load development. Thanks for all the input and advice. I picked it up at the new Cabela's in town. It was less than the places I do business with on the web when shipping was figured. Also easier to deal with any issues that may arise, and I like to support the local economy.
  5. Interesting information about hot loads in your Omega. Not surprising though, as it is definitely a well built pistol. Mine has been shot primarily with 175gr lead at just over major power. I bought it primarily to have an edge in IPSC stock class...a ported long slide that was legal (at the time) with good sights. I still wasn't very good but I couldn't blame the gun...LOL. The few times I shot it with factory or jacketed handlloads, it was very comfortable. Mine has been a safe queen now for nearly 20 years. If I had a few spare parts for it I would be shooting it more and it would probably be my choice for deer hunting. I'm glad to hear yours is so durable. It is pretty rare to hear about one being shot, much less with heavy loads and not breaking something. I've never had an issue with mine but the lack of parts is my concern and the fact I have 3 others to shoot 10mm makes me not want to chance it. If I could find someone to modify my guide rod with the stirrup, like the later style I have seen, I would feel a bunch better about pulling the trigger on hotter stuff. I will order up some SwampFox and see how it does in my 1006 first. I am getting a chrono and will be able to compare my loads to those as well as some of the other factory stuff I shoot, like GA, Hornady and Winchester. I am really just looking at "how high can I go?", and if an ammo maker provides it to consumers, I would think I can get close myself, if I choose to. Another reason for asking is that I am considering a G29SF for carry certain times of year and generally follow the rule of "factory only" for that purpose. In the past, I have loaded my jacketed stuff to mimic factory available offerings as much as possible for consistency. With SwampFox and the other smaller ammo makers, there are better 10mm loadings out there and I would like to keep my loadings consistent with what I use, whatever level that may be.
  6. wise advice sir, thank you! so the components used in the commercial hot loads are actually the same stuff we can buy? I will look closer over at GT as I can't remember seeing actual load data posted. thanks bud. I am not worried to much about higher energy loads in my Glock or S&W. Those are the two that are getting range time with my reloads right now...the Smith first...LOL. I only shoot Silvertips anymore in my Delta and rarely shoot my Omega at all. I am starting back to reloading by trying to develop a 180JHP load that shoots well in all of them so I can start loading up a stash. Eventually, I will work with other bullet weights and my plan is to hunt deer next year with my G20sf. I hope to work with some heavier bullets and push energies a bit but I'm still on the fence about making loads that chamber but aren't safe, in all of my firearms. I can remember thinking about this back 20 years ago, when loading 44mag and having different data available for pistol and rifle, both of which I own in that caliber.
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    great information! thank you all for the responses. at this point, I just need basic data but if I'm gonna spend the money, I will try to anticipate capabilities I will want in the future. I like hearing about your setups also as I've been thinking how I would do it for speed/convenience of setup and safety of the unit itself. I have heard many stories about chronos getting blasted. Also, here in Oregon, it is pretty wet for a long time and having the electronics under cover on the bench next to me seems like a better arraignment.
  8. I see that several vendors supply 10mm loadings that are very fast...much faster than any shown in any of the loading data that I use. The reason I ask is that advice given is to work up loads in your own gun, which may or may not be safe in another gun. Good Advice. I have several 10s and I want to make sure all my loads are safe in all of them. At any rate, even if the load shown is shot in their test G20 and safe, how can they/I be sure that it will be safe in mine? Do they have some special powder that I don't have access to? or primers? Those are the only two components that they use that I can't get. I really have no concerns that I can buy and shoot Swampfox in my 10s, and probably will at some point, but am really just trying to gauge how much farther I can go myself with available components or whether it is something more than that. respectfully
  9. I have just begun reloading again after a 20 year break and need chronograph advice. I had access to one back then but no longer and I am sure technology has changed things a bit since then anyway. Is the Shooting Chrony an OK choice? I can buy one with the remote for $140 which would be fine price wise but don't mind spending a bit more if the money buys better. I have been working up some 180s and am nearing published maxes and am just looking at a 1200-1250fps target right now so need to measure speed and get some data on consistency so that I fine tune my process. I also have seen some that can be interfaced to a laptop via USB but don't know if I really need that functionality at this time. Do any of you have this capability and how useful do you find it? Is there some kind of ballistics program that you pay for as part of the interface? I appreciate any input you can provide.
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    Springfield Armory Omega

    thank you for taking that pic and I hope you don't mind that I forwarded that to a guy that smiths 1911's and is pretty well connected for metalwork. He was the one who called SA in my behalf, looking for a replacement and information. That is how I got the information on the warranty and that a few parts were still available. Which then brings up the question that if the recoil rod shown is a later version of the factory part, would they replace a broken one with that? (assuming they still have some). I really don't want to break mine to find out. I did also see a picture that showed a flat piece of steel bridging the gap. I am pretty sure it was done in someones shop. The fix in Viper's pic looks much better but I guess I wouldn't care about appearance as long as it worked. LOL Which then brings up a question for RobertWichert... since they offered to switch out to a .45 top end for you, did they know which part was broken and indicate there are none of them left? Have you pursued this issue any further? SA told my smith that they would not sell Omega parts but were keeping what they had for fixes. Since the recoil rod seems to be the most common failure, could be that they are out of them. I doesn't look to me like it would be a big deal to modify the rod, but then again, I know nothing of this stuff. btw, nice Omega Viper...
  11. Rapid1

    Springfield Armory Omega

    this is exactly why I don't shoot mine much. I have no doubt that SA would honor the warranty in case of breakage, but they do not offer any 10mm. I have no use whatsoever for any .45. If I could obtain a new (modified or not) recoil rod, I would certainly shoot it more. It is easily the finest shooting 10 I own...and I own 4. again, I would be very interested in any solution you are able to come up with. While I'm not happy you have problems, I am delighted that someone else shares this issue and may find a solution. I posted about this several years ago but no information was available...thanks for bringing it up again.
  12. Rapid1

    Springfield Armory Omega

    My Omega works fine. I'm not interested in selling it, today anyway. Good luck on a solution and thanks for keeping us posted!
  13. Rapid1

    Springfield Armory Omega

    I have an Omega that I bought new. I was concerned about the recoil rod also and tried to get a smith to weld a bridge across the top of the notch as I had seen in pictures to strengthen this part. before altering the rod, he called Springfield Armory on my behalf to inquire about a replacement (in the case of an issue when welding the rod). he was told that while that part was available, they wouldn't sell it and since the gun has a lifetime warranty, if it did break (not modified), they would replace it under warranty. this was about a year ago but they apparently, still had some parts for the repair of Omegas. he asked about other failures and they said the warranty is for repair or replacement of the gun. since the Omega is no longer available, they would replace it with a comparable piece. SA makes no alternatives to the Omega that I would be happy with so I dropped the whole project. Have you asked SA if they can fix the pistol? I have seen a fix on the recoil rod that looked good (pictures) so there are some who can do it. I would be very interested in what you are able to come up with for a fix for this.