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  1. Wishing you nothing but the best and sending prayers your way!
  2. Alright thanks, guess I'll have to see if the 1046 is still for sale.
  3. I'm not a Smith kind of guy, but wanted to know which one/ones would be the best to get. Not counting the 610. I've seen 1006,1046 and 1076 but what would be the order in rarity to search for?
  4. I to have one of the new deltas and have had no problems with it. I still prefer the older ones but nothing wrong with the new ones.
  5. What do you think would be the best compact double stack pistol to convert to 10mm, without a massive amount of work. I like the look and size of the Para Warthog and don't like the Glocks.
  6. You basically stole that one at that price, congrats
  7. At the time I did it didn't feel obligated to do it, needed a secure job and got tired of majoring in pinball at college turned out to be one of the best things I ever did.
  8. I have an extra set that came with my delta that haven't been used.
  9. I had bought a couple of those para p16 10mm mags years back but sold them when I bought a DE. Should've dine what you did and try to find a frame. It was the original p16!
  10. Checked BATF laws and found where an unlicensed person can ship a firearm to themselves, its just like if you are going on a hunting trip somewhere and you want to have the gun get there before you do.
  11. Merry Christmas, to all my 10mm brothers and sisters may we all find Love,Peace,Happiness and ammo under our trees!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, please! IIRC there was a post about shipping a firearm to a manufacturer and them not having to send it back to you through a ffl dealer. Then in that post someone said you could ship your own firearm to yourself. I tried to explain it to someone, but they wanted to read it themselves and double check with USPS. I read the shipping policies and that not what I got out of it. Thanks in advance.
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