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  1. I asked in another thread about the Jericho and didn't get anything. Has anyone ever tried to do a CZ97?
  2. Sweet. I floated something like this on another board and people pretty much said the slide velocity would be way too much and at best it would eat recoil springs like candy. I'm definitely interesting to see what you find out. Ive always loved officer sized 1911s and 10mms my favorite. I don't really have much desire to have any 1911 in 45 acp. well maybe one just because.
  3. 40 should be drop in I was under the impression that it wasn't possible to do 9mm in a G20. How would someone go about doing that?
  4. Oh I am no warning needed, and sadly I haven't even shot a 10mm yet, I'm sure once I do it will get even worse. Just a small list of planned purchases aside from the 10xx and Glocks: Delta Elite, a Fusion commander or Full sized, New Bren Definitely maybe a Witness compact. I so live Sigs, I have a p226, and trust me Ive looked at that conversion. Man though its pricey, A bit too much to justify when I look at would else I could get with the same money, who knows though.
  5. I was just wondering everyones opinion on the subject. My next gun purchase probably will be a 10mm, handgun purchase at least. I was looking a lot at the g20, basically for the price, reliability and overall toughness of them. I also really the like S&W 10xx guns though, I know they're harder to find, but just as rugged and reliable as the Glocks. I like the Glock easiness of getting conversion barrels for it, almost everybody makes some it seems. I'm not a 40 cal fan, but I would assume I would get a 40 barrel, just for cheap fun at the range. I don't know how difficult it is getting barrels for the 10xx guns. I would also eventually probably like a 9x25 barrel as well. You would easily sell me on a 10xx if you told me it was possible to do 9mm out of one, but I doubt thats possible with out at least a slide change, probably easier to just throw in a 40 barrel. Then there is the fact that they aren't making the 10xx guns anymore and they're getting harder to find. It seems that even only in the past year or so the prices on the 10xx guns has went up 2 or 3 hundred dollars. I can always go the the gun shop and get a g20. Also I would suppose keep in mind that either way I would probably eventually have both, but probably not for a pretty long time as at least right now I don't have a lot of extra money to buy guns with. I guess you can also take into account, if it matters, that I do not currently own any Glocks. So what do you all think?
  6. Basically the 10mm and its brother the 9x25 are the most powerful cartridges you can get in an auto pistol while still maintaining a reasonable size. Plus if it gets too expensive for you, just throw in a 40 barrel and shoot all the WWB you want.
  7. Like I said its been a while. Thats sucks they have went up so much, guess ill have to save more. I also remember a time where you could get a nice used Delta for around 800, not that that matters that much anymore as they are now making them again. Now if we could just somehow get S&W to do the same thing.
  8. Dont know last I checked, it has been a while, a 10xx could be had for 5-700 dollars. Granted these are used guns and not NIB, but still.
  9. I pray on a daily basis for S&W to rerelease the 10xx series and then expand it with some double stack 10mms. Every year I watch the SHOT show for the announcement, but every year the same thing...nothing.
  10. Has anyone ever done it? Its on the CZ platform so I would imagine getting a witness barrel would work. I don't know if it would be strong enough though.
  11. Ive thought about something like this as well. I'm definitely interested on whether it would work or not.
  12. ok I would have searched to find an answer but... Anyway I was just wondering why I cant use the search feature. I looked around the site to seee if there was any info about it, but I couldnt find anything. Thanks and sorry if this has been covered before.
  13. I suppose it could be possible with a desert eagle. there very modular, with the newer ones you can shoot 44mag and 50AE with just a barrel swap, you can also fire 357 mag with a barrel and bolt I believe. dont really know about the 10mm mag cartridge, but I bet a DE could be modded to fire it and it could definitely handle it.
  14. thanks, ive looked at the dan wessons, but fort he price id almost rather step up to a fusion. it seems one can be had for as little as around 1100, the ones im looking at are probably more like 1300, id definitely be willing to spend 1-200 more and maybe willing to spend 3-400 more for a truly custom gun, that said id definitely have to check out the dan wessons.
  15. not to hijack, but how do the s&ws compare to the g20s??? beter worse??
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