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  1. I sold it to a close friend so I know where it is. Maybe he'd swap for a 1086?? It's nice to know that S&W did an early run on the ported 1006. I always wondered about that. I wonder how many were ported in that run, and if other models (10mm) were included? Thanks guys!
  2. I sold a 1006 last year that was Magna-Ported. Crazy thing was the worn S&W factory box was stamped "Magna-Ported" on the side with all the other pistol info. I never figured that one out. I shot great though. More accurate and controllable than my 1026.
  3. Thanks for the info! That's a good place to start. Thru the years I've owned two 1026's, a 1086, and a 1076. Really regret selling them. Remember when you couldn't give them away? Hindsight............
  4. I bought a 1006 from a local guy the other day. The pistol has been Mag-Na-Ported. What's odd is that the orig box has the words "Mag-Na-Ported" on the end of the box with the model#, bar code, ect. It wasn't printed on the box but seems to have been added after the box was "built". Kind of a small label in the upper right corner. Did S&W ever sell Mag-Na-Ported Auto's? Or does Mag-Na-Port label the box after they modify a pistol? Just trying to figure this one out. Thanks in advance!
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