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  1. af22raptor

    The Beast

    Very nice Hand cannon!! How accurate is it? I have been looking for one so I may take my plunge into the wonderful world of 10mm! I have plenty of 45acp, 40SW and 357SIG so I think I am ready for the 10mm.
  2. af22raptor

    New 10mm longslide from Remington

    That is a very nice 1911 Long Slide the only thing that is missing is the Laser Sight from the Terminator! I bet Arnold would love it! lol I do not have a Remington 1911 yet but I think this would be a very nice pistol to try the brand out.
  3. I was at my LGS last night and I saw and held the new Sig 220-10mm SAO Stainless Elite. I am interested in the Two Tone DA/SA 220-10mm but I wanted to get a feeling for the all Steel gun the Frame had a nicely checkered front strap and trigger guard. The pistol seems to be very well balanced and the trigger was very crisp and clean. The one thing that surprised me on the SAO Elite was the front sight is a Tritium night sight. The one thing that I would like to see is a double stack version of the 10mm in the P227 Steel Frame with 12rds in a flush magazine and 15rds in an extended one. The 8rd magazine in the P220-10 could have been done different
  4. af22raptor

    My Nighthawk Experience

    Sorry that you got a Lemon! You should contact Nighthawk and demand to speak to a Customer Service Manager or VP of Operations. Explain the situation and they should be able to swap out your pistol for one that was actually put together on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The issue of the Grips being loose is a simple fix just go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and pick up #60 o-rings 1/4" o.d.x 1/8" x 1/16" a pack of 10 is less than 2 dollars. I had to use the o-rings when I added Crimson Trace laser grips on my Sig Sauer P226 40SW and also when I installed the G-10 grips on my new Sig 1911 Tactical Operation Rail Pistol. I have used the o-rings for years as a way to get a super tight lock without the need to use Red LocTide which everyone knows is a pain to deal with. just my 2cents hope that my recommend makes you whole. p.s. I you paid for the pistol with a credit card you card provider's resolution Dept can help you get the money refunded or get your current gun fix to what it should or even get another pistol that was build correctly.
  5. Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new Tactical Supply Store www.SibTac.com Its a new Up and Coming Disabled Veteran Own Operation that carries a great Selection of AR and Other Platforms parts and Accessories. I just purchased a few items for my AR and my 590 and I could not be happier with the experience. Check them out! www.sibtac.com/apps/webstore/produc...y/644440?page=1
  6. af22raptor

    ar 15 bushy rail recommendations

    Here is a Great Rail System made by CAA that attaches to the front sight and Botach is selling them for about 1/4 of the MSRP. http://www.botachtactical.com/tdix6.html I purchased mine last year and installed it on my Colt 7.62x39mm Carbine Upper and it works GREAT! This unit will actually give you 6 rails. You may also want to check out SibTac.com they have great prices on all sorts of Accessories for ARs and other platforms. http://www.sibtac.com/apps/webstore/produc...y/646083?page=1 Hope this helps you out!
  7. In Florida the Yellow Federal Form is keep for 7 years at the Dealer that sells the weapon then the form is transfered to a federal archive. In Florida the Background Check call only checks the person buying the firearm and does not take the type/model or caliber of the weapon being purchased. When I lived in Virginia I had to fill out 2 forms the Federal and a State purchase forms and again the Federal form stayed with the dealer but a copy of the State form would go to Virginia as a record which included all the information about the weapon and purchaser. In a State like Hawaii, I am willing to bet that there might be maybe between 100 to 500 Glock 20 10mm pistols in the whole state. That is a very rare firearm and if a 10mm is used a crime and a casing is left behind it would be fairly easy to find if the weapon is a legal weapon. Firearms manufactures that produce pistols have been required to include one or 2 fired casising to be included with each handgun sold and the dealer is suppost to send the spend casing to the state or local Law Enforcement to be able to track the weapon. Most states do not make it mandatory yet so the dealers leave it in with the handguns at the time of purchased. I believe that manuactures are supposed to have firing pins micro serialized so that the stock firing pin imprints the serial number of the pistol that fired it.
  8. af22raptor

    VLTOR Bren Ten Update May 21st, 2010

    Here is the next Chapter in the Vltor FORTIS Fiasco! here is a blog from Vltor Weblog site dated March 31. 2011 "We would like to inform our customers, industry partners and friends that Sporting Products of West Palm Beach, FL is no longer handling the distribution or sales of the Vltor Bren Ten pistol – this news came to us recently from Sporting Products and we are unable to make any further comments regarding the dissolution. We do want to let everyone know that we are bringing the full management and oversight of the Vltor Bren Ten back under our roof; effective immediately the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of the Bren Ten will be solely and squarely on Vltor Weapon Systems and Abrams Airborne Manufacturing. We hope that this repositioning will allow us to not only oversee this project from start to finish, but that it will also put us in direct contact with the retailers and customers. In the next few weeks, we will reestablish our presence on the Internet and open the forum to provide updated and candid information about the Bren Ten pistol. We do want to say that beyond our initial discussions to use Sporting Products as the sole distributor of the Bren Ten, we have not committed to any pre-orders or sales agreements, nor have we received any down payment for any of the Bren Ten pistols. If you believe that you have a purchase agreement of any type for the Bren Ten, you should contact Sporting Products directly with your concerns. Again, we hope to make the best of this event and get the Vltor Bren Ten to the shooting market as soon as possible." Not sure how to take it but when a company outsorces all aspects of their product it creates issues. Now that the whole operation is being brought under the Vltor/Abrams Airbone everyone that has been waiting for over 3 years and some that have had money down for over a year now we might see the Pistols in the near future. I wonder what the new set of excusses will be for delaying the pistol. I think that the time has come for Vltor/Abrams Airbone to either take care of business or get off the toilet!!!
  9. af22raptor


    Botach used to be a good company to buy stuff from. But in the past 4 years they have gone down the drain. I have had orders take almost 2 weeks to get processed, wrong stuff was send out and they would not send a return label, The last order was CAA X6 rail handguard that was missing screws and the rail covers. Their shipping charge has gone through the roof! They take for ever to ship out! I believe that one of the reasons they sell stuff cheaper than anyone else they make up some of the difference with the shipping and handing cost. Their customer service people are TOTALLY Unprofessional!
  10. af22raptor

    Bren Ten

    I could be wrong but I dont think so, a 45acp +P has less recoil than a Full Hot Load 10mm. Almost every modern 45acp can handle a +P load and if the FORTIS is designed to handle the 10mm Hot Load is should not have an issue with a 45+P but the answer that has been given by would make me wonder what is the major difference between the Standard/Vice and the SF. I have to say that I have not put a deposit on a Fortis and I am not planning to do so since I prefer to see a firearms and inspect it before I put money down. I am still not sure 100% sure what is the issue that caused the change to the delivery date. I read that it was an issue with something that needs to be redesigned before release. I know that a Protype does not always go well into production lines but with modern CAD and Modeling programs and current manufacturing process which this pistol was supposed to have been done in cyber world before it was done in steel its funny to me that a few days before release they found an issue with the pistol. I usally wait 6 months to a year before getting any new model since they are usually problems. I will say one more thing since I am a Studend of History: Vltor right now has 2 strikes and if they dont come out with a pistol in Oct-Nov time frame that will be strike 3 and they will be done! I am starting to wonder if there is a Bren Ten Curse? Vltor is the 3 company to try to put it out and issues just keep coming.
  11. af22raptor

    My new Witness lasted 30 Rounds

    I have been looking at a few forums and I have seen that the EAA Gunsmith is a TOTAL Jerk that blames the customers instead of listening to the way the weapon is damaged. A few years ago the 10mm EAA was a viable option for someone that wanted to get a 10mm but in the past 2 year or so the slides and frames have been developing cracks so I wonder if EAA is using different metal or its not being heat treated correctly. I have not read of any issues in the 9, 40 or 45 caliber pistols but the 10 is the one having all the issues. Did you ever contact EAA back after you got the pistol? What happen? I found a 10mm Match a few months ago at a great price but because of all the issues I have seen on here and a couple of other forums I walked away from the pistol.
  12. af22raptor

    2010 SHOT & Vltor's Bren Ten

    I am starting to get an uneasy feeling about how the Bren Ten is going right now. With the Release date being pushed back and a mention of a few months to get an issue resolved and also including Christmas in the statement as a possible release that makes me think that the pistol might be a DUDD! When I first read about Vltor bringing back the Bren Ten they spoke that they had blession of Gunsite and the Cooper family since the original could be gotten with JC grips and the Gunsite Eagle now they are having issues with the Eagle and No mention of Jeff Cooper. I understand that if you want to use someone's name or Corporate Logo you have to pay but when its something that was created by someone like Jeff Cooper you must walk a very thin line. I have read in several forum of people ordering and paying for this pistol at Bass Pro shops I have asked at my local Bass here in Orlando and the have no idea what I am talking about when I asked about the FORTIS pistol but that doesnt surprise me. The Bren Ten has reach an ICONIC status with all the serious shooters that know what a great carry/defensive pistol it could be. I hope that the powers to be dont screw up the opportunity to bring back a firearm that most of us have dreamed about owning for over 25 years. I was too young when the pistol first came out and the prices were not only too high but the pistols were extremely rare! I have never seen the Bren Ten in person but I have read about everything that is posted about it and I just want it since it should be a great pistol to carry!
  13. af22raptor

    2010 SHOT & Vltor's Bren Ten

    I am very interested in a Vice Model but I am still a bit scare about how the details of a new manufacture will handle simple issues as warranties and spare parts. I have not seen anyone talk about what if any warranty that Vltor will be offering. One of the issues that killed the original Bren Ten is the lack of magazines when the pistols first came out. Now Vltor is going to use Witness mags is that going to be a short term fix or will Vltor never make their own mags. I dont like the fact that the witness mags are weak and I would have to change springs and followers on a new gun. That makes no sense to me. I hope that Vltor will make the modification to the mags that come with the gun. Now I have a question how many mags are included for the 995 price point? I agree with the comment made that the Fortis kinda looks like a Witness and if that is the case then the price point should come down. I will probably wait till atleast next Feb to get the Vice model I hope by then any issues that may come up will be resolved. One more question: Does anyone know what sort of sights are standard and if there are any options on the pistol? I like all my sidearms to have nitesights and that is a must on my carry pistol. I have a plan to get a Ted Blocker LFI shoulder rig for my Vice model when I get it. Does any one know if Vltor will also offer a 10mm/45acp combo barrel kit like D&D offered back in the 80's? I think that would be the ultimate accessory to have that way you can shoot what ever ammo is most available.
  14. Been doing some research for the past few days and found that I can get a brand new EAA Witness Match for $534.00 at my local USMC Exchange here in VA. I am thinking that once I get my Economic Stimulous Tax rebate I will do my civic duty and get a Match. I have also reseach the Wolffs springs for the guide rod and mags. Does anyone have a good place to get EAA Witness 15rd 10mm mags? It seems that 25 dollars per is the going rate.
  15. I am interested in getting a EAA Witness Match but I also kinda like the Stock but is about the Match that is lacking and make you wish you got the Stock??