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  1. I have found it difficult to immediately transition from shooting a 1911 to a Glock. I am a lefty and, at first, my shots out of the Glock always seem to be to the right of the target. This is the result of not having enough finger on the trigger and I end up pushing the gun rightward. A 1911 does not need nearly as much finger on the trigger as the Glock does in order to shoot. I think you are probably doing the same since (I am assuming) you are a righty and your shots are to the left. I would leave the Delta at home and just shoot with the new LW barrel vs the stock Glock one. If you see a difference between the two, then you may have something.
  2. Try Fusion firearms. The guy who runs it used to work at Dan Wesson before they were taken over by CZ. http://www.fusionfirearms.com/
  3. I got the 20SF. No regrets. It was a fun time at the range. I shot some American Eagle lead target 180gr loads. They were mild, to say the least. I shot some Remington UMC 180 grain afterwards (to help scrub the lead out) and they were more fun. The gun is accurate, but I consistently push my shots a little to the rght. As a lefty, I think it means I am using too much trigger finger. I need to get back used to the Glock trigger again. You get spoiled by 1911's and old S&W revolvers.
  4. I am still trying to figure out which will be more fun to shoot. Seeing as how I like in the People's Republik of new Jersey, either gun would be a range toy and for shooting in the woods when I'm in Pennsylvania. I have held the G21SF, and it is pretty much as big a grip as I can handle. I don't know what the recoil is like on a G20 or G20SF. I remember it not being too bad on the 1006 (which was the second most stout gun I have owned, after my 44 mag Ruger Bisley SBH). I like the fact that anything on the Glock is easily upgraded or replaced.
  5. I had a S&W 1006 a while back and sold it because I was not reloading at the time. Of course I regret it now. I have owned a few Glocks which I have all sold because I didn't care for the caliber or the grip was too big, so I am familiar with both guns. Please ignore the point that the S&W 1006 is getting harder to find (since I don't care about that). I am interested in sheer durability and fun-to-shoot-ness of the pistol. Would you buy a S&W 1006 or a new G20SF? The notion that I may have a hard time getting full capacity weapon in the near future due to President Obama and his like-minded followers has crossed my mind too. Thanks
  6. Here's another vote for "staged". Also, it doesn't really put gun owners in a good light as being very responsible. Some idiot politician will probably use this video to try and pass some new gun control measure. I can see that happening in the People's Republic of Jersey where I live.
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