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  1. msp2640

    Help with a AR build

    Just a standard fixed stock. Came with the upper, not sure of the maker, but appears older make, just like the upper. I did have to buy a buffer tube, buffer and spring as part of the needed parts to complete the rifle (bought from M&A). Hope I haven't left out any other needed info regarding the build - Thanks Bill
  2. msp2640

    Help with a AR build

    A new guy here, came over when 10mm was merged. I own 4 Colt AR's in various configurations, that I admit to not shooting much for the last few years. More of a pistol, than rifle shooter. Long story short, have a Bushmaster lower that I picked up 10-12 years ago for no other reason, than it was a good deal. It sat unused until about 6 moths ago, when I got a Colt A1 upper and some other stuff in trade. Then decided to buy the few remaining parts and build a working rifle, definitely nothing fancy, tactical or original to any specific version, just a shooter. It's now all assembled and the single problem I'm having is the bolt not retracting completely to lock back. I'm at a loss to figure out the cause, almost as if the buffer is too long and won't allow the carrier to recess back into the buffer tube for the final 1/2 inch or so. Appreciate any guidance from those of you who are I'm sure more well versed in AR's than myself. Thanks Bill L
  3. msp2640

    1076 holster?

    Thanks for the info - I look into Bianchi - never thought the strayed from leather gear. Thanks - Bill
  4. msp2640

    1076 recall

    Thanks for the info - I was just wondering about potential future collectability if the gun was in unaltered condition. I only live about two hours drive from S&W so I'd probably skip the entire shipping issue.
  5. I'm an original owner of a 1076 from 1990 or so and have never had the recall done. Do you think I should have it done or keep it in its original state (I still have the original box, paperwork, etc). It shots great, but unfortunately have not carried or shot it in probably 5 years. Sitting in the safe while kids, house, work and everything else have got in the way. This site has motivated me to blow the dust off a few boxes and spend some range time with it. After finding the site and reading some of the posts, I went and found my ammo box with the 4 spare factory mags and found a long forgotten box of original Win 10mm Black Talon (still has the $10 tag on it). The gun has about 150-200 rounds thru it and I don't plan to carry it often - if that plays into the decision to have the recall done. Thanks for the help - Bill
  6. New guy question - anyone aware of a source for a Kydex - Fobus style/ type belt holster for a S&W 1076? Looking for a stock holster, not a custom made product, if possible. If not, anyone have luck with fitting a 1076 into a holster designed fo a different model? Thanks for any help - Bill